Birthday decorations play a very important part of the party. If the decorations are not done impressively then, the party shall look dull and boring. Also, the traditional decorations might not be very convincing option nowadays. Therefore, we have come up with some of the exciting and contemporary ideas for birthday decorations. These are not only easy to make but will cost lesser than other ideas, too. Also, the decorations include birthday parties for kids as well as adults. Without further ado, let’s scroll down and see the amazing ideas which would help you choose a theme for yourself.

15 DIY Birthday Decor Ideas

Decorate with Tassel Garland


Who doesn’t like pretty and attractive tassel garlands? These are some amazing piece of decorating items for birthday parties and other events as well like baby shower, wedding, etc. You simply require colourful tissue paper, scissors, glue gun and ribbons to string the tassels. Fold the paper length wise and breath wise and then shred it vertically (opposite of folded side) with the scissors. Then, open the paper, roll the middle and twist it to form a loop and glue it properly. Make several of these with colourful papers and form into a garland. And your colourful DIY tassel garland is ready.

Embellished Party Hats


Party hats are one of the quintessential items for a birthday party and therefore you can use loads and loads of them to decorate the rooms and tables for the occasion. There are several ideas for embellishing the party hats. One, you can stick pom poms around the out circumference of the hat and decorate. Two, you can paint it with glitters and sparkles to make it look enticing. Three, wrap shredded tassel papers all around it to make it pop. You can also stick paper flower or small ornaments around it.

Paper Chains Backdrop


Paper chains are one of the most contemporary designs who could use for decorating birthday parties. For this, you need thin craft papers in different colours and glue gun. Make thin strips of paper and form ring first. Next, form another ring by looping with the first one. Continue this process until you get the desired length. You can also try rainbow look or an Ombre look with these paper chains backdrop ideas for the party.

Paper Lanterns


We love paper lanterns and therefore incorporating them for your birthday party decorate seems to be the fit idea for a wonderful look. You can easily make these paper lanterns at home in various colours like gold, silver, black and white with glitter bodies. Wrap fairy lights inside the lantern to make it glow in the dark. The look it emits is simply enthralling and the guests would be nothing less than impressed with this brilliant decor idea.

Silver Birthday Decor


This is relatively an easy idea to conceive but also looks bright and beautiful. The main concept is to form the letters HAPPY BIRTHDAY in silver balloon material. If you cannot get your hand on a silver one, you can just buy any colour available and then spray paint it in silver. Decorate and balance the chrome silver look with pink purple and baby pink balloons of various sizes scattered all around it. This is a minimum but magical idea for a birthday decor.

Glitter Bunting for Birthday


A glitter bunting is an excellent way to decorate the house for birthday celebration. The best part about this is that decorations like these could be for a kid as well as for an adult. The combination of blue and golden glitter is amazingly beautiful. You can make these out of navy blue char paper for art and craft and then paint with glitter dust powders. You can use cardboard cut outs to make the age number and other adorning pieces as well.

DIY Confetti Eggs


The beauty and fun involved in this decoration is simply amazing. They work for any kind of party and for birthday party; you can use a mixture of chunky glitters and confetti to add more fun and life to it. To make these, you need eggs, confetti, sequins, scissors and bowl. Firstly, make a hole in the egg (on top portion) and pour the contents in the bowl. Now fill the eggs with mixture of sequins and confetti glitter. And your quick and easy birthday decor is ready in minutes.

DIY Unicorn Birthday Party


If you are looking for a theme for the birthday party of a child – a unicorn birthday party would be the right choice. Use the paper cups to draw the eyes and ears with the cute golden horn. Then you can also use colourful bunting to write the wishes. Use the printable unicorn stickers of napkins and plates as well. Wrap the colourful ribbons around the straws for the full unicorn effect.

DIY Balloons Arch


The beauty and chic look of balloon arch for the birthday decoration is perhaps the easiest and prettiest one you will ever see. To make balloon arch, first decide the colour theme for the party. Once that is decided, look for balloons of the same colour family in different sizes. Tie the balloons with one another in the form of an arch on the wall or the entrance of the house. You can also decorate the table where the cake is to be cut with the same arched balloon decorations.

Crepe Paper Flower Birthday Decor


To make paper flowers for embellishment, you need loads and loads of colourful crepe papers. Make flowers of different colours and sizes and further decorate them with glitters or sequins. You can make garlands; decorate the walls in various patterns, the tables and curtains, too. Combine them with balloons too to make it look even more enticing and appealing to the eyes.

Ice Cream Garland


How adorable and amazing these ice cream garlands look, isn’t it? Well, these are simply easy to make, attractive to the eyes and add a burst of colours to the party environment. To make several one of these, make cones out of cardboards. Simply cut out a piece and roll to make the pattern. Paint with slanting stripes with glitter or sketch pens. Now take colourful yarns and make pom-pom out of them. Put them on top with help of glue. For finish touches, make garlands out of these cones and decorate the room accordingly.

DIY Streamers


Sometimes you don’t want full-fledged decoration for the birthday party or you are really short of time. Well, we have a fine solution for the same. All you need for minimal decoration is some crepe streamer paper. You can also make your own with exciting colourful paper already at your disposal. You can also make streamers out of small cut out of papers in the shape of triangle or circle. String them up horizontally by pasting them with glue. For additional look, use glitter or sequin to add some oomph into it. These streamers look impeccably good on the walls of the room.

DIY Hula Hoop Wreaths


If you are looking for some amazing modern decoration ideas for birthday party, this would be the hands down choice for it. These versatile Hula Hoop Wreaths are the perfect photo background you can ask for the Instagram page for the guests. Needless to say, this is one of the hottest trends for decoration right now. You can make the circular shape with metal wires (bendable) and then cover with handmade paper for decoration. Next, embellish them with artificial or natural flowers, balloons, decoration papers and other party material for the gorgeous look. You can also use natural leaves or even smaller hula hoops for wall decoration.

Confetti Balloons and Streamers


Even the simple of decoration objects can be used for extraordinary decoration ideas for the birthday party where you want everything to look perfect and flawless. For the decoration, you simply need giant transparent balloons filled with gas that would help them to stay afloat vertically. The main attraction would be the whole mixture of confetti and sequin glitter filled in them. Make sure the confetti and sequins are slightly larger in size so that they are sufficiently visible. To make streamers, use shiny gift wrap paper or foils and cut them in thin strips. Once done, tie them together at the end of the balloons to complete the beautiful decor.

DIY Paper Fans


Paper fans are so easier and quicker to make. Simply take a coloured sheet of paper which is square in shape and fold it alternatively back and forth. Make sure you press it nicely and then carefully open them without flattening. Stick the ends with a glue stick or hot glue and your instant paper fan is ready in minutes. Make several one of these in various sizes and colour to decorate the room accordingly.

These are some of the terrific ideas for decorating the birthday party which your guests would remember forever. Let us know in the comments below the favourite ones who would want for the birthday party.

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