Filipinos led a colorful life because of traditions and superstitious beliefs already ingrained in their mindsets. Their deep-rooted beliefs have forced a lot of couples who are planning to get married to follow even the craziest and outrageous superstitions to ensure a happy and fruitful married life but most importantly to avoid ill fortune.

A lot of Filipinos plan their wedding around traditions and superstitious. In fact, today’s generations believe in wedding superstitious and have used these beliefs as the standard customs for weddings. Getting married in the Philippines is fun because of Filipino wedding traditions, and frustrating at the same time because of outrageous superstitious beliefs that go back to pre-colonization days.

If you are wondering about outrageous wedding superstitious because you are getting married, you have come to the right page. I have here, wedding superstitious beliefs from planning to the wedding reception and after the wedding party.

Wedding Planning

Are you familiar with the movie “Sukob”? A Filipino movie tells the story of two sisters who were married on the same year. One got all the good luck while the other one receive all the bad luck. According to Filipino wedding myth, marrying on the same year as your sibling is a bad idea. Sukob forbids marrying on the same year since it could split the good fortune. If you believe in superstitions then better, think twice before deciding to get married on the same year your brother or sister is married.

Furthermore, postponing the wedding to a later date is also not advisable, according to filipino wedding superstitions postponing wedding date could also postpone good fortune that suppose to come. Not to mention the fact that it can also lead to deposit forfeiture on the reception venue.

The most popular wedding superstition is an old one. The myth prohibits the groom from seeing the bride hours before the wedding ceremony. It is believed that if the couple lay eyes on one another, bad luck will come their way for they have glimpsed their future. So, groom keeps away from the bride until it is time to see her. Oh! Before I forgot, wedding superstitions also forbid couples to be photographed together before the big day.

Wedding Dress and Accessories

Wearing of gowns the day before the wedding day is also forbidden according to the filipino traditions and superstitions trying the gown can bring bad luck like the wedding not pushing through. Additionally, if there are final touches to the gown, the bride must be one to do the final touches to her gown herself to ensure happiness. Allowing a seamstress or anyone to fix the gown will bring unhappiness. Aside from not trying the wedding gown, brides should not wear a necklace, earring, or whatever accessories that have pearl. This is because pearl represent tears, and wearing one will just bring unhappiness.

More on accessories have you ever heard of the old adage, something new, something old, something borrowed and blue? Well, this belief if followed can bring good luck to the couple as the old and new stuff represent the rites of passage. The old stuff is the past and the new is the continuity to the next generation. That’s why, most families give heirloom or piece of jewelry to bride or groom to continue the tradition of the family.

The new also represent the forming of a new family and hope for success for coming days… The something borrowed is simply borrowing of good luck for the future from near and dear ones. That’s why, in some countries, the bride often borrow something from her friend, happily married friend so she can also have a happy future. And the last one, something blue, it represents modesty, fidelity and love, all of which are essential to a happy marriage.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Breaking or dropping things on the wedding day is a sign of bad things to come, so the bride must be cautious to avoid breaking things for it is a sign that the marriage will also break in the future. Groom, on the other hand, must avoid dropping the ring because it also a sign that the marriage will not last, the superstitions also goes for the best man.

Further, on the reception, wedding toasts is encouraged as the toasts can drive away evil spirits, especially jealous ones that are present in fun and jolly celebrations like weddings. The clinking of glasses and noises from the party according to wedding superstitions scares spirits. Of course, aside from driving off spirits giving toasts to the newlyweds is also encouraged to show approval to the marriage. This one superstition is good and should be a habit for it is a sign of good manners.

Throwing of bouquet towards unmarried women is a Filipino tradition handed down from generation to generations. The custom of throwing a bouquet is adopted from the western culture and has been part of the Filipino wedding tradition for many years. According to Filipino beliefs, the unmarried female who catches the bouquet is the next one to marry and will inherit the bride’s good fortune. The same fate befalls the unmarried man who gets the garter.

By the way, unmarried person who stands as principal sponsors will remain to be unmarried until they die if they accept the responsibility. Well, it is sad for single male or female sponsor if this superstition turns out to be true.

Still on the wedding reception, did you know that there is also a wedding cake superstition? Probably not, I just found out recently myself. Anyway, according to the wedding superstition, the bride should be the first one to eat the cake, not the groom. When they cut the cake, the bride should take the first bite as the cake symbolizes fertility. If the bride fails to eat the first piece of cake, she will have trouble conceiving. I know it sounds crazy, but guys, there is nothing wrong in letting your bride have the first piece of cake, right?

After the wedding ceremony and reception, the groom must carry the bride over the doorstep of their home or honeymoon suite. Demons believed to be just waiting to bring ill fortune at the doorways of the newly married couples. Thus, if the bride trip while entering her new home then it is a sign that things are going to be bad. Whether this is true or not, does not matter since it is already customary to carry the bride to her new home.

There are more superstitious beliefs, I’m quite sure of it, as the beliefs vary according to the province. Here are some more wedding superstitious beliefs that also caught my interest:

  • Knives or sharp objects are bad wedding gift for it can break a marriage. If attending a wedding, skip the knife section unless you wanted to break your friend or relatives marriage.
  • Arinola is a good wedding gift, if you believe in wedding superstition. Chamberpot (arinola) brings good fortune to the newlywed and giver. It definitely brings good luck to the giver, especially if the giver is a cheapskate.
  • Grooms who sit first during the wedding ceremony will become a henpecked husband (under the saya). Guys don’t forget, women first!
  • Bride should step on the groom foot (accidentally) if they want their future husband to be agreeable. Ladies remember “accidentally” and not on purpose pleased.
  • Rains symbolize prosperity, so if on the wedding day it rains, the marriage is going to be a success. So, pray it rains on your wedding day… (too bad if the reception is outdoor)

These superstitious beliefs not compiled to scare or change wedding plans but merely gathered to provide couple’s reference in case they are looking for a convenient excuse to postpone the wedding. The superstitious beliefs also meant to help individuals who believe in superstitions and wanted to ensure a happy wedding and successful married life.

Adhering to traditions and superstitions may seem ridiculous but for some people, since most if not all of the superstitious sounds outrageous. Anyway, whether you believe these superstitious beliefs or not, I’m sure you have fun reading them. But hey, there is also nothing wrong in taking precaution, just my two cents.