You are gearing up for Christmas fun, desperately grabbing whatever is left on the shelves in last minute but at the same time, the crowd is getting crazy and no matter what you do, you can’t get into the Christmas spirit. We all have been there. Whether you are looking for merry murders or festive fun to get in the party mood, there is no time to sit and scroll through the pages of algorithmic recommendations and hoping to get lucky. Kick back and relax this holiday season with a cup of hot cocoa and watching one of the Christmas movies.

The best thing about Christmas is sitting around, eating and watching loads of TV. Here we bring you the list of few Christmas movies to stream on Amazon Prime and watch out during this festive season to increase the level of fun, excitement and quality time with your family and friends.

Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime



Will Ferrell’s best film by miles where the SNL alumnus plays Buddy, who was adopted and raised by elves as one of their own baby. But his size, among other things, gives him a way and soon enough he goes off to New York to find his real parents. A movie having brilliantly silly slapstick performance from Ferrell, loads of quotable lines and just the right amount of sentimentality, making ELF a modern day Christmas classic.


The Christmas film which is most referenced in other Christmas movies, whether it’s the kids watching it in home alone or home alone 2. Rusty Griswold longing in front of it in National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation or as the in flight movie in Turbulence. The movie tells the story of angel who attempts to save the life of suicidal George Bailey played by Jimmy Stewart by showing him how different the world would be without him. Possibly, the greatest festive film ever made which makes everyone feel good.


If you are among those who think Die Hard is a Christmas film, move straight to the next entry in the list because Gremlins qualifies due to it being set at Christmas time rather than because it is full on festive, just like John McClane’s first encounter with the Gruber family, Batman Returns and Lethal Weapon. In the movie, Gizmo, the small furry creature that must not get wet and fed after midnight and exposed to bright lights is gifted as a Christmas gift at the start of what is essentially a remake of It’s A Wonderful Life, having a lot of tinsel draped chaos throughout.


Vacation means Holiday in America and in the movie, they don’t go anywhere. In fact nothing much happens at all. It is an excuse for Chevy Chase to lark around for one and half hour as the calamitous Clark Griswold. His preparations for the arrival of his extended family includes driving out into the country side to chop a tree down which is too big for the living room, covering the house in thousands of fairy lights and getting stuck in an attic. The movie has some slightly off colour moments that date it quite badly and isn’t probably as funny as it should be but you can bet with anyone else in the lead and a supporting cast without whom it would have been a total disaster.


Snow Dad; if you wish to give it a better name. Michael Keaton plays a neglectful father called Jack Frost who gets killed in a car crash in the run up to Christmas, before being brought back to life once his son plays a magic harmonica as a snowman a year later. The problem is, the reincarnated Jack Frost is more than a little creepy but if you are a fond of dad jokes the movie is definitely for you.


Released in 1954, starring Bing Crosby as a singing soldier is where the eponymous song comes from but here is a bit of trivia to keep for that festive pub quiz: The composer Irving Berlin actually wrote White Christmas for 1942’s Holiday Inn, starring American singer. Though Michael Curtiz’s movie, which follows squaddie pal and bing as they put on a show for a former commanding officer, does include a rendition of the famous song.


Two rich white women swap homes for the festive season in the movie. Cameron Diaz comes to leafy surrey and Kate Winslet trades her cottage for a luxurious LA apartment where both end up meeting men who may or may not be the right ones for them and if you cannot predict how this one ends then your life must be a source of constant amazement and delight.


Do you remember the most outrageous thing that has ever happened to you in an office party? Chances are it has never got more riotous than Sandra being sick on the MD, but in this movie you soon get the feeling that almost anything can happen. The underused Kate McKinnon almost makes this mindlessly OTT romp worth watching on her own with a hilarious turn as an uptight HR manager in the office.


Because of the oddly coloured conk, Rudolph was not allowed to take part in any of the reindeer games, is what we have come across in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The assumption has been that Santa’s four legged engine were engaging in a spot of antler wrestling or long distance sleigh pulling, but if the action movie starring Ben Affleck is to go by, it actually involves on Christmas eve, knocking off a casino. They didn’t want Rudolph involved but the cops would see that nose a mile away.


Have you ever wondered where the myth of Father Christmas came from? Jalmari Helander’s suggests that Santa is a nightmarish beast supported by an army of ravenous elves. The horror outing might make you reconsider leaving a mince pie for santa. The real santa cares if you are naughty or nice but only because he kills anyone falling in the former category. The movie is a perfect antidote if you have had a little too sweet holiday.


A greedy TV executive Frank Cross is being paid by Bill who forces his channel’s staff to work over Christmas, but the only ghouls Murray encounters in the movie are three festive ghosts who visit in an attempt to make him see the error of his ways. Charles Dickens’ classic gets a black comedic do over with Bill Murray cast as the Ebenezer Scrooge – esque Frank Cross. Here he plays a cynical TV executive who doesn’t gives a flying hoot about Christmas and is only interested in improving is career. On Christmas eve, his high powered position hangs in balance depending on how successful the network’s live TV broadcast of A Christmas Carol goes. Coincidentally, the iconic trio of ghosts visits him in the middle of all that. Murray does Meta! A little self referential which surprisingly works well due to his comic timing. A cracking slice of black comedy to balance the score of syrupy movies clogging up the TV at Chrimbo.


