On the 14th of February of every year, lovers all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day. This day has over the years brought many lovers together and has made lives of many men and women so special. Well, everywhere in the world Valentine’s Day is marked by gift exchanges and as the years have gone by, it has become very important for the right gifts to be presented to the right people.


If you have someone special or someone dear to your heart that you would want to show great love and appreciation to in anyway, buying the right gift and presenting it to the person always helps. For a man, there are some gifts that you can give to your girl friend this 2014 to spice up the relationship and grow the love you share with your partner or loved one.
Finding the right gift on Valentine’s Day for your girl friend can be very difficult especially if you do not want the gift to be a normal gift that you always give her. You can show your princess or queen that you love and care about her a lot and this will make you the center of her world. Below is a list of the top 20 gift ideas for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Taking these ideas and putting the right ones to use will light up your relationship and make your relationship so beautiful.

A box of chocolates in heart shapes: To begin with, this idea might sound quite normal and ordinary for many people. However, there are some men who present heart shaped chocolates to their girl friends every Valentine’s Day and have their women smile and feel so special. Yes, a man needs to study and know the woman he is dating and what she likes very much. Some women love chocolates but due to busy schedules are unable to get the taste of chocolates unless it is Valentine’s Day. With such women, all you will need is to make sure the packaging of the gift is breathtaking and new every year and that will be it.


Women love to eat chocolates so, presenting your girl friend with a box of heart shaped chocolate with a very nice red colored packaging or even pink packaging will make her happy. It is normally difficult for most men to buy chocolates for their women. This is why women appreciate chocolates as gifts from the men they love. For a sweet woman, chocolates are sweet enough to make the day a memorable one. Heart shaped chocolates work so if you haven’t tried it yet, it is time to consider  making it your charm gift for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Finding heart shaped chocolates is as easy as ABC especially with the internet available. Before Valentine’s Day, there are so many online gift stores that have nicely packaged heart shaped chocolates that they sell and can even customize for you at very reasonable prices. So, even if you are low on budget you can still surprise the love of your life with buying this gift because it will not cost you so much like other gifts might. Chocolates are not only sweet but romantic so you can count on this gift idea to do the trick.

A diamond ring: Do you know that women love to wear rings? Well, most women would prefer to wear a special ring given to them by their boy friend on this special day of love. To many women, a ring on such a special day means a lot. However, not just any ring can get your girl friend going crazy about you. Yes, you will need to present her with a glamorous and dazzling diamond ring. diamond ring

Diamonds are beautiful and women love to have diamond rings. This is what makes presenting a diamond ring to your girl friend very special and romantic. If you can afford a diamond ring then go ahead to buy it. However, with such romantic gifts, it is mostly important to consider the lady who will be given the ring. Some women do not mind if the diamond ring they are being given is not a real diamond ring and will receive them with so much love while others want the real deal. If you have money to buy an original diamond ring, you can do so and have your girl friend have a memorable item from you with her everywhere she goes. There is no way she will forget you when she has this ring always on her fingers. There are some reasonably priced and high quality diamond rings available online and you can shop around to find the best deal in terms of pricing for you.

A vacation: If you want to really surprise her, you can take her on a vacation to a country or place she will love. Since you know her very well, you will be able to tell her favorite sites and places she will love. So, you can take her on this special and romantic vacation. The two of you alone together on a tour in beautiful places will ignite the love you both feel for one another. It can be a short vacation or short day out in the town. You will definitely make her happy with such an act which can be a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift.



vacation with girl friend

A new video or digital camera: If your girl friend loves gadgets, you can always buy her a new video or digital camera and she will be very happy. You can even use that camera to capture all amazing and memorable events between the two of you and this way anything she takes a picture or video, she will have you in mind. These cameras do not cost so much. So, you can make use of the internet to find the best deals. Also, make sure you buy a quality brand so that it can last very long.
A teddy bear: The truth about girls is that, they love teddy bears. So, to be in the best books of your girl friend, you can buy her a big teddy bear with the “I love you” or “I heart you” symbol. This way, she will have you indirectly with her all the time even when you are not around. All you need to do is to find the cutest one you can find and she will love always have you with her no matter what.

