If you have long hair means you need to be able to take very good care of it. Most times, women feel long hair is a burden however, when you know the right styles to give your long hair and how to make it complement your look, there is no way you will have to be worried. If you have long hair, do not bother cutting it down to be short because you feel you cannot control the long type. Yes, you can always have a great time with your long hair if you try as much as you can to use some simple but very good styles. Some of these long hair styles you can decide to add to your daily look include;

The long straight but divided hair style: To have your long hair work for you, it is important to know how to carry yourself about. In this picture, you can tell that this celebrity takes very good care of her long hair. This style has to do with simply combing your hair down and creating the line between. This way, you will have the hair on both sides of your body and look beautiful. However, it all starts with keeping your hair beautiful and strong.

Source: www.hairstylestars.com
Source: hairstylestars
  • The beginning of making things work for you is by taking good care of your long hair. You can do this by washing your hair regularly.
  • When you get regular trims and use hair masks at least once every week, you will have your hair looking as glorious and beautiful like this.
  • All you need is a small comb to draw up the line in the center and comb it to your sides.
  • You can spray over it after styling to bring outs its shine.

The long heavy, curly and shiny style: Here, the style in the picture does not only show that you can make your long hair look beautiful, it also shows that even if you have light long hair, you can make it look very heavy. In this picture hear, it is clear to see that, the hair of this woman has been curled and combed to look very heavy. This means you can also achieve the same hair look for your long hair if you want to. Below are the steps to take in order to make this a reality.

Source: www.fashionspassion.com
Source: fashionspassion
  • Make sure you have some styling cream, straight comb, hair oil or spray, round brush, curler and flat iron.
  • Start by spraying your hair with oil to bring some shine and make it possible for the curler and flat iron to do their respective jobs perfectly well.
  • Comb the hair with a straight comb
  • Use the flat iron to straighten the hair from up to down.
  • Use the curling iron to curl the end up to the middle.
  • Use the round brush to brush it so that the curls do not disappear.

The Korean cut and lighter long hair style: If you have very long hair that you do not know how to control, you can get the best look with it if you try.

korean cut long hairs

  • Create a new you by changing the color of your hair to dark brown and add some blunt bangs and highlights.
  • Also, you can have your hair stylist to create a whole Korean look with your long hair by cutting some part short for the front.
  • You can always curl it up and have an elegant look in every way. You can do everything yourself if you want to.
  • All you will need is sharp scissors, lighteners and curlers.
  • If you get your hair stylist to lighten the length of your hair, you get to have very beautiful and bright ends. This helps to prevent any breakage and gives your hair a very healthy and alluring look.

The all natural bouncy blowout hair style: You can always have bouncy blowouts for every event you go to. Yes, bouncy blowouts are unique and they never go out of style. Also, they always make you look attractive and give you so much freedom to walk with your hair looking very stylish. You do not have to be the richest woman in the world to have bouncy blowouts. Yes, all you need is to have the focus to push through with getting your hair to look that great and the rest will follow.

Source: www.hairstylestars.com
Source: hairstylestars
  • What makes this amazing is the fact that you can create this look at home with a blow dryer and a round brush.
  • Start by preparing the hair with some styling cream before you go ahead to use the round brush and blow dryer, the styling cream will make sure all waves stay or hold up perfectly.
  • Doing this from your home will cost you nothing and will make the look more personal to your style.

The golden-white color blowout long hair style: This is another blowout style that every woman with long hair can try at home. Here, the picture makes it clear that the natural hair color of this woman is not as golden as it looks. Yes, this means you can also get a hair colorist to die your hair out for you and leave a small part of your original hair color.

Source: www.joanharrisart.com
  • This can be the best hair color look to make the world notice you wherever you go. This golden-whitish hair color is very loud and will make you noticeable wherever you go.
  • These can be the best long layer style you ever opt for and your hair stylist can help you achieve this look perfectly. However, make sure you are certain of what is going on with your hair to make sure the hair stylist does exactly what you want.
  • With this look, you can stay simple but elegant at the same time.

