Makeup and Women are synonymous and both complement each other. The feminine strata of our universe have great weakness for cosmetics and makeup tools. They are profusely consumed by them. The internet and social media has pushed up makeup ideas to a new level, because now girls or ladies don’t have to depend upon beauty salons for ideas to beautify oneself. Loads of information and Do-It-Yourself ideas are sailing along with the specific illustrations to get an idea.

The eye-liner is in vogue and has replaced the kajal used decades before. I believe more than 85% women folk of today wear eye-liner in daily regime and now colourful eye-liner is in vogue. The brands are in continuous effort to introduce new ideas and products to allure the customers. The advanced technology helps to enter every house via media and social platforms.
Today, we will discuss about Glitter Eye makeup Ideas. Eyes are the cynosure of our face and personality and the real beauty is our eyes. The focus to make it more attractive is a task of patience because eyes are delicate and great care is required while enhancing the contours of our eyes.

Tips for glitter eye makeup

• First of all, always use cosmetics of reputed brand for the safety of your eyes, skin and hair and all requires care but Eyes, being the delicate, and need utmost care. Read the brochure and leaflet properly of the brand that you are using.
• Do a patch test before using the product for the first time to be on safe side.

Different Shades of Glitter Eye Makeup

Eye-liners and Mascara are normally used in daily regime but glitter makeup is worn on specific occasions. You have to choose the glitter as per the occasion, choice and the hue that suits your skin shade and builds your confidence to walk tall in crowd.

Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas

Soft Pink Glitter

Pink Glitter will go for every occasion from a kitty party to a loud party and it will add charismatic beauty to women of all age. First of all prep your eyes with primer and concealer to bridge the discoloration and give a smooth finesse around the eyes. Now,select pink eye shadow, one shade less than the glitter and spread evenly with the brush from outer corner of the eye to the crease and blend nicely. Make sure that the eye shadow is darker is the inner side and lighter as you proceed towards outer area of the eye to give a beautiful look to your eyes. To contrast with pink, outline the outer area smoothly with black or blue eye shadow using pencil brush to give a soft look. If you don’t want contrast then you can use one dark shade of pink eye shadow for outlining the outer area of your eye. Move your brush till you get the desired result. Use black liner for your upper eye lashes and give it a curl or winged look as you love to do. Use Pink Glitter for half of the outer eye cover if you want a heavy makeup look or just as an eyeliner above the upper eye lashes giving it a pencil line finish. Apply liquid kajal or black liner for the lower lashes and smudge a fine line of pink eye shadow that you used for outer eye cover and blend it nicely giving a smooth line finesse. Use two coats of Mascara to conceal your lashes and give a subtle look to your persona. If you are going for an outing in day hours then you can use a light shade of Pink Glitter and if you are going for a party at night, use a deeper shade of Pink Glitter. Use pink blush for cheek bones and wine red lipstick for your luscious lips and people will oomph as you dawn in the party.

Copper Glitter

For Copper Glitter eye makeup, use light hued copper eye-shadow after blending the area around and under the eyes are with primer and concealer to give a clean look. Follow the techniques as discussed above and blend till you get the smooth finesse and result as desired. Always keep the outer lid near the eye dark and lighten the hue at the edges, it helps to give a enlarge look of the eyes following this technique of eye makeup. Add light tone of eye shadow on the brow bone to highlight. Now pat the Copper glitter either on full eye-lid or half of it. If you are applying glitter on half of the eye-lids, then give a semi-circle finesse. Load your eye-lashes with black eye-liner and mascara to give a cat-eye, winged or curled look. Cat-eye and winged are in vogue and preferred by current generation. Under the eyes, apply glitter with a pencil brush if you want to give a fine line of glitter after following the step of eye-shadow. Smudge eye-liner or black kajal on the lower eye lashes to end up from eye makeup. Use copper tone blush to highlight your cheek bones and chocolate hued lipstick to complement your looks. The eye makeup should be lighter for attending day parties and darker shade of it is appropriate for evening and night partying.

Silver Glitter Eye Makeup

Apply primer and concealer to cover the discolouration if any or to give a smooth appearance and the eye makeup holds for longer duration. Apply pigmented silver eye shadow in streaks with a flat shadow brush. Use charcoal gray enriched with a rich hue and blend softly with a blending brush. Apply silver glitter over the upper eye-lids to give a rich appearance and outline your lashes with black or silver eye-liner to give a glam appearance. Use glitter under the eye as an eye-liner and to give a contrast look, you can use copper eye-shadow in the inside corners of the eyes. Enrich your lower lashes with eye-liner and mascara. Mauve hued or nude lipstick will match with the silver glitter eye-makeup. Highlight your cheekbones with nude tone blush and feel high in parties or outings with friends and family.

Gold Glitter Eye-Makeup

Gold and Silver glitters goes well with all age-group other than pink. It is quite common in eye-makeup. The charm of glitters has defined eye makeup with a new edge. Use golden eye shadow for the base and blend it nicely. For youngsters, it is advisable to apply glitters on 1/3rd of the eye-lids and for women above 45, glitter in eye-liner shape will give a glam look and enhance your persona. Contrast the brow bones with silver eye-shadow to give contrast look or eye shadow one tone than the golden glitter used. Load your lashes with transparent or black color eye-liner and black mascara to highlight the lashes. Under the eyes, you can apply wide golden eye-shadow or in eye-liner shape and pat golden glitter with a flat pencil brush. Cover the lower eye-lashes with eye-liner and Mascara. Apply a rich color of Maroon lipstick to caress your luscious lips and nude tone blush to highlight your cheekbones.

Purple & Bronze Glitter Eye-Makeup

Contrast and dual colors eye makeup are fascinating and you carry the attention of onlookers. It gives you a seductive look, so choose appropriate occasion to give yourself an intense look. Late night parties will be fine to attend with Purple & bronze glitter eye makeup. After setting of primer and concealer, use purple hued eye-shadow for the outer lids of the eyes and under the eyes. Apply in streaks to highlight your beautiful eyes. Put heavy score of bronze glitters on top of the purple eye shadow and apply underneath in fine or wide line as per your preference and demand of the event. Use rich purple lipstick to add intensity to your lips and bronze tone of blush to highlight your cheek bones. Touchwood, it will add a new beauty to your existing persona and many won’t recognize you in your new-look.

There are various combos of glitter eye make up to choose from and each adds a new-look.

Eye makeup can be decided on various parameters such as type and timing of an event, theme party or based on the dress that you have selected for the upcoming event.

Eye-makeup needs care to give smooth finesse and requires time to give a beautiful look.

Use reputed brands and do not forget to remove eye-makeup after returning from the event and before going to bed.