Turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day with some fun and flirty nail art. From sweet and innocent to smoldering with passion, these Valentines day nail art designs are sure to get the attention you deserve. Add a little glamour to your season of love with some fanciful fingertips.

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Flirty Love Nail Art


Bring a little flirty touch to your Valentine’s Day with a pink pop of color and just the right amount of sparkle.  Top it off with a touch of LOVE and you will have hearts fluttering.

Via: SweetnShimmering

Connect the Dots


Connect the dots to show off your love this Valentine’s Day.  Mix a little playful with a lot of sexy for an eye catching design.

Via: Source

Candy Store


There’s just something about this design that evokes the feeling of a trip to the candy store.  Sweet coupled with a little bit flirty will turn heads this Valentine’s Day.

Via: Armstrongnails

Love is in the Air


Let your nail design showcase your feelings of love this Valentine’s Day.  With a deep pink metallic shine and a contrasting heart design, your heart just might skip a beat!

Via: Simolive

Floating on Air


Light and airy with a playful heart design, this creative concept will have you floating on air.  Like a bouquet of balloons, the contrasting hearts will capture your love on a cottony background of luscious pink.

Via: So Nailicious

Jazzy Jewels


Take a whole bunch of color, add a dash of creative and a sprinkle of bling to make your nails demand attention this Valentine’s Day.  This flirtatious nail design is a recipe for love!

Via: Cosmetic Cupcake

First Kiss


Bring out your youthful side with this fun design showcasing just the right amount of innocence and style.  The contrasting white and red with a touch of sparkle creates a festive backdrop for some loving hearts.

Via: Pikore

Love Letter Nail Art


The subtle message of this design will make people step just a little bit closer to get a better look.  Captivating and classy…this one will lure them in for sure!

Via: Nail Deesigns

Skip a Beat


Pink and plum set the stage on this heart stopping design.  Let the rhythm of love dance across your fingertips.

Via: Divine Caroline

Throw Away the Key


Take my heart and throw away the key because this Valentine design is one to fall in love with.   Unlock your style with a design reminiscent of forbidden love.

Via: Chickettes

Love Letters


There’s just something about a handwritten letter from a lover that seals a bond.  Capture the essence of love worth writing about with this unique design.

Via: Hative

Simply Love


Sometimes less is more.  It only takes one word to say it all with this beautifully classic design.

Via: Pinterest

Too Hot to Handle


Turn up the heat on your Valentine with this sexy design.  This little naughty number might just get you the attention you are looking for.

Via: Pinterest

Classic Catch


A little understated, but not to go unnoticed, accent your Valentine wardrobe with this subtle design.  Vintage-inspired color and clean lines capture a classic, sporty feel to this nail concept.

Via: Fairly Charming

Cupid’s Arrow


Cupid’s arrow is taking aim at the heart of this dazzling number.  Over the top glitter sets the backdrop for this love-inspired design.

Via: Pinterest

Swirly Hearts


Come right out and say it…you have love in your heart!  Your nails will send your loving message loud and clear with this shimmering, sexy heart-filled design with an eye catching pop of black.

Via: Pinterest

Be My Valentine


Adorn your fingertips this Valentine season with some whimsical flirty balloons.  Carefree and playful is the message this nail concept conveys.

Via: Pinterest

Polka Dots and Hearts


Show off your sweet and sexy side with a polka dot print.  There’s a hint of love in the air this Valentine season.

Via: Beautyinspirationinsta

Hot and Bold


This nail design smacks of both naughty and nice.  Let your wild side run free and send a message that you might be too hot to handle.

Via: Pinterest

Wrap it Up


Stunning design with a 3-D element to top it all off.  This one has it all…glitter, glamour and glitz!

Via: BadGirlNails

Tic Tac Terrific


Ready for a little fun and games this Valentine’s Day?  Give this little number a try and maybe capture a playful proposition!

Via: Beauty Frizz

Sweet Tips


etty pink whispers of innocence will dance across your fingertips during this season of love.  A sweetheart of a design for any age.

Via: A Girl and Her Polish

Good and Plenty


This one has it all!  It’s sexy.  It’s eye catching.  It calls out for attention.  Get ready for plenty of attention because this nail design is going to put you center stage.

Via: Yagala on Instagram

Romantic Nail Art


Subtle and subdued with just the right hint of romance, this nail design speaks to your romantic side this Valentine’s Day.  Light the candles and put on the music because the stage has been set.

Via: All Nails Everything

Love Grows Here


Like seeds sprinkled on the ground, love needs time to blossom and grow.  This beautiful design plants feelings of love in your heart.

Via: Pinterest

Hugs and Kisses


Show off your affectionate side with a playful nail design in bubble gum pink and licorice black.  Give your hugs and kisses away this Valentine’s Day.

Via: Pinterest

Sealed with a Kiss


Capture the very essence of everything Valentine with this cotton candy colored creation.  Eyes will dance across your fingertips as they drink in this lovely design.

Via: Pinterest

Blow me a Kiss


This shadowy profile of love makes a bold statement in black and white this Valentine’s Day.  Blow some kisses to your special someone!

Via: Pinterest

Pussycat Love


Watch out!  This could be dangerous.  Evoking a sense of primal danger, black and buff come together to put this wicked design on the prowl.

Via: Pinterest

Mousin’ Around


Via: Tinas_Polish

Everybody loves a great love story and these two little mice have been lovin’ it up for years.  The contrasting colors will give your nail design just the pop of romantic color you are looking for this Valentine’s Day.

Heart Nails


Via: I Feel Polished

Straight from the Heart


Via: Pinterest

Heart Branches


Via: Nail Storming

Sweet and Romantic


Via: Pinterest

Heart Beats


Via: Nailstorming

Raining Heart


Via: Pinterest

Glitters and Hearts


Via: Ink361

Scrabble Love Nails


Via: One Nail To Rule them All

Unique Love Hearts


Broken Heart Nail Art


Via: Pinterest

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