The wedding day comes only once in a lifetime and it’s understandable that everyone has their own dreams of how they want their wedding to be. One of the most important part of the wedding is the Wedding cake. But one more thing is very important for the wedding and that is the Wedding Cake Topper. There are som many ways by which you can customize your cakes and make it stand out but a suitable wedding topper is really necessary. Today we present some really beautiful wedding cake topper:

Good Wedding Cake Toppers

topper  2

This beautiful and romantic Wedding cake topper will surely make your Guests smile. The bride and groom are seen as sitting on the cake and are at the moment to kiss. The beautiful floral decorated cake looks even better with the cake topper.

atopper 3

This beautiful wedding cake topper shows a Black wedding as both the bride and groom are shown as dark-skinned. The cake has been kept simple and the cake topper has been given full attention.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

topper 4

This cute and unique wedding cake topper is very romantic. The bride and groom both feature on the cake topping. The groom holds the bride in his arms in a dance movement creating a beautiful cake topper.


Today’s generation is very busy with their hectic work schedules, friends, family and everything around them. This unique cake topper shows the busy bride and groom conversing on their cell phones wearing their wedding attire.

Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

If you want a simpler wedding cake topper and are more interested in Monogram Cake toppers then find a few designs we loved below for reference:

atopper 5

This cute monogram cake topper looks beautiful. The letters have been made in an attractive font with golden frosting. You can use the first letter of the Bride’s name on the left and use the first letter of the groom’s name on the right and keep the first letter of the Groom’s last name as the middle initial.

atopper 6

This is a lovely way to present your new life and use your names as the cake topper. The last name of the Groom is represented by the middle alphabet and the first letter of the Bride’s name goes on the left while the Groom’s goes on the right.

Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

If you are planning to host a Wedding with a Vintage theme then the cake must be made to suit the theme. You can get inspiration from the below ones on how you can choose a suitable wedding cake topper for your Vintage themed Wedding .

atopper 7

This beautiful vintage fairy tale inspired cake topper is beautiful. The bride and the groom are seen dancing . the dress of both the bride and groom are made to look like the past era.

atopper 8

This romantic vintage wedding theme shows the bride holding the groom in her arms. The romantic look of the wedding and the beautiful crystal and pearl studded cake topper stand is equally beautiful.

Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers

No one said that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on cake toppers. You can get affordable cake toppers from many cake decorators and wedding suppliers. See the ones we liked to get an idea:

atopper 9

This beautiful and romantic cake topper is affordable yet looks very exclusive. The beautiful bride is seen sitting by the groom . the whole cake topper is very romantic . These are available on online shopping sites and from local weding accessory stores.

Beach Wedding Cake Toppers

If you’re ready to get married at the beach then choosing a suitable wedding cake topper is a necessity. Here we have a few beach wedding cake toppers which will be perfect for beach weddings:

atopper 11

How about you use this Beach wedding cake topper which shows the groom holding the bride in his arms on the beach. The words ‘Just Married’ is inscribed on the sand . A few sea shells are also visible on the cake topper.

atopper 12

This beautiful and romantic cake topper sows both the groom and bride holding their clothes high to avoid the sea water. The edible sand and the small sea shells give it the perfect Beach look.

atopper 13

This one looks very familiar to the previous one but is different as the background here is a large seashell. The seashell has been decorated with flowers and before it the bride and groom are kissing.

Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers

If you are a one who loves unusual and rustic things then chosing a rustic and unusual wedding cake topper will lead you to hunt for that perfect design. We have gathered a few for you:

atopper 16

If you are ready to take the big plunge and want to keep your guests stunned and smiling at the wedding cake topper then choose this fun and rustic cake topper. The deer shaped cake topper shows the new bride to be the Groom’s Trophy Wife:Which is quite fun and hilarious.

atopper 17

Using twigs to make the initial of your names is a wonderful way to be closer to nature and create a rustic feel for the wedding cake. The small twigs have been bound together and formed into the two first letter alphabets of the Bride and Groom’s name. In the middle there is a heart-shaped figure.

Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

no two weddings are same and special occasions like weddings call for personalised attention to wedding cakes and decorations. Here we present some personalised cake toppers for you to take into consideration while choosing yours:

atopper 23

If it’s n Indian wedding yet you would like to celebrate it with a wedding cake a cake topper like this will be a great choice. The wedding attire of both the bride and groom have been made to suit the look and feel of Indian wedding.

atopper 21

If you’re a dog lover nad can’t imagine your family without your furry friend then this design will be a great choice for you. The beach wedding cake topper has your dog featured on it and both the bride and groom are seen wearing beach wedding attire.

atopper 22

This cute cake topper shows the groom wearing a kilt and a sporran which is seen as the Highland dress (the traditional dress of Scotland). The bride has been seen holding the wedding bouquet.

atopper 24

This Muslim Wedding Cake is decorated and personalised to suit the special wedding it will be used in. The bride and groom have been decorated with attire similar to what they will be wearing. The name of the Bide and groom are mentioned on the Topper base.

Country Wedding Cake Toppers

If you are planning to get wedded in the Countryside then choosing a cake and a cake topper to go with the wedding setup is much-needed. Choose this wedding cake topper if you would like to get a similar cake topper:

atopper 25

This Countryside wedding inspired Cake topper shows the groom in a countryside groom attire with a cowboy hat. The bride and groom are presented in a dancing pose.

atopper 26

This Bride and groom are seen sitting on a haystack wearing their wedding attire and holding their hands. Both of them are wearing cowboy hats . This cake topper is perfect for a wedding at a Ranch.

Western Wedding Cake Toppers

atopper 28

A country wedding with a cowboy may be your dream from childhood and we found the best one for you . The bride and groom is seen dancing wearing cowboy hats.

atopper 27


The bride and groom here are seen dancing and the groom holds the Bride in his arms while the bride holds her wedding bouquet in her hand. This one will be perfect for your romantic wedding.

Bird Wedding Cake Toppers

atopper 15

Bird inspired Cake toppers look quite romantic and unique. This one here shows two birds on each side . One is the broom and another the bride building their dear nest. A true romantic feel is given to the cake with this cake topper.

atopper 20

Two cute owls sitting on top of your cake??? This cake topper here shows two little owls sitting n the cake and one holding a ‘heart-shaped’ balloon.

atopper 14

The cute cake topper seen here are two little nuthatches dressed up in hats and veils for their wedding. The base has been kept realistic with leaves and flowers.

Cute Wedding Cake Toppers

atoppe 20

These cute dog cake toppers will surely be the talk of the day at your wedding. The cute male dog has been decorated with a black hat and bow. The girl dog has been decorated with a wedding weil and flowers.

atopper 18

These cute fox inspired needle felted wedding cake toppers will surely be appreciated by your guests . The design is very attractive and yet simple. The male fox is wearing a hat whereas the female one is wearing flowers and a small necklace.

atopper 19

If you want to make your cake topper to look cute and funny then choose this bride and groom cake topper which has a cartoon lookalike bride and groom cake topper for your special day.

Wedding Cake Toppers Bride and Groom

atopper 32

This romantic bride and Groom cake topper is perfect if you are looking for something simple yet romantic. The bride and groom are seen holding their hands and look romantic .

atopper 10

This romantic bride and groom cake topper shows the bride and groom standing together . The bride is holding the rose in her hand and the groom is holding her from behind.

atopper 29

If you’re looking for romantic Bride and Groom cake toppers select this one . The bride and groom are seen kissing which instantly makes it very cute and romantic.

atopper 30

The bride and groom are seen in this wedding cake topper with a rose and flower base . There is a wedding dias created for this wedding cake topper.

atopper 31

This Indian wedding is vividly presented with this indian wedding cake topper . The bride and groom have been dressed in indian wedding attire to give it the special personalised look.

These were some of the designs we wanted to share with you. Choose a cake topper keeping in mind your Wedding theme and customise it if possible. Have fun and do leave anote if you fin the article useful.