rangoli-patternsHey it is Diwali. Diwali is my favorite festival and I am exited to wait for that festival. I love the legend of Diwali. it says it is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Rama over evil King Ravana. People of Ayodya welcomed Lord Rama when he returned to Ayodya after defeating Ravana. They lighted Lamps all over the street to spread the joy and happiness, and exchanged sweets and victory messages.  I love Diwali because it is celebrated as the victory of light over darkness.  Now Rangoli is an integral part of Hindu culture and Hindus believe Rangoli is a welcome symbol for Gods. So without Rangoli How can we celebrate a festival which started as welcome festival for lord Rama after his victory over evil king Ravana

Rangoli Patterns.

There are lot of Rangoli Designs are available there. Now days Rangoli patterns are comming with Peacock rangoli theme, Rangoli with themes of Diwali, Ganesha Rangoli Etc. Please have Look Below. Rangoli designs for Diwali Consist Diwali theme and lamps. Where as Rangoli Designs for Pongal (Kolam for Pongal) is mainly have either white rice powder or some Tamil subject

Ganesha Rangoli Patterns

Ganesha is the lord for happiness and prosperity. As per Hindu ideology lord Ganesha is quick to please and get blessings. Same way he is quick to get angry and may make obstacles in your way. He is represented as elephant god and his character often resembles to elephant, that is quick to please and quick to get angry.. Hindus believe his presents will bring prosperity and happiness and as normal Lord Ganesha is one of the major theme in rangoli designs and patters. You can see one beautiful rangoli pattern made with Ganesha theme


Peacock Rangoli Patterns

Peacock is one of the most beautiful thing in the world. Not only that peacock like to display their beauty by spreading their wings. You can see one great Peacock Rangoli below


Beautiful Rangoli Patterns

You can see a beautiful rangoli designs below featuring different designs and colors. Some have vibrant and rainbow colors.


Photo Credit :preethirajaganesh

Easy Rangoli Patterns

If you’re a beginner and are enticed to draw your own Rangoli designs, easy rangoli patterns are the best ones to start with. Don’t haste in decorating your own Rangoli design and in no time, you will be able to create your own beautiful rangoli.


Photo Credit: Pritirajaganesh

Tamil Rangoli Kolam, Rangoli Patterns for Pongal

One of the most popular festivals for Tamils is the Pongal festival. This day marks the beginning of the harvest season. During this holiday, people in Tamil Nadu create rangoli designs for kolam, giving thanks to their farm animals particularly to their cattle and put garland on them.


Rangoli Patterns With Theme

In creating Rangoli designs, different themes can be used. One of the most popular rangoli pattern theme is floral. Almost all rangoli designs have flower designs on them. Depending on the festival they are meant for, themes for rangoli patterns may vary.


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Rangoli Patterns for Kids

If your kids want to create and design their own Rangoli, easy and simple Rangoli patterns are the best ones to choose and start with. Your kids can also start with patterns with simple and ready-to-color rangoli kolams.


Rangoli Patterns for Diwali

Diwali is probably the most popular festival in Hindu community. This festival is widely celebrated across India and other parts of the world. Making rangoli is one of the oldest tradition of Diwali. People are making Rangoli in the corner of their house or entry way. It is a gesture of welcoming the spirit of their deity who believed to be visiting their home every festival.


Since Diwali is known as the festival of light, most of the Rangoli patterns are designed with Diyas or small clay lamp. The tiny light from diyas gives essential beauty to every Rangoli design.


Rangoli Patterns Templates

Rangoli pattern templates are used in designing a rangoli. Designers, especially beginners are creating templates days before the day they design their rangoli. Sometimes, they use computer to generate designs and kolam.

Image: Artofworld
Image: Artofworld

Galicha Rangoli Patterns

Most of the galicha rangoli feature square patterns. It also boasts vibrant colors and hues. This is such a beautiful artwork that feature pretty colors and designs.

