Happy Diwali Wishes, Messages and Quotes in English


Diwali is festival of lights, crackers and lots of happiness. We meet and greet our loved ones. We exchange gifts and sweets with our relatives and friends. We always try to spread joy and happiness all around, in order to make our’ and our loved ones’ Diwali special. In this post, I have written some […]

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50 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas This Year


Christmas is the most anticipated festive day of the western world. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ, the saviour of te world. Since the passing of Halloween Night children and adults look forward to Christmas day for some much needed family time and joy. Houses are decorated, presents are exchanged, Christmas trees are decorated, […]

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Happy Diwali SMS, Diwali Text Messages and Wishes


Diwali is festival to spread love, laughter and joy! We meet and greet our family and friends and celebrate with them to the fullest. It is totally a joyful festival and you should wish Happy Diwali to all your loved ones. The simple and warm Diwali wishes can double the spirit of this festival. And […]

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Cool Outdoor Halloween Decorations


Halloween is the night of Ghosts and Spirits who come to the earth . It is the Holy night of the Ghosts and Spirits. This day kids and adults dress up as Ghosts and spirits and ask every house for treats to please them saying ‘Trick or Treat’ which means if you do not do […]

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Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a popular celebration in the western countries where adults and kids dress up as scary monsters,ghosts and spirits and even wear funny and creative costumes and go about their neighborhood saying ‘Trick or Treat ‘ and collecting candies and sweet treats. This Halloween day is believed as the day when ghosts, spirits and […]

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25+ Toddler Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Halloween is a great beginning to the Festive season only weeks away. It is believed that on Halloween ghosts and spirits roam around the Earth and thus this day is dedicated as the ‘Holy Night of The Ghosts’. People in the West are really excited to celebrate this special day and dress up as Ghosts […]

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Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the night of the ghosts and it is celebrated with much pomp in Western countries. kids and Adults go out on the day dressed as Scary Ghosts nd creatures demanding Treats from Neighbours. On this day people in these countries believe that ghosts wander round the earth . The kids wander around saying […]

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15 Thanksgiving Crafts For This Year

Kids love crafts and special occasions are a great time to engage them in a bit of crafts . Crafts and creative things keep kids busy and make them develop their creative side as well. On this thanksgiving there are various crafts and art projects you can make with your kids. There are various ways […]

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Scary Halloween Decorations

Are you ready to get your house all decked up for Halloween? This year, try decorating with more than just the traditional Jack-O-Lantern and go full force with your Halloween decorations. From indoor to outdoor decorations, a compilation of the scariest and most imaginative Halloween decorations have been compiled for your reference. Outdoor Scary Halloween […]

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25 Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Thanksgiving is a special day to celebrate with family and friends and rejoice over good food. Thanksgiving is a special occasion celebrated in America and Canada and marks the coming of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is marked today by the special spread of dinner including the thanksgiving turkey roast as well as thanksgiving desserts especially […]

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