All over the world, there is one thing that brings everyone together and makes lives better and it is “friendship”. Day in and out, new friendships are made and new relationships are formed too. This is what makes life so much fun. As the days go by, there are so many people that we know who change their characters of behaviors. Some people follow in the footsteps of other people they know while sometimes, the behaviors some people put up are simply out of curiosity and sometimes ignorance. Some people love to make just few friends while others love to make lots of friends. All the same, friends are so much fun to be around especially if they are for real.

We share our secrets with our friends, talk with them, walk with them, eat with them and have lots of fun with them. However, although having friends can be so much fun, it comes with some very negatives most times that need to be watched. It is very true that the habits of friends can greatly influence you. This is why it is always advised that we make the right friends who will influence us the right way. As the days go by, there are so many friendship quotes that tell and make known the qualities of friends and the qualities true friends need to have.

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Every friendship quote has a meaning. This is why when you read or see such quotes; you need to delve into the deeper meaning to understand exactly what is being said or what the quote means. There is one friendship quote that goes like this “it is better to be alone than in bad company”. This quote for instance means that, it is better not to have friends if the friends you have are bad friends. This is very true because you might feel there is no way bad company can change you but the truth is that it can. If you decide to stay close friends with a friend who prostitutes or take hard drugs or even likes to steal, you will end up behaving like your friend in no time. However, if you make friends with people who have the will to move on in life and make their lives better, you will always stay perfect and be also very focused in life with the will to move on and be a better person. This is why it is always the best thing to make friends who are sound in mind and very clean at heart. You will be free from evil and always be at peace if your friends are very peaceful and live no bad lives. If you are unable to find a friend who is clean and free from all the dangers considered evil in the world today, you will be better off staying alone.


Before you decide to be very close to someone, there is the need for you to be cautious. If you cannot find a good friend, you can make your books your friends and they can be the best friends every for you. Yes, there is no way a book will lie to you or cause you pain. There is no way books will make you feel imperfect. Books will guide and lead you to making the right and important decisions in life without asking for nothing in return. Many people have had to live their lives in total failure because of the friends they made while others have had the very best. This is why it is very important for friends to be chosen carefully. When you make friends with selfish and proud people, you end up being used by them or being like them. This is why you need to stay away from such people. It is true that friends are important but your friends should not be the rulers of your life.


Many friendship quotes tell how valuable and important friendships are and can be. There is another friendship quote which goes like this “my best friend is the one who brings out the very best in me”. This means that a true friend is someone who knows all the qualities you have and tries his or her best to help you in bringing them out for your own good. They try as much as they can to make sure you become the best and give you encouragement through everything. All they will want is the best for you and they are always there no matter what. Such friends should be held closely and tightly with so much love and they should be appreciated. Having a good friend who truly loves and cares for you is like having the best mobile phone in the world that offers you with every single thing you need.

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Day in and out, there are so many friendship quotes that we come by and these quotes give us a new meaning a way to approach our friends as well as treat them. The truth about friendship quotes is that, although they speak a lot of wisdom to us, many people do not get the deeper meaning of what these quotes means. If we are all able to appreciate and get the deeper meanings of these quotes, our friendships and out lives in general will always be perfect. Having a true friend is simply priceless. This is why there is a Chinese proverb that goes this way “with true friends, even water drunk is sweet enough”. Yes, this is very true because it is very clear that having a good friend or good friendships help to make life better and worth living. No matter what one goes through in life, he or she can sail through if there are friends around to stand solidly behind them. Friends are the only ones we can tell some secrets that are very confidential. Sometimes, our friends tend to understand us better than even our family and some friends become siblings.

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Below are some more quotes and their explanations;

  1. I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down – Abraham Lincoln.

This friendship quote by the man Abraham Lincoln shows us that, even the greatest of men in the world have friends and have people they leaned on and still lean on. Here, he makes it clear how detrimental his friend was in his life and how he was the reason for his success. This is what a friend should stand for in your life. A friend should be ready to stay with you and be there and be able to give you the confidence to move on even in the most difficult of situations. This way, you will always want to be the best to please him or her.

  1. Success if not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts – Winston Church.

Here, it is very clear what this quote means. However, when a friend sends you this quote in form of text during your time of despair and always stands by you, that friend is a good friend you must keep for life. Friends who can be there and help you out through motivational words and encouragement are the best friends you can have. Do not be interested in friends who will give you money and look forward to taking it back or friends who think money is everything. Friends who are sincere and love you genuinely will always be the best for you.

  1. Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together – Woodrow Wilson

Although some people due to bad experiences with friends decide to stay away from friends completely, friendship is very important. This quote by Woodrow Wilson makes it clear that, friendships will always be important. Also, since the beginning of the world there have been friendships and there will forever be. Although there has also being hate and all the other negative influences; there has been love. Love between two friends has always stood out to be the best and friendship has gradually helped to make the world a better place. Without friendship, there is no way life can be better.

  1. Friendship needs no words – Dag Hammarskjold

The main truth and principle that comes with true friendship is total understanding and love between people. Although you can see someone for the very first time and love to be a friend, the true feeling and bond of friendship builds and grows over a period of time. There are very little things that make it very easy to know and appreciate the person you are building this friendship with. What makes friendship more exciting has to do with the fact that, you do not need so many words to convince anyone but just the mutual understanding between you. Where communication comes in, it is mostly through conversations, jokes, sentiments and so on.

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  1. Few delights can equal the mere presence of someone we utterly trust – George MacDonald

Today, it is very difficult to give complete trust to a person. Everywhere we look, there are so many opportunists and greedy people who pretend to be good friends of ours but end up stabbing us in the back. However, a true friend is someone you can trust and someone you can trust with even with your life. Your true friend will always be there for you. He or she will never let you down and will make sure you are safe no matter what. Even when the whole world has turned its back on you, your friend will always be there to comfort you and show you as much love as you want.

  1. Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there. – Anonymous

This quote makes very clear what it means to have friends. There are so many people who have had to move from their current homes and careers leaving their friends. However, true friendship does not see any barriers. Yes, true friendship does not deal with out of sight, out of mind philosophies. With true friendship, you do not have to always see your friend to love and show appreciation to them. You also do not have to always be there to show your friend true love. Friendship binds and brings two people together and creates a love that is special and unique.

Friendship quotes always inspire and make us feel better about our friends and keeping them very close to us. There is nothing as beautiful as having a friend you can appreciate, love and cherish all your life. There are so many stages in our lives where we need friends to be there for us. This is why shutting people out of your life will do you no good. As children, we make so many friends and through adulthood most of these friends disappear leaving some few or most times, we end up making new friends. However, there are some special friends that follow us from childhood till adulthood. Most times, they go away but they never go away from our hearts.



That is what true friendship is about – being able to love and appreciate someone even when he or she is not around. It is also about being able to know you can trust someone even when you know he or she is not around. Treating your friends with love and respect will be the best way to show them you can also be there for them. Do not be only interested in what you can get or gain from your friends. Always be interested in what you can do for them and how you can help to make their lives better. Read more friendship quotes and you will understand what it means to have a dear friend who loves and appreciates you in every way.