The on-set of the so-called “bear” months herald the merry arrival of the seasons (and vacations) to come. We always like to end the year with a bang and what more better way to do this than through the celebration of two major occasions that celebrate life and death – Christmas and Halloween. October is just around the corner. Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween costume and Halloween makeup are two crucial pointers you should start thinking about by now. Do you already have Halloween makeup ideas?


If you don’t, we recommend that you panic because you have the lamest excuse of not preparing enough for the Halloween season. The least we would want is a boring Halloween when this is supposed to make us forget the world’s crisis for a day. If you don’t have ideas yet on Halloween makeup to partner your Halloween costumes, then here’s an idiot’s guide on Halloween makeup ideas for you.


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halloween zombie makeup

Zombies Halloween makeup will always be popular, so this Halloween scary  makeup will be one of the best Halloween Makeup for your Halloween


Halloween Makeup Ideas


This is one of the most amazing and probably scariest halloween makeup I’ve ever seen today so I thought that it should be first in my list. This definitely gave me a goosebumps and the first thing I want to do is to forget about it. LOL, this will surely haunt my on my dream. I am so scared at those teeth and blood yikes!



Sometimes, I am wondering. How do these girls manage to still look pretty and lovely with those creepy makeup. This one is so amazing that she managed to make the scary halloween makeup suit for her and appear so sexy. I love this one!

Image: 25Media

Cool halloween makeup Ideas


At first I thought this one was photoshopped, edited or something but hey, this is an actual halloween zipper makeup. And yes guys, she used real zipper. She attached it on her face using some adhesive and turn herself into this scary and spooky zipper lady. Awesome!


This one is pretty cool! I’ve seen a lot of this kind of makeup for halloween but this one is far the best and the most neat. I love how the red colors standout from the dark background, and well of course on the the black costume and makeup. Totally rock!

Image: PureBlackLove


Skeleton is probably the most popular halloween makeup many people use in order to freak their neighbors and friends on the All hollow’s eve. Well, it’s pretty easy that’s why. If you just know how to play with the makeup and know where to stroke it, then you can be a skeleton girl in no time.


How about this one?I thought it was real skeleton but when I looked closely, that was just makeup. The makeup artists are so great that she or he was able to look like a real skeleton with just a combination of dark, white and skintone makeup. This is awesome, you agree?

Image: Ravenanda

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Zombie Makeup


Next to the first halloween makeup I featured here, this one is also one of the scariest and creepiest. I am so amazed at how this girl manage to make it look like a real wounds and bloods. This will also surely haunt me in my dreams.


This is probably a common Halloween make-up and over-all idea. After all, the scariness for the season won’t be complete without a few zombies to topple it with. The trick to make it look scary rests on the design and concept.


Vampire Makeup


If you want this make-up idea, you better make sure that you won’t end up looking like a Twilight fan, especially if it’s supposed to make you look scary. Try to add a few dark tones to this idea.

halloween face makeup

You can find a scary Halloween makeup below that has been done by body and face painting. Try something that will make you scary without risking any beauty points. Here is something that you may want to try for the occasion that will emphasize you face’s best features and at the same time make you look scary.

Beautifully Scary Halloween Face Painting

Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women

Vampy Vampire Queen


The difference with this look compared to the typical vampire look is to emphasize on the tones on the eyes and the lips – they will be your ticket to a seductive vampire image.

Zombie Prom Queen

If you hated prom, then this might suit you well. Make yourself a zombie rip-off from the prom that ruined your high school life.

Image: Zedworldblog

Cat Makeup

Whether you are a cat hater or a cat lover, you may like this idea. Your love or hate for you feline friend may be what you need to have the purrrfect Halloween costume.

Corpse Bride


Image: GirlsHue

Gothic Halloween Makeup



zombie halloween makeup


Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids


Image: Bodypainting

pretty halloween makeup Ideas


Image: Via


Image: Costume-Works

Halloween Makeup Ideas for Men



Evil Clown Makeup


You may have seen clown make-ups before, but you can make this image become a bit rouge-looking and mad-looking by adding a few dark tone effects. Think mad clown resurrected from the dead idea.

