Filipino Wedding Traditions

March 29, 2014 easyday 0

Filipino wedding traditions dates back to the Spanish and American time, and adopted by Filipinos. Some of the customs and traditions adopted from the colonizers […]

25 Beautiful Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

February 1, 2014 Anne Walker 0

Browse our collection of wedding centerpiece ideas and arrangements and you can even do a DIY wedding table decorations, or you can print your desired ideas to take to your florist to get some inspiration. Here we also have towering centerpieces, perfect for a space with high ceiling that will add drama and elegance to tables. To give you ideas how to decorate your wedding reception tables, we also include some wedding centerpiece pictures and images from different sources.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Samples

January 31, 2014 Anne Walker 0

When writing a wedding thank you card wording, there are several factors to consider. First is the timing. You have to make sure that the wedding thank you card will be sent at least two months after the wedding. Next one is the wording for the wedding thank you card. It should not be generic. It should be meant for particular recipient (i.e. for parents, for friends, for those who gave money gift, for those who didn’t attend, etc).

mexican wedding traditions

August 18, 2013 Prasad 0

Discover the Over-whelming Traditions of a Beautiful Mexican Wedding Whether knocking on a desk instead of clapping or being greeted by strangers; being a foreigner […]

German Wedding Traditions

August 16, 2013 Prasad 0

Traditional weddings customs and celebrations are an essential part of weddings around the world. You will find diverse variety of cultures in the entire globe […]

Italian Wedding Traditions

August 16, 2013 Prasad 0

  Traditions are probably not a big part of the Italian culture- several occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Births, and Anniversaries and of course Weddings […]

Irish Wedding Traditions

August 11, 2013 Prasad 0

No matter what culture you belong to, you will always notice that cultures have a heavy influence on weddings. The dress, the food, the decorations […]