2019 has begun and has brought new hair styles for men as well. Not just women but men too like to do different hairstyles. There is no better time than the beginning of new year to embrace a new look for yourself. From last year’s exploration and style of bolder cuts and styles, this year too is offering up some of the best men’s looks we’ve seen in a while and we assure that to you. Ranging from short fades and undercuts to mid-length comb-overs and quiffs and sometimes even long man buns and braids, this year has a stylish option to suit every hair length and type. Here are some of the most popular men’s haircuts and hairstyles that every man must try.



Most of the men might have thought that short hairstyles for men are limited, however, this is not at all true. We do have a range of hairstyles for men as well.

Starting from very short hairstyles for men to medium short hairstyles one can find a wide variety of hair styling aspects based on the men’s hair quality and length. You can be a fashionable icon and a trend setter by opting towards the new men’s hairstyles and the year 2019 brings you plethora of choices to pick one from.

To be frank, these will gives you the new look you have been craving for when compared with your old explored look of previous year which might have turned obsolete now because you never know how fast fashion changes given this era of fashionistas.

Different Hairstyle for Boys and men in 2019

Most Popular Short Haircuts and hairstyles

In 2018, you can expect to see a lot more hairstyles combining short sides and longer tops. As such, undercuts and fade styles are likely to be some of this year’s most popular looks. Other popular short haircuts for 2018 include buzz cuts, Caesar cuts, French crops, and side part styles.

Many Men who want to find the most attractive hairstyles around and want to give themselves a facelift should see how they can enjoy some fine looks by checking out these simple and easy hairstyles to follow sooner. Here we enlist some of the best options to check out when finding great hairstyles for men.

Hairstyles and hair cuts for Boys in 2019 Textured Fringe.

This short hair style features a good fringe cut with the hair moving forward as it is produced and secured there using a gel.

Hairstyles for men

Textured Quiff :

A textured quaff is one of the best short hairstyles for men who are wanting to look dapper besides getting a facelift. It uses a flowing layout which you can easily see in the picture below:

The hair from the side are trimmed and the one is centre are raised. For this too you may use a gel and other hair styling products.

High-Fade Curly Fringe hairstyle

This unique option uses curls around the middle of the person’s hair while the sides are trimmed to give a high end. Section of hair is parted properly to acquire this fabulous look.

Medium Comb Over hairstyle

The best way to sport this kind of medium hairstyles for men is to keep the sides short and trimmed. This places more attention on the middle part of the hair and gives a voluminous look to the entire hairstyle. It looks apt even for office look as well.

Side Fade Mohawk hairstyle

This is one of awesome men’s hairstyles,  side fades Mohawk requires the hair on the sides to be trimmed down short enough to be distinguishable from the rest of the hair on the top. This kind of look can be seen sported by many cricketers as well. It looks best in summer season.

Side Pompadour

A noticeable part should be seen on the side of this pompadour style. The hair in the side are trimmed small enough to make the parting and in a way such that the middle hair looks lengthy and grown. The center is given a voluminous look here as you can see in the picture above.

Curly Undercut

This hairstyle  fits well with a slight beard look or you may choose otherwise if you wish to. This hairstyle offers a good part which is the top space to add a fashionable look. The upper part looks curly and gives a dapper look. This can go with a gentleman look and suited up boy.

High Spiky Fade

The spikes come into cool and gentleman hairstyles category, need to curve backward. The sides can be trimmed down short or even up to the skin. This decision entirely rests on the man going for this cool and chic look.

Brushed Back Undercut haircut

This hairstyle is a brushed back men hair undercut that will feature a smooth look when the hair moves backward to create a flowing style. You can use styling products like gel and special type of combs to acquire this look.

Flat Crew Cut With Short and clean Sides

You can enjoy a classy look of this style with a fine flat layout in the middle and a slim feature that merges into a beard at the bottom of the face if desired by the person. In the other case if the person wishes he can keep a shaven look as well. The sides are extremely trimmed to the skin and kept clean.

Pretty Buzz Cut

A buzz cut does not have to involve all the hair being removed. Instead it is one of these latest hairstyles for men can feature a short fade look on the sides while the hair at the top has a noticeable and conspicuous look. This hairstyle is very similar to the army haircut and looks like a disciplined hairstyle of sorts.

Flowing Bob

A flowing bob looks best on a man who likes to keep hairstyles for long hair. In this hairstyle the hair flows evenly on both sides of the face. This is a heroic look for all those who want to keep their hair a little longer than normally people do. This one also looks classy and has high quotient on chic.

