A birthday card is not only a card it is a bunch of emotions, love, and care for her. How much this card is precious for you its only understands by you? Therefore, to make it impressive and touching you just need to think deeply before preparing it.

Let me guess, you want to make a card which shares your love and yes some mischievousness that makes her happy and angry both, right?  Whether your sister is elder or younger you love her a lot. Hence, on her big occasion why don’t you share the memories with her, or gift the unique present she wants.

Well, sometimes our pocket money is not enough that we can buy a beautiful present for her so, why don’t you prepare a cool and creative Birthday card for her? It is a cool and affordable gift even this values a lot for your sister.

A birthday is a most precious thing that you will ever gift her because that stays with her forever and always show her that how much you love her. It is a thing that creates the memory which is unforgettable.

Therefore, we always emphasis on to make a card which is full of love and express your message easily. On the internet, the numbers of ideas are available and even homemade cards, but the happiness is only when you make it by your hands.

Don’t worry! If you’re not good at writing, drawing or ideas. In this matters only how much you spend time for her, how your emotions are and which thing you want to share with her. If you’re ready to make a card, but you need inspiration and ideas that assist you for that.

So, in this article, we’re going to cover some basic and beautiful card designs and a few other ideas which will be affordable and unique. Let us start!

  1. Scrapbook Card


What does it mean? Scrapbook is full of multicolour pages so how you can prepare a card? It is only about to share the memories with her that you spent and want to spend. In this, you can add her pictures and short messages or share the story when the picture was clicked. You can use stickers, sketch color to make the page attractive even you can go with her born to her today age memories that will share funny, emotional and love bond that you collected for her. In scrapbook after you filled all the pages with memories now, it comes to prepare the outer of the book so it needs to be impressive or little confusing. So, how you can make it?

Take a plaid paper and red ribbon (color of your choice). It looks colourful and attractive too. Pack the book with these two things or even you can keep it in a box. This idea will rock and make her birthday more special.

  1. Printable Birthday Cards


It is also a unique idea to get. Sometimes, we are so busy in our lives that we don’t have enough time to prepare, but we extremely wanted to gift her best so at that time printable DIY birthday cards save your loves. It is a cute and adorable card that you can use. You can use it for making gift cards even you can share the beautiful message in it. Keep in touch with DIY homemade Cards ideas that can help to prepare and share the precious gifts.  This card work for all age groups whether it is for adults, old and young. Try it now!

  1. Rainbow Cake Card


It sounds really cute and interesting. This idea adds cheer and artistic look to your gift. This requires patience, art skills, and ideas to make it more attractive. To make this beautiful card you need paper, color, sparkle, and other material which you would like to add. Do artistic drawing and make it exactly what you want. You can check the DIY videos on the internet or prepare it even you get more ideas on it. These card shares love and unforgettable moment.

  1. POP UP Card

It is a really fantastic idea which you should do. You can use it several ways in terms of sharing message, memory, even for a funny way. It is the super nice and easy ca5d idea that could be good for you to prepare in a short time. You can 1000+ ideas in the popup cards on YouTube and Facebook as well. The best idea which we can do with this, prepare multiple pop-up cards and share different memories with different cards and put all in a balloon. You can go for different balloons as well. Share this gift and she will never forget what you did for her.

  1. Handcrafted Cards

Birthday is the day which you want to celebrate in an unforgettable way so the handcrafted cards will create the moment. In this, you have to do take different small cards whether there are blank or have creativity on it. Than share personal messages as like what you hate about her, what you love about her and all that kind of stuff. Prepare it with own writing, share pictures and so on. This gift will be the most precious thing for her even you can try this trick for your loved ones such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, mum, dad and so on

  1. Prepare 3D card

In the present era, everyone loves to see 3d effects so, why don’t? We try this on a card as well. It is a little difficult but we can do that. You just have to do complete focus on the videos especially the cuttings, designs, and tricks which they used.  You can prepare cake, pop-ups, flowers, heart, trees, image (teddy bear, cake etc.), and much more. You can do anything but only thing is to do focus and do with your heart so you can definitely get what you need.

  1. Balloons

We can use the balloons in different ways as in conveying messages and adding fun to the party. The best trick to share the love with your sister is writing some beautiful messages on balloons and stuck with the window, door, and wall. So she can read them and feel how much you love her.

  1. Extensions

You can say that added cutting of heart, teddy bear, balloons, cake etc. on the card to make it attractive. This is simple, but the best idea for those who are so creative and have no enough time to prepare the card. Take a paper write a wish and a beautiful message on it. Paste some cutting of hearts, cakes, and whatever you want to add.

Some useful tips which you should follow while making the card:

  • Collect the things together in one area such as a pencil, tools, color and etc. so you can do your art without disturbance.
  • Add cheap things that add grace to your cards, please don’t bound yourself to add heavy extensions.
  • Check the videos briefly so you can prepare your gift impressively.
  • Keep getting inspiration from the others.
  • Don’t lose yourself: prepare a brief look and idea in your mind so you can get best out of it.
  • Follow the videos step by step.
  • Take the help of other crafters.
  • Do copy but not completely always add some uniqueness in your gift.


I hope this article might help you a lot in creating your best and sharing the love with these best ideas for your sister.