Because the month of October is fast approaching, we all know that Halloween is just around the corner and that Halloween decorations are bound to be an in-demand commodity in the local store once again. Halloween originated from an old pagan belief that in the last day of October, demons and spirits would roam with the living. Back then, people would disguise themselves as demons and spirits in order to get the real ones confused. Since then, this practise has been institutionalized to what we call today as Halloween or Hollow’s Eve today.



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Halloween is no longer celebrated for its pagan relevance, but because of the entertainment prowess it connects especially to children. October is just around the corner, as well as Halloween. By this time, you should have already thought of a creative plan on Halloween decorations that will make The Grudge look like a distorted version of Dora the Explorer.

halloween decoration-ideas

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Stairway to Hell


Have your stairway some makeover and turn it into something spooky. Make it a stairway that everyone will be scared to climb up. Use some webs, spiders and skeletons hanging and all over your stair handles.

Image: Houzz



Image: SeasonofShadow

Halloween Cauldron


Image: BHG

Creepy Spiders and Webs


Image: PartyPlanningConnection

Creepy Body Parts


This will surely give you some creeps upon seeing them displayed on the side of the soap dish. Above picture is a soap molded into a creepy fingers. You can also look for other body parts.

Image: Dangerousminds


Want extra creepy? I’m sure this will freak you out as much as it did to me when I saw this!

Image: HauntedProps

Halloween Decorations For the Entrance

halloween decoration-ideas-2


The Mummy


Mummy is perhaps one of the most popular entities you will recognize and relate to Halloween. With its spooky and scary elements, this can make a good halloween decorating items, be it on outdoor or indoor.

Image: BHG

Zombie Kids


Scary eh? Here’s what you might get. A spooky group of zombie kids standing in front of your house or in your yard will surely scare off solicitors.

Image: Halloween Forum

Body Parts in a Jar


How spooky and terrifying it can be seeing some organs or body parts inside a jar? You can buy some toy body parts from your local store and put it in a clear transparent jar.

Image: Evetterios

Creepy Cockroach Lamp


Who wouldn’t freak out upon seeing these cockroach lurking around a semi-dim lamp. This can make a great addition to your halloween corner.

Image: BarcelonaMania

Homemade Halloween Decorations

Why buy Halloween decorations when you can make your own? There are many Halloween homemade decorations that you can try in scaring your neighbors and the kids that will do the trick and trick in Halloween. You can try these Halloween decoration ideas:

Creepy Chocolate Treats


Of course, in an occasion like Halloween, even the food will add up to the over-all presentation. It’s then just that we make our own sweets for the trick-and-treat-ers, who will be in their scary costumes, when they come knocking at our doors for treats.

Image: PartyPlanningConnection

Ghost Mask


If you have collections of old masks, you may finally find them useful this Halloween by adding them to the decorations. You will also need cheesecloth, yarn and voila, you can have your own ghost mask that you can hang outside or in your window.

Image: Comeoutwhenyourehappy

Hanging Ghost


Finally, there’s a use for the white strings and yarns. You may have found it hard where to put those old white yarns balls and strings in your house. Now that Halloween is arriving, you may want to use them to make your house’s friendly ghosts.

Image: CountryLiving

DIY Halloween Decorations

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to buy from local stores for Halloween decorations. Some DIY Halloween decors are easy to make so you don’t have to hassle yourself from shopping. Here are some simple Halloween decors that you can try.

Spooky Paper Cut-outs


You may have learned from your High School or Elementary years how to make cut-outs – those that are stuck together in multiples, making them look like garlands. This is a good idea to apply what you have learned back then.

Image: Flickr

Felt Bats

This idea is easy to do – but you can be assured of high hopes in spooking the guests. Simply, look for black art paper (black cloth can also work well) and make cut-outs of fluttering bats in different sizes. Put them on near your window or door to make it look as if you’ve just unleashed a couple of apprehensive bats.