Bright Crop

A bright crop hairstyle may be accentuated with a slight hair color which can be burgundy or any other shade.. The hair should be even all the way around in this case. The middle looks pumped up and classy. The hairs are a little fluffy in this hairstyle.

Flowbee Style

As shown in the picture above the flowbee hair style uses a medium length with the hair offering a gentle flow. You may use various hair styling products to ace this look. It goes well in a party as well as for a office type look.

Short Messy Caesar

A messy Caesar style(as shown in the picture above) is one of the best sexy hairstyles for men. All  thanks to its uneven parting on the sides and a smooth layout to add a flowing look all the way through. This look can be aced with a little grown beared as well. The fashion quotient has to be high for one who adopts this kind of a look!

Dirty Hair Flow

A dirty flow style is great for long hairstyles for men is nowhere near to literal meaning of the name! It offers a naturally smooth flowing and lengthy look that adds a classic appearance for any man who adopts this classy look. There’s no need of gel or other styling products for this one. It can be easily done for a person who has a little longer hair in the middle!

Layered Braids

Braids are always great not just for women but also for men provided they are long and dense enough.  A Layered braid should be organized with strong tones to add a thicker look all around. The tones have to be well defined and should be clean enough for high visibility. These are clearly conspicuous and given an entirely different look to the routine face. Its apt for those who want to try something new with their hair.

Long Undercut

An undercut hair style can come with a longer length to add a flowing style to your hair. A little beard kept with the look is just like icing on the cake. You may even shade your hair with any color to raise the fashion quotient of your hair. This works best when the hair has a striking length and a smooth tone. Those with little longer hair should definitely try this for once. It goes well with a suit to give you a gentleman look.

Taper Fade

A taper fade uses a flowing style where the hair stands out with a slight pompadour look to it. This look is very chic and classic as well. This goes well when clean shaved.

Angled Fringe

A fringe does not always have to flow too long as shown in the picture. It could also include a fine curved angle that adds a striking tone to the hair and gives a sharper and cleaner look. We are sure that you are going to enjoy this hairstyle once you go for it.

Undercut Quiff

This is a very classic style which goes well in a party as well for routine. For this quiff style, the hair needs to flow backward just as shown in the picture to add a striking tone.

Messy Curls

Great messy curls fit well on one’s hair when done properly. The curls may come with some nice curves and tones that add a fine layout without the hair being too unusual in its look. This style looks chic and apt for party as well for routine.

Sponge Curls

Sponge curls are generally closer to one another and gives a dense curly look than what you would get out of traditional curls. In this hair style the curls are very near and give dense look as shown in the picture.

Mid Messy Fade

This hairstyle uses medium-length hair in the middle  and allows it to stand up as the hair is parted and combed back. It may look a little shabby for those who go with routine but it actually is not. This looks very dapper and chic and can go well with some dense beared.

Curly Fringe

The curly fringe fits in perfectly with or without a beard. This does not have to be too long. The style is classic as shown in the picture.

Burst Fade Mohawk

This next Mohawk style is a new hairstyle for men that offers slight curls and bends within a Mohawk to add a classic look all around. The hairline is very clean and defined in this hairstyle.

Shape Up Undercut

This haircut uses a classic tone with a fine series of long hair strands on the back and front to add a striking tone to the entire hairstyle.

Hard Side Part

A side part can come with a stronger edge to it and parting is very clearly defined in this one. This could feature the hair being divided strong enough to create a stirring and dramatic tone with a voluminous overall look.

Bald Fade

A bald fade is great for medium to long hair. This uses a long hair layout with the middle part standing out to allow the sides to show. This hairstyle is very classic.

Thick Spikes

In this spikey hairstyles the sides are trimmed short but are visible enough and are not done up to skin level. The spikes are made with the middle hair and are kept voluminous. This goes well for a routine hairstyle as well.

Faux Hawk haircut

In this hair style thick spikes work best when paired with shaved sides. This adds a dramatic tone all around. The middle looks voluminous while the sides are clean and looks parted. This look is similar to the ones kept by actors in daily soaps and operas!

These were a few hairstyles which you can keep in any season, any weather and any occasion. Be it diwali or a friend’s wedding, you can get a facelift with these chic and classy hairstyles mentioned above. All styles are very cool and can be kept on any occasion or in daily life as well. We wish you happy hair doing!