cute-teddy-bearA brand new wrist watch or old watch: If you want your girl friend to always have you in her thoughts, you can do that by buying her a brand new watch as a Valentine’s Day gift.watch for valentine

To make the day special, you can present to her an old watch that has always been in your family or even a watch that belonged to your mum or any family member you loved to show her how serious you are about her. There are some girl’s who do not take family passed on gifts as romantic. This is why you need to study and know your girl friend very well. If she will not like the passed on watch then, buying her a beautiful new one will do both of you a lot of good and she will have it on her wrist everywhere she goes. This means, you will always be on her mind.

Perfume: If you want to give your girl friend a gift that will make her very happy and show her how classy you are you will definitely need to buy her perfumes. Yes, it can be one box of sweet-scented perfume or two or even three. However, make sure they are all cute and smell very good. This will be a way to have her thinking about you and appreciating you more every day.

perfume on valentines day

Her favorite music collection: If your girl friend loves music, you can always surprise her with the collection of the genres of songs she loves. This way, she will be happy and listen to those songs with love and more attention because they came as a gift from you on the day of love. You can also add some new movies you know she will love. music collection

Watch the movies together with her with some popcorn and fruit juice. After you watch the movies, listen to the songs with her and choose a particular song to be the love some of you both. This is a unique way to connect on a whole new level of love and intimacy with your girl friend.

A pet: If your girl friend loves pets, you can buy her a beautiful pet. All you need to do is to raise the topic of pets and see what she has to say. Then, you can ask her which kind of pets she likes very much. You will be able to find out more about her love for pets and know which pet to buy. This can be a romantic gift depending on the way you make the presentation.

valentine pet

Bouquet of flowers: You can decide to buy roses for your love especially on this day. Women can never really get enough of the beautiful smell roses bring. Whether you are able to buy a bouquet or just one single rose stem, you should present it to your girl friend with all the love you have to offer.

valentine bouquet

Love poem or letter: Do you love to write and are you very good in writing? If you are, you can write a very romantic letter, poem or even song for your girl expressing to her the way you feel. Girls are very emotional and this can touch her heart so much that you will be in her heart all her life.
Picture Gallery: You can present her with a picture gallery of all the lovely moments you guys have had together. Make sure the album these pictures are in look very nice, beautiful and attractive.
Love mugs: Love mugs are sold in many stores when Valentine’s Day is coming close or on the day. They are mugs that come designed with heart or love shapes on them. You can buy her a set and have her use them every morning for tea or coffee. This way, she will have you in mind every morning when she wakes up.

valentine mug

A personalized love key chain: You can also get her a key chain with two hearts that are personalized with the pictures of you and her. This is a great way to show her how much you love and cherish her. You can try this idea on the 13th of February, 2014 and you will be amazed at the response she gives.

valentine key chain

A personalized bracelet: You can also give her a bracelet designed personally by you with heart symbols everywhere and initials of your first names inside the bracelets.

valentine bracelet

Body care products: You can buy her scented soaps, and lotions to make her bubble baths more scented and exciting.

A card: Give a card with personalized words from you written inside and a picture of a memorable time had together.

Valentine day  Handmade gift cards

Music concert: If your woman told you about how she wanted to go to a specific music concert, you can always surprise her by taking her to the program unexpectedly and try to get the best seats.
Books: For a woman who loves to read, buying her a hamper filled with books will be a delight. However, you can buy one or two current books released by her favorite author or authoress.

Candy: If she loves candy, buying her a box of special colorful ones with love messages or quotes written on them only on this day will be the best present ever.

valentine candy
All the ideas above are very unique ideas that can be taken and put to the best use. However, do not make your plans for your girls this Valentine’s Day take over your whole thinking. Any of the gift ideas above will do depending on how you package the gift and the type of personality your girl friend has.