It is your wedding day which is one of the most special days in ones life. You are about to begin a new phase of life. There are so many people who are a part of this celebration of your. There are numerous people who have come to bless you with love, luck and joy. You should sincerely thank them for becoming a part of this celebration of yours.

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You can thank your guests, friends or relatives by simply gifting them a wedding thank you card. You can also give a thank you speech after the dinner is done or you can SMS or email the thank you card or a thank you note. What is important is that you thank them!! Gifting a wedding thank you card or note is the best way to express your gratitude towards your guests. You can also thank your guests for the gifts they have gifted to you. Here are some tips that you must follow in order to write a perfect wedding thank you card:

– Keep it short and simple

– If possible write the name of the guests. It is always good to give a personalized card. Receiver loves it.

– Use beautiful words that are full of gratitude

– Keep the tone of writing very polite

– Let them know that you loved seeing them becoming a part of your function.

Basic Format Of Wedding Thank You Card or Note:

Dear ABCD,

Thank You So Much For Coming. I love you.

With Love,


So, these were the tips and a basic format to write perfect wedding thank you cards. Now I shall be listing some of the best wedding thank you wordings that you can use in writing your wedding thank you card or note. You can also spin the words according to your choice.

Best Wedding Thank You Wordings Are As Follows:

General Wedding Thank You Wordings-

1- It was a privilege having you in the most special evening of my life. Thanks a lot for coming.

2- I would sincerely like to thank you for adding four moons to our special day with your presence. It was wonderful having you with us. Thank You So Much

3- You presence was like the cherry on the cake. Thanks for joining us.

4- Thank you for making this special evening, even more wonderful with your presence. We are grateful to you.

5- Your surprise visit truly made our day. It was wonderful to see you. Thanks for bringing bright smile on our faces with you presence.

6- We accept your thoughtful gift with gratitude. Thank you for taking out time and joining us in this special evening of ours.

7- This is new beginning of my and my better-half’s life. I am thankful to you for being with us and blessing us. You are a true source of joy. Thank You!

8- We are sincerely thankful to you for your kind presence last evening.

9- You gift was really generous. Thanks a lot for that. It will surely make our new house more beautiful and joyful because it has your blessings and love attached to it. Thanks a lot.

10- I and my wife would humbly like to thank you for becoming a part of our wedding ceremony. It was a pleasure having you with us.

11- Here comes a simple note from our side to thank you for your kind presence in our wedding ceremony and making it more memorable and joyful.

Wedding Thank You Wordings For Friends-

12- Having a friend like you is truly a privilege. Thank you for brightening up my wedding day with your nutty and witty blessings. We love it when you make us smile. Thanks for coming dear friend.

13- You never fail to make my day special. Thanks a lot for adding extra charm to this special day of mine with your presence. Love you friend.

14- We seriously loved you gift. It is not just a gift, but it is your love for me. Thanks a lot friend for being an important part of life and making my wedding day so special.

15- There are some friends who never change, no matter how far they go and no matter how much they grow. You are one of them. You care and love for me is still the same. Glad that you came and became a part of my wedding ceremony. Love you a lot bestie.

16- I just started a new phase of my life. I am glad that you were there by my side in that very moment, when I stepped into this new phase. You are a true source of happiness buddy. Thank You.

Wedding Thank You Wordings For Relatives-

17- Your blessings were really needed. Thanks a lot uncle for blessing with love and luck. I am touched to have you as an important part of my wedding ceremony.

18- You are more like a mentor cum friend to me than my aunt. I am thankful to you that you managed to attend my wedding ceremony in spite your illness. Feeling touched. Thank you Aunt.

19- This is more like a blessing than just a wedding gift. I am feeling very generous and grateful to you for having gifting this wonderful gift to me. Love you so much.

So, these were some of the most beautiful wedding thank you wordings. I have written them straight from my heart. I really hope you liked them all. Please share your views on this via comments section below. Also, if you have any wedding thank you wording, note or phrase in your mind… do share it too!!

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