This festive remake tugs at the heart strings with the sentimental story of a young girl who saves Santa. Richard Attenborough dons the red suit and black boots as Cole’s resident Kris. When the department store’s former Father Christmas goads the old guy in a fight, the police put him behind the bars. It is down to Matilda’s Mara Wilson and her mom’s boyfriend, lawyer Bryan Bedford to convince the courtroom that Kringle is the real Santa and miracles exist.


Public service station channel 4 of British turned Raymond Briggs’ beloved children’s book in a short, wordless special in 1982 and since then The Snowman has been a classic ever since. A haunting score lends a sad note to the story of a snowman come to life, heightening both the sense of loss and fantasy that comes with childhood innocence remembered, but now lost. Your eyes might get moist at the end but with a good kind of nostalgia.


Only John Hughes, the master of sub urban wish fulfilment could have conjured such an eccentric slap sticky movie. Hughes stuffs Home Alone with a lot of eccentric details like the greasy pizza dinner, buzz’s tarantula, Harry’s gold tooth, rip roaring fake gangster movie Angels with Filthy Souls, shovel guy, each trap in the grand finale’s tricked out madhouse and rips through them like a giddy kid on Christmas morning. As Kevin summons all the charm and glee of Tom Hanks in Big and as his mother races home in parallel, his smile wanes at the right pace All of this makes Home Alone movie an immaculate conception worth watching.


Despite a reputation as a cheerful Yuk fest, A Christmas Story also works as a horror movie, few kids centric comedies understand the very real terror of being a kid. Director Bob Clark mines writer Jean Shepherd’s nostalgic tales of growing up in Indiana for heartfelt moments, bleak scares and goofy laughs. The pole licking, the trip to see Santa at the Mall, the leg lamp and the eye shooting out finale, all has slightly grotesque. Norman Rockwell meets David Cronenberg edge to them. Ralphie is not just fighting for a Red Ryder BB gun but also for the survival.


Martha Evans was abandoned by her husband who took all the cash away leaving her homeless and virtually destitute with two daughters and a step son. In hopes of finding a job and a shelter to stay, Martha leaves the town. She gets a job at a sleepy rural diner which was famous for its home made root beer but with a broke down car and pile of bills it seemed as if it is going to be a bleak Christmas for the Evans family. However, some warm hearts which are working behind the scenes makes the Christmas the happiest holiday of Martha’s life which serves as real answers to her prayers.


A wonderful love story of two friends Sam Reed and Kat Patton who have known each other most of their lives, having grown up in the same small Illinois town. They were 4 years old when Kat’s mom died and their fathers, Bobby Reed and Tom Patton started their own custom furniture business. Reed & Patton and a family friend Elissa Beth Dixon – E.B. began what would become the traditional hosting of a Christmas eve dinner and party at their house. Through the years, Sam and Kat’s relationship has not always been cordial, especially in teenaged years. To go away to school, Sam left the town at the age of eighteen in New York City where he eventually settles as a Journalist and returns back to the town for Christmas dinner while Kat remains in the town getting a job in the family business. Thus both only see each other once a year during the holidays, however being there in spirit for the other year ‘round without really knowing what is going in the other’s life. Through it all, there is an unspoken knowledge that despite their distance most of the year their friendship is more than that, which gets often hindered by one or the other being in a serious relationship with someone else. Underlying issues might place a wall between them ever coming together romantically, specifically why Sam stays away except at Christmas and why Kat has stayed in town leading what on the surface seems like a stagnating life.


A romantic comedy Christmas themed movie is about a couple who visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas day. Brad and Kate, an upscale couple in San Francisco, having come from dysfunctional families with divorced parents and crazy siblings with out of control kids. In order to avoid their families at Christmas both travel abroad for a vacation while pretending to do some charity work. In the third year of their relationship, both Brad and Kate plan to visit Fiji but are trapped at the airport of San Francisco by a fog. Interviewed by a news crew, alerting their families about the fact. With no way to get out of the situation, both visit their families on Christmas day. One by one they visit Brad’s father then Kate’s mother, followed by Brad’s mother and lastly Kate’s father, thereby celebrating four Christmases in a day. As they brace themselves for a marathon of home comings, both Brad and Kate expect the worst, unable to prepare themselves for what all is to come. They discover new secrets about each other. Finally, they decide to marry and have a child which they have been avoiding all this while and next Christmas they welcome their baby girl.

This was not an easy task at all but here is the list of wonderful movies you all can stream and watch out this Christmas and makes it a little more special. Do not forget to watch out with family members and friends and yeah, watching it with your loving partner is always special. Go, check them out and enjoy your Christmas in a special relaxed way.