The all black uniform waves hair style: If you have long black hair like the woman in this picture, you can always add some style to it and make it glamorous for your daily looks. You can keep your long locks simple but bouncy with glamorous waves that are all over the place. Yes, this is one unique style that gives you a simple but very attractive look in every sense of the word. You can try styling it from home or go to your hair stylist to help you out with it.

Source: capahair.com
Source: capahair
  • Even if you do not have all black hair like this picture naturally, you can achieve this look by coloring your hair with quality black dye.
  • You can create your own imperfect curls by channeling your curling iron the way you want.
  • If you have a curling iron then, you will have no problem achieving this look from home.

Sexy flyways: You can always achieve a perfect look with sexy flyways. All you need are perfect waves combed to reduce the curly nature and a simple line in the center then, you are good to go. Do not be too simple every time leaving your long hair to look straight when you can add and create a gorgeous look no matter what. With long hair designed like what is in this picture, a woman creates a sexy look and gets to be the center of attraction everywhere she goes. You will achieve a soft and very lovely hair texture.

flyway hairstyle
Source: joanharrisart
  • Start by combing your hair from head to down
  • Heat your curler and curl it perfectly from the ends.
  • Comb the curls with a round brush to make sure it stays curly but split it a little to give the flyway look.

Do you know you can enhance the look of your long hair by straightening it up with a hair straightener and combing it? This is a very simple and elegant look that gives you the very best value in every way possible. You can style your long hair like this from the comfort of your home.

  • Start by adding or spraying some oil into your hair.
  • Comb it to make it smooth
  • After that you can then use the straightening iron. This iron can straighten your hair and give it a very smooth look for all your events. This can be done from home with few minutes to spare.

Clip hair to the side: You can achieve a whole new innocent and lovely look by using hair clips to clip your hair to the side. To achieve the look in the picture follow the steps below.

side clip hairstyle

  • Spray your hair with oil
  • Comb it after that to give it an even look and feel
  • Curl the ends of your hair with a curler
  • Use small hair clips to clip hair to the sides.
  • You can color your hair to any color you want and still use the same method of clipping the air to the side.

You will achieve a very elegant look with these tips above.

 Dead Straightened Hairstyle

You can have this look with the following steps.

  • Start by making sure you comb your hair with a straight comb.
  • Spray your hair with hair oil to give it a shiny look
  • Use your curler to curl hair from top to down
  • Comb it again all through to make waves imperfect.
  • You can decide to dye your hair to any color if you do not like the hair color you have now. You can still get it looking very curly and sexy all the same.


Other hair styles you can use to make your long hair look very elegant include;

  • Pony tails. Here all you need it to either make a partition at the front or leave the front to be covered. Then, comb hair to the back and hold it with a band. After that, you can have someone curl the ends of the hair for you. This will give you a very elegant but simple look.
Source: 3dplasticsurgery.org
Source: 3dplasticsurgery
  • Corn rolls. You can have corn rolls at the side or front of your hair with waves at the bag with clips holding the end of every corn roll.

All hairstyles above relate to long hairs and how they can be styled to give women the perfect and all glamorous look they wish to have .The hair of a woman is always important and for many women, their inability to make their hair work for them is always a problem. This is what makes it important for every woman to know how to use curlers and round brushes to give their hair the sexy and classy looks that they always wish to have.

corn roll

The above pictures are that of beauties who rock their long hairs and make it beautiful to have long hair. You do not have to cut down your hair only because you want to have short hair for a month. You can wear weave-on during that period when you want short hair and keep your long hair. There is no way growing your long hair back is easy. So, do not cut it all because you feel it is difficult to handle. There are so many different types of hair styles that women and even men with long hair styles can use to enhance their image. However, you need to make very good use of the internet to make this happen for real.

Look and feel good wherever you go and make other women feel envious of your long hair by taking very good care of it and learning how to style your hair right. There are some hairstyles that you will need a hair stylist to help you with. However, there are some others that you can do at home with no help whatsoever. Start getting simple hair equipment like round brushes, flat irons, curlers, straight combs, hair oil sprays, and others. They can be purchased from the internet at very reasonable prices so, start your shopping today.