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Christmas is the biggest festival in the world. Millions of people in different countries celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ who has changed the world forever. He’s the one who has shown the power of love and the greatness of sacrifice to mankind. So, let’s celebrate his birth by decorating our house and streets with beautiful Christmas decor and ornaments. Here, I have collected some of the Christmas decorations that have been repinned thousand times by pinners on Pinterest. I’m sure that these pinner’s choice won’t go wrong and will help you transform your humble home to a magnificent Christmas-celebrating mansion. Let’s get started!

Simple Christmas Decorations for Cupboard (12 000 repins)


with 10’s of 1000 of repins the above image rules the pinterest. Pinners getting inspirations again and again. just one repinned 12000 plus times. So you can imagine the total repins of this image

Ladder Christmas tree for holiday houses


Christmas is awesome. let us celebrate.

1. Christmas Table Centerpiece


The above image of Christmas centerpiece has been repined thousands of times by our Pinterest folks. This pin has reached around 4450 repins! That makes this centerpiece as one of the popular images for Pinners. I’m sure thousand of pinners won’t go wrong with this one. So, spread the spirit of Christmas by pinning this beautiful pin on your Pinterest board.


Hanging Out Door Christmas Decorations



red and white Christmas living room


Traditional, red and White. Fantastic isn’t it?


Floating Cranberry Centerpiece


love the above Festive Decorations!!!. then visit hgtv to Create a festive Christmas centerpiece by grouping glass containers filled with cranberries and floating candles.

Wonderful Fruity Christmas Decorations


Yes, fresh fruits like red apples can make a good Christmas centerpiece! Above pin image is a perfect example! Take a look at how these red apples make a wonderful Christmas table setting. Well, maybe that’s why it has been repinned 100’s by Pinterest users.

Awesome Christmas Porch Decorations Idea

Awsome-Christmas-PorchLook at the image of porch above. So cute and classic. This is perfect for those who are living in 2nd floor. This Christmas decoration turns the house to a Christmas mansion. No wonder why 598 pinners who loved the colors decided repinned it a hundred times. If you are living in a 2nd floor, then this Christmas decoration is for you. Add this wonderful Christmas decorations on your Pinterest board by repinning it.


Christmas Winter Night


This image shows how beautiful white Christmas can be. If you’re one of those lucky fellow who got the chance to celebrate white Christmas, then try to explore this Christmas decoration in your neighborhood. If not, plan a trip to the place where they celebrate white Christmas. And do not forget to pin this image to your board to inspire your visitors. Have a Merry Christmas.


Simple Candy Christmas Decorations


This is a wonderful decoration for any neighborhood park. It is simple, safe and wonderful. After all, 2338 pinners suggested it so you won’t go wrong with this one.


Christmas Living Room Decorations


One of the most wonderful living room decorated for Christmas that I’ve seen in Pinterest. That’s probably the reason why it has been repined 1554 times! Wishing you a merry Christmas!


Golden Garlanded Christmas Tree


Here’s another wonderful Christmas tree decorating idea. It looks luxurious and festive. The original pinner says that “Deco mesh garland spiraled around tree instead of wrapped around it. I love the look!“. And 2368 pinners who repinned this image agreed with him. You can also repin this to your own board for Christmas!


Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas


You can see another wonderful Christmas decoration that has been re pinned by 2729 loyal pinterest folks. I am sure that those people knew what they are doing. So let’s go for it. Let us repin this one!


Beautifully Decorated Christmas Lantern


While we celebrate the birthday of our savior Lord Jesus Christ, why don’t we decorate our house with some beautiful lantern. Here’s one beautifully decorated Christmas lantern that has been approved by 1099 pinners.


Magical Winter Lantern

Magical Christmas Lantern
Magical Christmas Lantern

Here’s another magical Christmas lantern decoration that you must consider for your front yard if you want to spread the Christmas spirit. This lantern sure spreads the Christmas and holiday spirit with its magical appearance. In fact, 487 pinners agree with this idea.


Simple Christmas Centerpiece Idea for Home


Simple is marvelous. Yes, the designer of the Christmas centerpiece above proves that to us. With just a clear glass, some sort of Christmas ornaments and a lovely Christmas candle and voila! You’ve come to have a wonderful Christmas centerpiece. This Christmas decoration ideas has got whopping 2048 repins in Pinterest. I’m pretty sure that those pinners who live in the world of creativity and colors repinned this a thousand times! You can also make one on your own, or you may repin this on your Christmas Pinterest board.


Wonderful Christmas Snow man


No need a snow to have a snowman inside your home! With this ideas, you can spread the spirit of Christmas all of your Pinterest board! What are you waiting for. Let’s repin!


Stunning Christmas Lantern Decorations To Brighten Up the Holiday

Stunning Christmas Lantern Decorations To Brighten Up the Holiday
Stunning Christmas Lantern Decorations To Brighten Up the Holiday

Look at the above image, your heart and home will be filled with Christmas Spirit. It doesn’t just brighten up the home, it also brightens up the Christmas Board of Isabel Ibarra. In fact, it has stolen  the heart of 19000+ pinners who could not resist the temptation to re-pin. If you are looking for lantern decoration, you may try this ideas. Don’t forget to share and repin this to your own Christmas board!


A Colorful Artificial Christmas Tree

colourful artificial Christmas-tree
colourful artificial Christmas-tree


MICHAEL from writes that his friend at Treetopia has given the above Colorful Christmas tree. He also said, “this is by far the nicest artificial tree I’ve ever seen.”. And folks in pinterst readily agreed with him by re pinning this Christmas tree 1658 times in 35 weeks. I am sure its journey has just started. It is the one of the most beautiful Christmas trees I have ever seen and I am also going to repin it. So, visit Treetopia if you are planning to buy one, or pin to your board to make your Christmas board a wonderful one!


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