DIY Valentines Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

January 20, 2014 Anne Walker 0

Homemade or DIY Valentines gifts are in today. There are so many homemade Valentines day gift ideas that everyone can make for their someone special. Here, we collected some of the best and cutest Valentines gifts for him and her with pictures. You can also share these DIY Valentines day gift ideas on your Pinterest board or facebook.

30 Delicious and Yummy Filipino Food Recipes

January 17, 2014 Anne Walker 0

Filipino recipes are commonly sweet, spicy, sour, salty or a combination of any of the flavor. The Filipino food recipes are usually served with rice and sometimes they fry it and mix it different seasonings. Pinoys are very resourceful and they have made different styles in cooking each dish. However, even though the dishes have evolved the natives are still preserving the traditional method of cooking food in a special pot.

Easter Dinner Recipes and Easter Food Ideas

January 9, 2014 Anne Walker 0

Now, if you are getting ready for the Easter Sunday and are looking for easy Easter dinner recipes and trying to come up with the best Easter dinner menu ideas, you have come at the right place. Here, I compiled some of the best Easter recipes you can try to prepare for your family’s Easter dinner.