Are you ready to freak your neighbors out on Halloween or scare your friends in this year’s Halloween party? Not yet? Haven’t come up with the best Halloween costume ideas yet? Well, you’re at the right place my friend. I was excited to try the latest and probably the most unique Halloween costume this year that’s why I’ve been browsing for ideas all over the internet. And when I say browsing, Pinterest is one of my favorite spot. I’ve seen different types of Halloween costumes – everything from scary to funny, to homemade / do-it-yourself, to very easy (effortlessly-made) costumes. I’ve collected some of the most Pinteresting (ones with highest number of repins and those that scared the hell out of me!) and compiled it here for your reference. I’ll try one of these for sure. So, are you ready? Let’s get it on!

1. Creepy Halloween Costume Ideas: The Grady Twins


This is one of your best picks if you’re gonna buddy up in this year’s Halloween costume party. This is perfect if you have a partner – be it your bestfriend, sister, or significant other. It’s fairly easy to DIY. Just grab a dress similar to these twins, splash some fake blood, do your hair in that creepy style and voila! You’ve got a look that will stand out in a halloween party. That’s probably the reason why this idea got 14,762 pin and counting!


2. Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas


OMG, this is totally spooky! I would never want to encounter this on Halloween especially on the dark. This will definitely give me a heart attack!


3. Lady Zombie Doll


The perfect way, or probably the easiest way to stand out in a Halloween party is to dress up in a gory, creepy zombie costume. The right makeup and a splash of blood here and there would do the trick and you’re ready to scare people!


4. Creepy Halloween Costumes for Kids


Even your baby can freak the hell out of your neighbors with this clever, gory and flesh-eating zombie Halloween costume. A bloody, severed hand, held by a baby filled with blood too, will totally scare the hell out of me!


5. Half Man I Used to Be


One of the coolest Halloween costume I’ve seen. The illusion of being cut in half was successfully pulled of in this idea! More than 1,500 Pinterest folks agree with it, thus the high number of repins!


6. Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples


Are you dressing up this halloween with a partner? Well, 939 Pinterest folks recommend this hilarious and clever Halloween costume. Dressing up like Beetlejuice and Lydia will definitely make you and your partner standout in this year’s Halloween party.


7. Scary Halloween Costumes and Makeup


This one totally creeps me out! The costume isn’t that complicated. In fact, it’s too easy to have, just don a black sleeveless shirt. It’s the make up that did all the work! And the eyes? Whoa! It’s amazing to achieve that look and more than 550 pinners agree with me.


8. Cool Halloween Costume: Mona Lisa


This is both genius and hilarious. A Mona Lisa, complete with its frame, will totally own any Halloween party! No wonder this image has been repinned more than 800 times.


9. Spooky Doll Costume


Who says all dolls are cute and cuddly? Not really. There are some dolls that will make you scream with fright! Here’s a perfect example!


10. DIY Halloween Costume


Who says you have to spend hundreds of bucks buying a complete set of Halloween costumes? Why would you if you could just make your own from the comfort of your home? This mummy look is easy to achieve. Martha Stewart can guide you how. With around 2613 repins, I’m sure you’ll never go wrong with this one.


11. Sexy Halloween Costume


You can be spooky, yet sexy this Halloween with this costume idea. Don’t worry, more than 1,800 Pinterest folks like this idea too, so you’re good to give this one a shot.


12. Regan from The Exorcist


Have you seen the movie “The Exorcist”? If you’re like me who can’t even watch the whole movie, especially when Regan was possessed with an evil entity, with both eyes open, a costume that best depicts her look will totally freak you out, and probably your friends too.


13. Scary, Spooky Masquerade


Oh my… this is both awesome and spooky! This will definitely give anyone a creep in a Halloween party. Just looking at the photo makes my skin crawl… arrrr!


14. Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume Ideas


Here’s another easy to make Halloween costume. A scary nurse, with a splash of blood in white nurse uniform. The right makeup will make the outfit even scarier!


15. Gothic Halloween Costume


A perfect Halloween costume for those who want to appear dark and goth this Halloween.


16. Spooky Halloween Party Costume


At some point, Halloween is about scaring the hell out of your friends and freak out the kids in the neighborhood so you may want to try this creepy and spooky costume. More than 600 Pinners recommend this idea too.


17. Zombie Victim Costume


This is both hilarious and frightening! Imagine seeing someone being devoured by a zombie. Clever and hilarious!


18. Lady Joker Halloween Costume


Be the Joker and scare those who attend the Halloween party with this halloween costume. It’s easy to pull off. I like this idea and 2896 others like it too.


19. Demon Lady


The makeup, the hair color, facial contour and the contact lens were perfectly combined and turned this lady into a devil.


20. Little Maleficent


Here’s another adorable, awesome, cute and clever Halloween costume for kid. With its facial expression, this little girls owned it! The little Maleficent indeed!


21. Scary Asylum Nurse


Not all nurse are caring and tenderly loving… Some can be spooky and are ready to scare you on Halloween!


22. Spooky Costume


Gosh, this is sooo gory! I won’t be surprised if I’ll have a nightmare after I finish posting this article after seeing this spooky halloween costume.


23. Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Want some movie-inspired Halloween costume? Get some inspiration from the Day of the Dead. These gorgeous sugar skull costumes will totally nail any Halloween party!


24. Scary Scarecrow



25. Severed Head Lady


This is clever and awesome, plus spooky! I will totally freak out when I see this in the dark, so I beg you my friends, don’t you ever appear in front of me wearing this costume or you might end up sending me in an emergency room!


26. Scary Halloween Costume Idea


This one too. I might love the idea of wearing one, but seeing one in the dark will scare the hell out of me.


27. Halloween Costume Idea for Women


Have a sexy yet scary look with this halloween costume. Be a female version of Billy the Puppet. It can be a good choice since more than 1,000 Pinterest friends love this idea too.


28. The Glamorous Housewife


Want more Vintage feel on your Halloween costume? Then try to be a glamorous housewife.


29. Just for Giggles: Error 404 Costume Not Found


If you want to stand out, unique yet you don’t want to exert even an inch of effort, this is a total clever idea for you. Just a shirt with “404 Error Costume not found” written on it. It is so clever and genius that 4298 Pinterest folks like it!


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