Image: SaveUp

Jack O’-Lanterns


What would Halloween be without a little spooky lantern that can add to the effects of the house? Using orange tissue-paper balls, you can make spooky lanterns.

Halloween Decorations to Make

Here are more ideas for Halloween decorating that you can try. These easy Halloween decorating ideas are perfect for those who love making crafts for the occasions.

Elegant Halloween Hat-ettes


All you need to make this is hot glue gun, circles of cardboard, brown ribbon, orange yarn, and orange felt, quilt batting. The first step is to create a pumpkin shape and stack the cardboard circles and the quilt batting and glue them together.

Source: HGTV

Pumpkin Carvings



This is probably one of the most common Halloween decorations that you have no choice but to make. You can buy a ready-made pumpkin carving at a local store, but it’s always fun to do it yourself.

Images: MarthaStewart

Halloween Party Treat


This is also a little something that needs your manual powers. There are several ideas on how to customize your party treat. There are recipes for Halloween treats so don’t worry. But if you are on a time pressure, Halloween treat bags always work.

Image: MarthaStewart

Cheap Halloween Decorations

Doesn’t have the creativity and the skills to make your own Halloween decorations? No worries as you can always go for cheap yet spooky decors. All you need is to find some discounted or on sale Halloween items for decorations.

Glowing Ghost Balloon



Image: MarthaStewart

Backyard Cemetery


This is a classic idea for the occasion – turn your garden lawn into a cemetery by simply painting a couple of cardboards and shaping them like a tombstone.

Image: PurpleOnionDesigns

Haunted Trees


This is a simple and cheap Halloween decorations, but with great impacts. If you have trees in your lawn, you can add some touches to make them look creeping alive. Simply mould a couple of clays to make the facial expressions of the trees and put them in the trunks.




How can we leave these out? Coffins are some of the most classic decorations you can think of for the occasion. You don’t have to rent a real life coffin. You simply need some 4×4 boards, paint, hammer and nails to make one. Moreover, you can further customize the design.

Image: DaveloweDesigns

Indoor Halloween Decorations



Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Scare your neighbors and the trick-and-treaters with some spooky outdoor decorations for the Halloween. Don your house with some scary items that will make it look like a ground for ghost and scary creatures. Here are some ideas to try.

Ghost-Lit Walkway

Not only is this cheap, this also follows the reduce-reuse-recycle campaign. If you have used milk jars at home, you may find it useful to paint some faces on them, put candles inside and line them across the lawn.

Image: CraftsbyAmanda

Skull Fountain Cauldron


You may want something that will really set the standards this Halloween. Try this skull fountain that can really scare the spooks out of those cute adorable lovebirds, unless they want to turn their bird bath into a blood bath (of course, figuratively speaking for the occasion).

Image: EerieElegance

Black Light Bubble Fogger


More effects and more drama please! To complete the spooky serenade of your house, add a bubble fogger that will make the celebration really worth dying for.

Halloween Decorations Ideas

Halloween Wonderland




Come again? How does this materialize into reality? Actually, it doesn’t take much. Picture a terrace or a lawn filled with pumpkin carvings, withered leaves, candlelight, jack o’-lanterns, autumn foliage – Halloween wonderland.


Image: BuddhaInteriors

Creepy Halloween Candles


Image: Etsy


Gory Halloween Candies


No matter how we try to gross our guests out on these Halloween candies, it won’t ever work because a yummy will always be a yummy. But hey, these candies celebrate the colors we want for our Halloween party.

Image: HouseofDewberry

Floating Witches Hats


Now that you also have floating friendly ghosts, why not top it off with more floating objects – in this case, witches hats.

Image: Flickr

Scary Halloween Decorations

Scare off the kids and have a fabulous scary Halloween decors. It’s the essence of Halloween anyway, to scare. Show off your skills in doing some scary pranks using these décor items, be it to your neighbors or passerby.

