easter-dessert-recipesAfter a week of contemplation during holy week, people will celebrate on resurrection of Jesus. This is what we call Easter Sunday. Children are important on celebrating this feast because they present joy and laughter with the family. The parents are making a big preparation by collecting eggs and coloring them with different designs. They also have to plan and buy ingredients for what they’ll have to eat for supper.

Meanwhile the children look forward to the Easter dessert recipes served on the table after hnting. Most of the Easter desserts are decorated with egg or rabbit. Egg and rabbit symbolizes fertility. Why is Easter egg hunting important? There was a German tale that started in 1682 about a rabbit that brings basket with eggs and candies to the homes of children. From then on, the tradition was passed on from generation to generation.

Cooking and baking Easter desserts recipes have never been so fulfilling for children. That’s why I thought that maybe I should compile some of the yummiest and best Easter dessert recipes that you can try this year. I also include those Easter treats that are appealing to the eye (I am a sucker for cuteness) thus those cute and creative Easter desserts here. Some Easter dessert recipes don’t even have to be baked. Here are they:

Cute Easter Desserts Recipes


Easter Bunny Cake
Create a little trick by creating a bunny out of a cake. The cake amazingly imitates the image of a bunny including its fur. Making it look like a real life bunny on a plate.


Peanut Butter Fudge Filled Chubby Bunnies
For peanut butter lovers this yummy yet easy Easter dessert recipe is perfect for you. This recipe molds the mixture of peanut butter and chips into a round shape. Then it is coated with milk chocolate and designed to look like an Easter bunny.


Easter Bunny Cupcakes
More and more cupcakes will be presented to you. This time it’s about cupcake bunnies with different colors and eye expressions. Give a nice smile when you give it a bite.

Easy Easter Dessert Recipes


Bunny Cream Puffs
Sweetened pudding couldn’t be more irresistible. Turning it into cream puffs and decorates it with whipped cream and marshmallows. Make sure to bake more than enough because they’ll surely eat more than you can think of.


Marshmallow Bunny Pops
Have fun with your children and ask them to help. They’ll surely enjoy cutting and decorating marshmallows on stick. Then you can stick it on a Styrofoam or let it stand in a bottle. Display it on the table so that their friends can easily find the bunnies you made.

Easter Dessert Recipes for Kids


Carrot Patch Cookies
Want to encourage planting? Carrot Patch Cookies are sure to let everyone know about your endeavors this Easter. The wafers are carefully placed on the plate to serve as a stand. It is filled with chocolate crumbs and frosting similar to a soil. And the candies are designed like a carrot. Enjoy eating it.


Easter Carrot Cake
Some children do not like eating vegetables. This is a sure way to encourage them vegetables taste really good. Let them enjoy this healthy carrot cake and change their ideas about vegetables.

Easter cupcakes

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes
Everyone’s looking for their Easter Bunny egg. But this time they’re not only looking for the eggs but also their nest. Because they will give a big bite to this sweet nestled egg.


Carrot Cupcakes
Green Frost cupcakes for Easter decorated like a basket. The basket cupcake contains jelly beans and chocolate bunny. Everyone have to get this Green Frost cupcake for this Easter.

Best Easter Desserts Recipes


Cherry and Lemon Trifles
This alluring cake is easy to make. A recipe created for on the go people. Cherry and lemon triples can finish the Easter with splendid taste.


Krispy Easter Eggs
Taste the crisps of these cute eggs. They are made from Rice Krispies and marshmallows. It is colored with sweet sprinkles to attract your eyes.


Chilled Lemon Souffles
This is a mini cake for a special occasion this Easter. Topped with strawberry and whipped cream. Enjoy the delightful experience once you have tried this.

Easter Dessert Recipes with Pictures


Jelly Bean Bark
This chocolate is not the ordinary bar that you’ll taste. It is cracked into different sizes and shape. Decorated with Jelly beans that looks like an Easter egg. Catch them before they hatch on their cute nest.


Yellow Easter Chick Macaroons
This yummy Easter desserts recipe can bring you luck while looking for your Easter egg. Just wrap it and keep it on your pocket or bag when you’re hunting for eggs. The delectable taste will help you find your Easter egg.


Easter Egg Cake Pops
Do you want a lollipop? Try this new cake pop available in different bright colors. It is shape like a big egg so you will surely fill your hunger for sweets.


Easter Lemon Meringue Nest
These adorable lemon meringues are soft and sweet. They have lemon custard surrounded by pink nest made of whip cream. The jelly bean decorated on top like an egg waiting to be hatch.

Dessert Recipes for Easter


Lemon Chick Peepers
The yellow colored Easter desserts for kids are great for this Easter. It is easy to bite because it has a soft texture of a cake. Get ready to indulge the Lemon Chick Peepers.


Flower Pot Pie and Honeybee Desserts
A combination of Flower Pot Pie and Honey bees is made to celebrate Easter. The chocolate cake has gummy lollipop sticks that kids can enjoy. The kids won’t avoid the honeybees because they will eat it instead.

Yummy Easter Desserts for Kids


Rice Krispies Hatching Chick Pops
More chicks will delight your Easter with this Easter Rice Krispies Hatching Chick Pops. It is crunchy and it is flavored with a sweet chocolate. You won’t resist the fun of eating this yummy Easter treats.


Orange Creamsicle Push Up
Look at that Orange Creamsicle Push Up! Sure you will love the contents because it has two cup cakes and an ice cream. It is whipped on top and refrigerated to give you a cool tasty Easter.


Crispy Rice Easter Egg Pops
A lovely Crispy Rice Easter Egg Pops will be easier to find. It is coated with white and pink candy. Play with different designs you can choose from.

Easter Desserts Recipes


Easter Egg Rice Krispies
Try this Egg Rice Krispies and munch it after eating dinner with your family. There’s white chocolate to add sweetness to this yummy krispies. A little bit of soft textures comes from the white marshmallows.


Carrot Patch Cake
This cake is amazing. Looking at it on top view you will think that the design is a plant. But when you slice the cake you’ll be surprise to see the carrot peeking. Have a great time eating this chocolate carrot cake.

Recipes for Easter Desserts


Lemon Blueberry Angel Food Cake in a Jar
Everybody loves a blueberry cake. Now they can have it in a jar with Lemon Blueberry Angel Food Cake. So delightfully cool to eat for this Easter.


Cadburry Cream Cookie Cups
Instead of hunting for eggs that are yet hatch. Why not try to look for sweet sunny side up in a basket of Cadburry Cream Cups? It is an unconventional way of hunting but it will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.


Easter Egg Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats
Colorful Rice cakes nicely packed and sealed with a ribbon to keep its crunchiness. It has vanilla extract that will blend with the sweetness of sprinkle. It is easy to make you can cook more than you can think of.

Fun Easter Desserts Ideas


Bunny’s Carrot Garden Easter Cupcakes
A chocolate cupcake filled with filled with orange filling. It is neatly baked in a nice cup. You’ll love it.


Easter Bunny and Carrot Cake
This bunny is trap with loads of carrots. It is a bit tricky to bake this cake but it will be worth the hard work.

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