Count Dracula Makeup


Instant Old


Image: Flickr

Some men are afraid of getting old. This is the time to counter that fear. All you have to do with this idea is to imagine yourself in the person that you most fear of becoming a few decades from now.

Alien Makeup

This is the time to become out of this world, literally. This is a unique idea that can make you stand out for the occasion. For better effects, put an empty fish bowl on your head if it will fit.

Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween Makeup Tutorial 1: Killer Clown


Watch this Tutorial

Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2: Unzipped Mouth


Watch this Tutorial

doll halloween makeup

Looking to do doll halloween makeup, Ok I have found a tutorial for you you can find it below

Halloween Makeup Tutorial 3: Halloween Doll


Watch this Tutorial

Halloween Makeup Tutorial 4: Zombie


Watch This Tutorial

Halloween Makeup Tutorial 5: Seductive Vampire


Watch this Tutorial

Halloween Makeup Tutorial 6: Corpse Bride


Watch this Tutorial

Halloween Makeup Tutorial 7: Skeleton (Lady Gaga)


Watch this Tutorial

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

  • Anime Make Over: You can choose from tons of anime characters that you want to mimic for the Halloween occasion. The best thing with this type is that it makes it easy for you to be in character for the event.
  • Mime-Faced Make-Up: Not only is this easy to do, it is also a predictable idea that will come with easy costume requirements.
  • Vigilante Make-Up Creations: If you want something creative without the hassles of looking overly-done, this is something cool to start with. You can also pick a costume from your own closet, like the ones you refuse to wear on a normal day, and re-create them especially for the occasion.
  • Dirty Make Over: Feeling a little out of ideas? The nice thing about this Halloween make-up idea is that you can do almost anything. After all, the idea is to be as messy as you can be.
  • Magnificent Manga Make-Up: This is a little different from the anime make-up idea. In this aspect, you can be little more colourful and heavy on the costume.

Halloween Witch Makeup Ideas

This make-up idea involves two concepts: the good witch and the bad witch – take your pick. The good witch effect of course will make use of light and slightly blush bronze shades that will give a sort of demented but innocent look. The bad witch effect will make use of darker and bolder make-up colours such as dark berry and plum that will exhibit a bad-ass look.

Image: Flickr

Halloween Cat Makeup

If you are a great fan of cats, you might want to wear your fondness for the Halloween season. Don’t worry about looking a little naive and funny for this look. There are plenty of ways to re-design you as a feline female without dropping the poise. Usually, cat make-up concentrates on the eye area.


halloween cat makeup ideas


Halloween Eye Makeup


Image: Kikimakeup


Image: Beautylish


Image” BeautyTherapy


Image: Makeupbysiryn

And since we’re on the topic of eye make-up, here are a few more tips on this matter. You can still participate on the trick or treat night even with just eye make-up. Some popular picks for Halloween eye make-up are: fairy-eyes, cat eye make-up, anime-inspired eye make-up.

Halloween Doll Makeup Ideas


If you want this look, make sure to have plenty of pinks ready – especially blushing and brightly coloured, as well as pastel colours. This look will give you an innocent and sweet look for the Halloween.

More Halloween Zombie Makeup


True, this is one of the most common Halloween makeup ideas. But why doesn’t it ever fade from the fad? One thing’s for sure – this makeup idea continually experiences evolution and improvement. Over the years, the designs have gone from graphic to gruesome. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Image: LynseyMcKenzie

Halloween Vampire Makeup Ideas


We can expect this kind of Halloween makeup idea to take the season by storm, especially with the event of the Twilight fever. You can expect mimicked versions of Edward Cullen and Bella Swann (even though she’s not a vampire) to lurk this year.

Image: brasseriealize

Simple Halloween Makeup

Some examples of this are Tinkerbell, Disney Princess and Game of Thrones look. This type recognizes those easy-to-do designs that can still bring out some character to the wearer. The Tinkerbell or fairy look is easily recognizable as long as you can make use of plenty of make-up glitters and light colors, same as with the Disney Princess look. And the Game of Thrones? Well, the description said simple make-up, not simple costume.

Halloween Make up with matching pumpkin carving

Another way to have an attractive makeup is create a makeup looks like pumpkin and have matching pumpkin