Birthday comes once in a year and brings a moment of joy and happiness in everyone’s life. It is the great time where one take blessings from their friends, families, and parents and enjoy their day with them as it is not just any other ordinary day and this day marks the beginning of life. Everyone must thank god for their existence in this universe and seek blessings from everyone.

Almost everyone feels excited about birthdays and love to celebrate this special day with friends and family members. If it is the birthday of your son/daughter, make their birthday special by gifting something valuable so that it may make them feel special about themselves. One must be blessed to have a son or daughter as they are the gems of your family. They make you feel special every day as they would march towards success in the future.

Well, almost everyone gets confused what to gift someone on his birthday. It becomes more perplexing when you are a father or a mother and it is your son’s birthday. Having a son is the most blissful thing as they carry the clan of the family in the future. They are very robust and generally have a soft side towards their parents. If you are a mother you will know how much affectionate he is towards you and if you are a father he must be having a little secret world with you. The best present you can give to your son on his birthday can be a birthday card. The birthday card is the most affordable present which one can present to someone. There are several types of birthday cards and each one with a wonderful meaning.

Here are some of the birthday card ideas which you can present it to your son –

Pretty paper pop up birthday cards

Birthday cards – son

If your son is very small, you can present him a colorful birthday card made up of pretty colorful papers and popups in between them. You can paste candies, jellies, chocolates and use different fabrics to design it up. One can use different colored papers to craft out popups to make them look astonishing. Give a final touch to this type of birthday card by adding handwritten quotes, poems etc.


Picture album birthday card

birthday card

This is one of the best birthday card idea one can ever think of. If your son is a grown-up man, then you can craft out a birthday card by pasting his various photos in it. The types of photos you can include are – when he was a small baby sitting in your lap, childhood birthday photos, school pictures, childhood pics of your son crying, high school pictures, pictures with friends, graduation pictures and many more. These pictures must be pasted on a colorful background and must be put on the birthday card. You can take reference from your family album too. The best way of arranging pictures in the birthday card is by putting them in serial order according to different time events based on ascending order. Make sure to paste pictures in form of a grid and add colorful quotes, poems in them. This type of birthday card will surely make him remember about his childhood and make him feel special.


Dream birthday card


This type of birthday card is suitable for kids studying in school. Suppose your son wants to become a doctor in future, you can paste a stethoscope clip art in the birthday card. If he wants to become an artist, you can paint out different sketches for him. If he wants to become an astronaut, then you can decorate the birthday card with stars, moos, comets, space shuttles, astronaut etc. One can get a variety of ideas from the internet and can shape out birthday card according to it. Children’s mind fluctuate with the mind, therefore parents should ask about the career and dreams they want to pursue in future and make card accordingly. This type of birthday cards is very helpful for boosting his confidence and reflects the love and support you have got for him for shaping his future.


Animal birthday card

Birthday card for son

If your son is an animal lover, you can draw cute animal pictures on his birthday card. For example, if your son loves a cat, then you can cut out the birthday card in shape of a cat and add many stickers of an animal in it. One can even add animal pop-ups in between the card made out of craft papers. This type of birthday card reflects how much you care about his little details.


Vintage birthday cards

birthday card for son

Boys generally do not like sparkling things and are mostly into stylish things. If your son is born in the era of ’90s then you can make out a vintage birthday card. You can paste pictures of his favorite actors, actresses, singers, pictures of bikes, cars that he wishes to buy in the future. One can add numerous types of details in this type of birthday card. These types of cards are very simple and especially loved by boys. You can add a short story for the birthday card related to any funny incident about his childhood. This idea will surely make him burst in laughter.


Sports fan birthday card

Almost every boy is engaged in some type of sports activities. Observe which types of games do they play and watch on TV. After observing their passion, just craft out a sporty birthday card for your little athlete. If he loves football, add pictures of his favorite footballers in the card. Try to paste football stickers and extra details into it. If your son is more interested in cricket, then you know what to do. Just paste different things related to cricket on a birthday card. Moreover, you can buy him a football, cricket bat, tennis racket, hockey stick and paste the birthday card along with it.


Cartoon birthday card

birthday card for son

If your son is of less than 20 years old, then the cartoon birthday card can be the best option to gift him. Almost every kid these days love to watch cartoon and sketch or draw them out too in their coloring books. One can draw different types of cartoons on the birthday card and can also cut out the card in shape of it. For example, suppose your son loves the famous cartoon character Sponge Bob square pants, then you can make a birthday card in shape of that character. With little efforts and painting it can look astonishing. One can also use different types of stickers related to that cartoon figure and use in it.


Purse birthday card

You can craft out a birthday card in shape of a bag or a purse with beautiful quotes and poems written on it. This type of birthday card can have different compartments where you can put chocolates, candies and other types of gifts. This type of birthday card is in trend nowadays and can be later used as a decorative item in your home. A purse shaped birthday card decorated with lacy ribbons and feathers will be the best thing you can ever give.

Age birthday card

birthday card for son

This is the most common type of birthday card which is popular among teenagers. As a parent, you can paste the age sticker in the birthday card and can decorate it accordingly. Suppose your son is turning 13 years old this year, then you can paste numerical stickers in card depicting his age. Not only this, you can use decorate the card inside by poems, quotes, few lines about the specialty of your son, some positive things about him etc.


Materials and steps required for making a beautiful birthday card for your son –

  • As a parent you may need essential craft materials for making birthday card such as markers, stationery items, cardstock, construction paper, , stickers, glue, scissors, rubber stamps, pictures of his childhood, graduation, school pictures, quote and poem pics, crayon pencils, watercolors, different pictures, lacy ribbons, candies, chocolates, duct tape strips of old clothes and many more items based on your ideas. One can even seek ideas from the internet as there are tons of materials present in it.
  • The next crucial step is to select the type of birthday card you want to draw out. This can be based on his age. If your son is a small kid then an animated card will be very suitable for him but in case he is grown up teenager then vintage birthday card or something related to his dream or career will be good.
  • Take different colored papers and cut out and design them accordingly. Start drawing thing with pencil first and make an outline in it. Color out the different characters and things accordingly. For making the card look shiny, use glitter and sparkle pens. Draw a colorful border with the help of sketch colors.
  • Draw and paste different types of pop-ups between the card. For crafting the final touches in the card, use different types of lacy fabrics and strips of old clothes to make them look fancy. Add short poems, quotes related to your son. The best thing you can do is write a short story or incident about your son in the birthday card. This story can be related to his childhood funny incident.

Birthday is the most crucial event in everyone’s life. It marks the beginning of everyone’s life and makes a person feel special about him. With the above birthday card ideas, you can make your son’s birthday special. Do not forget to celebrate this momentous occasion of life with your friends and families. You can also plan out a special secret birthday party for your son by inviting his friends and teachers in your home and surprising him up. A birthday gift is not about how much expensive it is, it is all about how much love and efforts someone has put to make it special for you. As a parent, you must know the importance of celebrating the birthday of your kids. Celebrating birthdays will make them remember this moment throughout their life and show the important signs of care and responsibility.