christmas-lantern-decorationsAre you thinking how to decorate your home in this Christmas. Yes, Christmas is on the corner and we may be wondering how the months are passed so fast. But fact is fact, Christmas is approaching and we must decorate our house to spread the holiday spirit. Now as the technology advanced we have new new methods to research for any thing. Pinterest is one the place where you can find stunning and awesome ideas for anything. Here I am bringing you some Christmas lantern decorations, the the trusted pinterest arm pined and repinned 100s or 1000s of time. I am sure that these lanterns will not only bright your house and board, but also your soul and heart. let us start


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Hanging Christmas Lantern

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Christmas In a Lantern



Home Place Lantern


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1. how to make a Christmas lantern (2524 pins)

Stunning Christmas Lantern Decorations To Brighten Up the Holiday
Stunning Christmas Lantern Decorations To Brighten Up the Holiday

Wondering how to Make Christmas lantern. Look at the above image, that has been repinned by different pinners to thousands of time. Yes i am sure you got the answer for you question. Not only that you got the answer for your next question “how to make a Christmas lantern decorations?” for your house. Yes be inspired from this stunning Christmas lantern decoration idea and go ahead and create some thing marvelous like this. Do not forget to pin the above image to your Christmas board and make it more brighter

2. Christmas Lantern Decorating Ideas (Picked by Editor)


Marvelous  Christmas Lantern



3. christmas lantern Decorations for White Christmas (2114 pins)


Dreaming of white Christmas? Then your dream will not be completed, without something like above image. 2108 pinners have re pinned that single pin. Who knows how many more thousand pins are that image. So act now, create some thing like this, to make your white Christmas, more whiter and brighter.

4.Christmas Lantern Lights For you living room (5159 pins)


I went pretty simple on the tree this year..I have birdies and houses throughout” says Steph Waletzko from Yes a better Christmas decoration need not be expensive. Folks at pinterest approved her opinion by repining the above image 1000’s of time. The pin I cam across itself has been repinned a whopping 5156 times.

5. outdoor christmas lantern lights


6. christmas lantern centerpieces (2914 pins)


A plain glass, little bit of of christmas ornaments and one simple candle. Yes that is the recipe of the above home made Christmas lantern. But pinners did not mind the, ingredients in it. The just love it and repinned it more than 2900 times. Common let us brighten our board and home with the above lantern

7. DIY Christmas Decoration with Simple Christmas Lantern (1190 pins)


Yes this is awesome. A simple lantern with a DIY box doing miracle. It spreads Christmas spirits in the creators Home and neighbor hood. Not only that it gives a special touch to the blog where the steps are published. You can see step by step instruction at Unfortunately the blog did not provided the blogger’s name. Personally I hate when admins hide the bloggers real name. Whatever it is 1190 pinners from pinterest has apphaulded this unknown blogger. So repin this image and give your appreciation and approval to this unknown blogger

8. A simple Christmas Lantern


The above image is another wonderful idea. Especially suitable for indoor Christmas Decorations. The above image has been repined 1532 times. I am sure that this pin will brighten your Christmas board.

9. Wonderful Christmas Lanterns



10.Christmas Lanterns Blended with Christmas Tree and Christmas Ornaments


“Hey everyone, welcome to my Christmas home tour! Pull up a chair, grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the photos. I’m going to try and keep the chit chat to a minimum (although that’s not the easiest thing for me to do!). This Christmas I’ve gone a little bit glam and a little bit rustic and a little bit classic. Enjoy the tour!”

Says Kristin from But pinners from pinterest was in no mood to listen to her. Instead of relaxing with a cup of cocoa, then went on pinning and repinning the images from this page. yes now the above image has been repinned 1000’s of time and the pin I came across itself is repined 367 time.

Yes I also agree with commentator  Marie –, that her home is so warm and inviting.  No wonder pinners love to pin the above image. So do not waste your time, join with other pinners and pin the above image to your Christmas board to make your Christmas board warm and brigher like her home

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christmas lantern ideas



pin : (131 pins)

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