Image: Rangoliwala
Image: Rangoliwala

Rangoli Patterns Images

This is truly a beautiful Rangoli pattern in huge spaces. Featuring different colors and hues, this rangoli is one-of-a-kind. The kolams may be simple and ordinary but when they were put altogether, it created a magnificent view in a park’s flooring.


Rangoli Patterns with Flowers


Flowers are also used in making Rangoli. In the region like Kerala, people are making pookalam, a rangoli artwork made out of flower petals, as part of the celebration of Onam festival. Different kinds of flowers are used in making Onam pookalam.

Free hand Rangoli Patterns



Freehand rangoli makers are truly amazing! Isn’t it amazing how they were able to draw as intricate pattern as above design? It only featured few colors against rough background yet it came out beautifully made and drawn.

Colourful Rangoli Patterns



I love colorful things. That’s the reason why I pick this photo to depict colorful rangoli patterns. It featured almost all colors of the rainbow, in different shades. The swirling white outline makes this pattern magnificent.

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Patterns



This is a piece of artwork drawn using five fingers and usually feature intricate patterns and lines. This is a popular Rangoli designs especially in Maharashtra.

Simple Rangoli Patterns


These simple rangoli patterns are using minimal number of colors and smaller size of kolam. These patterns are perfect for those who are new in creating this traditional artwork from India. Different elements and picture are used in which Lord Ganesha is one of the most commonly images used.



Usually, simple rangoli patterns and designs only use easy-to-draw and color designs that even kids can create. Also, designers of simple rangoli patterns avoid using intricate lines and designs. Basic color combinations also make it simply adorable.

Flower Rangoli Patterns



Like I mentioned earlier, flowers are also used in creating rangoli. Different colors of petals are used in making images and designs in a Rangoli. It’s simply amazing how simple petals with different colors can be turned to intricate pictures and images in a rangoli.

Rangoli Designs and Patterns



This is probably one of the best and most colorful Rangoli designs I’ve ever seen. That’s why I can’t help but feature it here in my favorite rangoli collection. The flower designs and the combination of colors are simply amazing.

Small Rangoli Patterns



Rangoli designs are not always large. There are also some small rangoli made in a smaller space. Nevertheless, the beauty of this extraordinary artwork will never be underestimated. The key is the colors, patterns and the overall appearance. Despite the smaller space, designers can still create a beautiful rangoli using the right colors and the right theme.

Symmetrical Rangoli Patterns

Image: Travelendura
Image: Travelendura

Did you notice that wherever you look at it, the design seems like never change or rotate? that’s the beauty of symmetrical rangoli designs. The patterns and drawings are equal in any angle.

Rangoli Dot Patterns

The challenge that every rangoli designer face is how to make their design symmetrical. It’s not easy to make an artwork to be equally drawn. Sometimes along the way, the bottom part may be bigger or slightly slant in left or right and if you’re gonna look at it, it may seem awful. So the key here is to make the outline first.



In other regions, they discover creating rangoli by using dots. This is where they were able to create a symmetrical patterns for Rangoli. First, they will draw a pattern in form of dots. They will then connect those dots to create kolams. finally, they will put colors to finish their artwork.

Beautiful Rangoli Patterns



If you’re gonna ask me why I choose this to represent beautiful rangoli design, I’ll answer “why not?”. It is indeed beautiful and I truly comment the creator of this rangoli for S/he was able to create those small kolams using different shades of colors only using petals.

Modern Rangoli Patterns

Patterns for rangoli change over time. Some may even include more vivid colors. Some may also feature other drawings and themes. Here’s one modern patterns I saw online that I’d like to share to you.



This is such a beautiful rangoli made using colored powder. The yellow flower in each corner of the design makes this design even more beautiful. The color blue which serves as the outline of the rangoli makes it stand out.

Traditional Rangoli Patterns

Most of the traditional rangoli designs feature the culture and elements of the festival which the rangoli is meant for. For an instance, traditional rangoli designs for diwali feature diya lamps and diwali culture.



Red, yellow and white colors are used in traditional patterns for Rangoli. to make it even more beautiful, designers also use flowers, lamps and other elements like dots, more drawings and theme.