Standing Ghost Girl


It’s time for some serious scaring. Of course, we can’t always be too chummy. What would Halloween be without anyone seriously getting scared? With this décor in front of your house or in a strategic place of surprise, say good bye to butterflies and rainbow fantasies on a sunny day.

Image: Pumpkinrot

John Doe

You may want to place this in the kitchen or in somewhere hidden in your house (but where folks are sure to pass at). Let’s see who sees this décor first and lets out a scream. Halloween can always accommodate as many screams as possible.

Spooky Tree


This should come with a warning. Remember to remove this after the Halloween party otherwise this can scare the heck out of passersby or drivers and demand your person for public disturbance.

Image: HalloweenForum

Vintage Halloween Decorations

Keep it classic yet spooky with vintage Halloween decorating ideas. You will never go wrong trying to scare off your guests to your Halloween party with vintage decorations.

Christmas Original Devil with Pigs

Wait, Christmas devil? Yes, you don’t have to re-read for typo-errors. There is an old urban legend about an antagonist during the Christmas season that is just as a bad-ass as Chuckie is. A Christmas demon during Halloween – we just love the irony.

Pumpkin Treater


This is a small stature of a treater with a pumpkin hat. The idea is frightening if this is a real-life treater, who will suddenly take off the pumpkin head to reveal absolutely no head to complete the erected body with.

Halloween Cat Easel Boards Set


Although these black cats aren’t really at all scary, there is still something freaky about vintage figurines. This would be what you may need to complete the scary display of things.

Image: Lisa Hallet Taylor

Halloween Yard Decorations

Want to make your yard looks like a place for ghost, monsters and scary creatures? Then you may want to try these Halloween decorations for your backyard. Since the yard has a large area, you may need to use huge decors that will cover your yard.

Spider Webs

Your home decoration will not be complete without a few spider webs to top it off. Spider webs never fail to create an air of foreboding. Of course, for the Halloween occasion, we can extend that notion.

Victim Farmer Prop


In every Halloween occasion, we will always need a main attraction, which has to be the main scare. This is one of them.

Image: Extremepumpkins

RIP Cross Tombstone


If you already have your DIY tombstone to decorate your garden of a cemetery, then this can also add to the guise.

Halloween Window Decorations


Not just your yard, you may want to complete the house make- over and get ready for the Halloween by decorating your windows as well. You can send some shiver down to the passerby’s spine by scaring them off from your window.


Vinyl Vampire Window

Because we can never get enough of those little creeps, why not put some of them to hang around – literally. These designs are not too scary as well. In fact, they are chummy enough to be likened for a Halloween party for kids.

Bloody Hands Gel Clings


It’s your choice if you want to do it yourself, but there is plenty of stuff like this on the local store that may just be what you’ll need to complete your Halloween scare season.

Blood Splatter Gel Clings


Let’s go from scary to gory – and gory won’t be gory without a taste of the main attraction in slasher movies: blood. And because we want blood for the Halloween occasion, we can also have blood splatter designs as window decors.

Images: Muselodge

Halloween Door Decorations

Mummy on the Wall


Image: Flickr

Spider Wreaths


Who says Christmas is the only occasion to have wreaths hanging on the front door? Even Halloween occasions adapt this decoration. With the same idea as having a wreath in Christmas, this is a good mood-setter that will define the occasion.

Images: EclecticallyVintage

Dried Corn Husks


This idea will allow your house look old enough to be haunted. Husks never fail to make anything look ancient and haunted.

Image: Pinterest

Ghostly Bottle-Gourd Scarecrows


There are reasons why you should have this at your door. First, scarecrows are the symbol of haunting and mystery. Second, bottle-gourd is what you can usually find in a lair of god-knows-what. Combined, this can be a decoration idea that will look too authentic, it could be terrifying.

Image: Countryliving

Creepy Wreath


Image: MarthaStewart

Twigs and Creepy Owls


Image: MarthaStewart

Faces with Blood


Image” MyBlacksDontMatch