Diwali is a time for rearranging, ushering and cleaning in the new in your home. It is a festival when you decorate your home.

Diwali is just about to begin and the air around is already festive. Wherever you look, you are greeted with lamps, rangoli and pretty lights and your home is no exception. While we all know that the markets are filled with myriad articles for Diwali décor, there is a specific pride in creating your own décor and giving your home a personal touch. The admiration of guests is an added incentive.

The festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness.

In Diwali, communities are lit up with shimmering lights and bright colors using candles, oil lamps, crafts, string lights and rangoli. With living spaces decorated with lights and small oil lamps, the home truly sparkles, while fireworks are lit and on array of sweet savories and snacks are eaten. As the festivities are around, we all look forward making our houses look better and for that decoration can never be missed. This states that even if you go for a complete house makeover, you still cannot miss out on décor. Buying new home décor is something all indulge in but it doesn’t means that you should skip on buying some of the finest décor.

The delightful time of the year is here. It’s time for some tasty sweets and dazzling décor for home with something extraordinary.

Here we bring you the list which you can take into consideration while decorating your houses apart from traditional diyas to light up the house.

Diwali decoration


Paper Lamp Shades:

A novel oriental way of decorating the house on Diwali. They are easily available in the market in amazing patterns, shapes and colors, besides, the different sizes enables you to decorate the house in the way you desire. Use a small card board box to make your own lamp. Cut the box in stylish shapes with a bulb hanging inside for an amazing look.

Creative Rangoli:

No Diwali decoration is ever complete without Rangoli. This is the most common indulges which makes the house look colorful and pretty. Rangolis are usually decorated at door steps, near the puja room or at corners of the rooms. If you have the basic knowledge then you can decorate it on your own depending on how easy or how difficult your skills let you to make. Use flowers or colored powder to create Rangoli. Use designer diyas for Diwali and pretty clay handicrafts to enhance the beauty and add uniqueness to it. You can use rangoli stencils which are handy for neater patterns.

Flowers and Candles Décor:

Add newness this year with indispensable part of Diwali decoration. Arrangement of flowers can be placed anywhere easily at home. Create a low center piece with utensils and place the flowers and floating candles in it for a beautiful and bright arrangement within the house.

Glass Jar Lanterns:

If you have ever thrown away the glass jars assuming them to be useless then you might need to think again now. Give a creative spin to your glass jars by simply painting them with few colors and create Moroccan style lanterns for that perfect Diwali décor.

Paper Cup Lights:

The easiest Diwali decoration idea is to light up the corners of the house. Create a unique element for Diwali by painting and cutting paper cups in floral shapes and adding light bulbs to it and create a chain.

Colorful Candles:

This Diwali, create some magic in three ways by using colorful candles across the house to light up the corners, engraved candles for an elegant visual or stylish carved burners to place the candles in.

Evergreen Diyas:

The traditional Diwali decoration item which is undoubtedly splendid. Decorate earthen diyas with acrylic and glitter paints and make a little difference in this season’s decoration.


Also known as Walla Hangings, torans are not just a decorative piece but also an auspicious element for the season. You can also use Ganesha wall hangings or use recycled items to create Diwali charm. You can also use DIY paper torans at entrance for a more personalized look.

Fairy Lights:

People often decorate the exteriors of the house with fairy lights. This season let us bring them inside for an astonishing and creative Diwali decoration. Fairy lights can be a real savior which can be used in Pooja room or in glass vase for glowing effect.

Fruit Candles:

Sounding unusual, Right? But yes, this is an exciting idea which does exist. You just have to cut the fruit peels in different shapes and place tiny fragrant candles inside them for some stylish decoration of your house this season.

Diwali Coasters:

A perfect eye catching decoration idea for living rooms. Simply paint or use artificial mirrors to create an intricate design to add some extra Diwali effect.

Wall Hangings:

Use old newspapers, card boards, cloth pieces and CD’s to create your own wall décor. Use string of lights and presto for show stopper effect. You can also use sea shells and lights and string them along the wall.

Table Décor:

The center table in the house is the first thing that grabs attention therefore, decorating it is important. The table which is surrounded by couch and lets your guests be seated. You must add some fancy yet elegant decoration to the center table which not only makes the table top look good but also brings in the Diwali feelings. Some unique idea includes a fancy cloth, scented candles, bowl of potpourri, show piece and statues.

Food Decoration:

Another idea that can be made at home or you can buy from the market. Several bakeries sell Diwali goodies, cup cakes and cookies as common products which can be used to decorate the food items. You can make these cupcakes and cookies at home with diya patterns, fireworks, rangoli designs, etc. on them.

Drape Lights:

Usually string lights are seen outside windows. This season get some Diwali effect inside the house by draping the strings around your doors and windows inside the room and let your home twinkle with soft glow. You can also use the drape strings around your furniture and curtains. Use a string as a curtain itself. You can use the drape string for making a string light chandelier. A string table lamp will make a wonderful atmosphere in the living room.