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mexican-wedding-traditionsWhether knocking on a desk instead of clapping or being greeted by strangers; being a foreigner in Mexico means meeting new and exciting customs every day. Mexican Weddings are entirely unique and creative events because they not only signify a country’s long held customs and traditions but also the diversity of their cultures and values. And if you’re having a Mexican wedding, then you will find a variety of both.

If you are willing to attend a Mexican wedding or maybe you’re about to marry a Mexican, or want to discover what people do at a typical Mexican wedding, then here is a useful out-guide to various popular traditions in Mexican wedding. It will surely provide you some relevant facts and information that you may want to explore.

Mexico- a Primary Destination for Weddings

Mexico has been for long the most popular destination for Romance and romantic trips- like Honeymoon. The country offers beautiful scenarios and perfect locations which would make ones wedding more memorable and pleasant. Favorable climatic conditions, romantic atmosphere, accessibility and striking locales are some of the few reasons why more and more people are heading towards Mexico for weddings.

What actually sets Mexico apart as the best wedding destination is that every Mexican wedding is only of the finest quality.

The people of Mexico are fun loving and they love throwing parties and of course weddings are one of the most essential and biggest celebrations to host an unforgettable event.

Mexican Wedding Traditions and Customs:

mexican-weddingThe occasion begins with the romantic couple, falling in love and willing to “marry”. And that’s just the beginning of all the celebrations…..


LA PEDIDAS- Father’s Approval

In typical Mexican families, fathers are considered the head of the families. The father has all the authorities in allowing the couple to date and to officially approve her daughter to be given in the marriage. On the other hand, the Fiancée along with his family members visit bride’s home and formally ask for her hand, showing respect and love to them. Once the permission is granted to marry the bride, then the two families arrange informal meetings to get to know each other more closely. Then they discuss and decide the most suitable dates for the Wedding ceremony to take place.

The Engagement:

A promise ring is provided to the bride for a year and so, before the couple gets officially engaged. The ring symbolizes that the couple is committed to each other and that they will treat one another with love and care as if they were a married couple.

Kaleidoscope- the Color Theme of a Mexican Wedding

There are specific Mexican traditions regarding color themes of the wedding day and the reception. Normally, the bride wears a beautiful white dress, adorned with white flowers decorating the site of marriage ceremony. However, deciding the reception color scheme is entirely a new story. The venue is decorated with flowers and vibrant primary colors, in order to enhance the festivities of the occasion.

Superstitions Regarding Mexican Weddings

Moreover, the bride will sew a blue, yellow and red ribbon into her lingerie which shows the presence of passion, food and money in her marriage. And brides are not supposed to wear any kind of pearls on the wedding day, as they symbolize the tears she will shed during her future life.

Wedding Invitations:

In Mexico, it is quite common that wedding cards are printed along with a detailed list of bride’s relatives, sponsors, padrinos, all of the wedding attendants and the people who have made small or big financial contributions. Information about dance and reception may or may not be printed.

Madrinas y Padrinos:

In Mexican weddings, the couples select those who would be supporting and guiding them throughout the engagement and marriage ceremony. Those mentors are usually people who have played an essential role in the lives of the bride and the groom.

Wedding Ceremony- Catholic

Mexican weddings have overflowing customs and rituals and they are always conducted in a Roman Catholic Church. They are used to be spiritual and involve a huge mass, symbolizing that the Newlywed couple considered married for eternity.

Prominent Traditions of a Wedding in Mexico:

Las Arras- 13 Gold Coins Ceremony

This popular custom dates back to ancient Rome and is originated in Spain. According to this tradition, the groom gives 13 coins to her bride that is blessed by the priest. Actually, the number 13 represents Jesus and the twelve apostles. These blessed coins are offered on a special gift tray or a well-decorated ornate box.

The Lasso/Lazo- A large Loop to Symbolize Unity:

A Lazo or lasso is actually a cord or white ribbon, which is usually made from a large rosary. The tradition is to drape the decorated cord around the necks or the shoulders of the couple, symbolizing the unity between the two souls. The Lazo custom is accompanied by wedding prayers that takes place after the couples have exchanged their vows and wear the Lasso throughout the event.


The Wedding Reception and Traditions:

We can say that Mexico is truly a ‘Party Town’, so any occasion here is a pretty good excuse to throw a lavish and never-ending party. Music, food, beverages and fun are the major elements of the celebrations.

Wedding Music- Mariachi

In most Mexican weddings, the Mariachi band will provide the best and most pleasant music after the ceremony and at the reception as well.

Lanzar el Ramo- Throwing the Bouquet

When the celebrations are on, a pause is made for a while and the MC calls all the young and un-married ladies on the dance floor. They assemble around the bride and start dancing. After some time the bride throws the bouquet while standing on her back. Mexicans believe that whoever catches the bouquet is the next to get married.


First Dance:

It is an old tradition that the bride and groom will have their first couple dance together at the reception night. It is customary for all the guests to join in the fun and form the shape of a heart around the couple dancing on the floor. That’s something very romantic!

Money Dance:

Another popular tradition at the reception is the money dance. According to the tradition, the relative take turns to dance with the couple and pin pieces of money on their wedding attire. The reason of this dance is to express their hopes that the couple will be wealthy in their entire journey of life.

The Food and Beverages:

Mexican wedding menus can get as fancy and lavish as the budget allows. Most traditional menus may include: beans, tortillas, chicken, pork dishes, spicy rice and so on. In some regions, a large tamale, known as “Zachuilius” is prepared overnight in a ground hole and then the food is distributed between 50 to 150 guests.

As far as beverages are concerned, Mexico’s famous fresh fruit waters are like no other drink. Most popular refreshments available at the reception venue include: tuna, Jamaica, tamarindo etc.

Other Wedding Traditions:

Wedding Ducks are very traditional, symbolizing a wish for a long and happy marriage life.

Cranes are another traditional symbol for long life and may be sketched on the women’s slash.

The most adorable Mexican tradition is that Hand lanterns are used to lighting the path right from the groom’s place to the bride’s home on the night before the actual wedding day.

All these Mexican wedding traditions are full of beautiful customs and comprehensive history and can make your wedding day more special and unforgettable. By integrating some of these traditional ideas into your wedding functions, you might be able to turn your event into an extremely cultural, festive and fun experience that your guests are sure to remember.

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