Lord Ganesha, the lord of prosperity and luck may bless you

Kolam is the variation of Rangoli in south indian states Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. Even though the meaning of Kolam in Tami is Rangoli itself, the kolam and Rangoli in north India is differs from the theme and design. Rangoli Designs in North India is colorful art for Diwali to make it more colorful where as Rangoli in Tamil Nadu is an every day religious affair. It is not colorful as Diwali Rangoli in North India, nor it is not decorative as Diwali Rangoli which is having lot of theme like Peacock Rangoli Etc.

Tamil women make daily a fresh kolam in front of their house with white rice powder with dots and loops. These Kolam is mainly will have symetric nature and most will be in round, square or hexagonal shape. Even though the traditional rangoli kolam of Tamil Nadu is of white rice powder, now you can see Tamil Kolam design with colorful rice powder on occations like pongal and Diwali. When I was living in Diwali I was really amazed the speed and design of the kolams they make. Most kolam designs are so beautiful that you will wonder from where they get these desings. Have a look of some below if you would like to know how the Kolam is made and what it looks like

As we knows Lord Ganesha stands for luck and prosperity. So I have selected Lord Ganesha as the thumb nail for this post. I am sure with his blessings we can overcome, all obstacles in our life

#1 Tamil Traditional Kolam

This is a traditional Tamil Kolam. you can see this Kolam in-front of the most houses in Tamil Nadu. They clean the frond of their house and make the Kolam with rice in everyday morning


Rangoli Kolam Designs

You can see a beautiful rangoli Kolam here. It is really intricate and beautiful. This kolam is associated with some Temple Festival. Tamil people are more religious people, and they love idol worships. Almost all  corner of the streets you can find some Statue of strong man sitting. As a Hindu I can recognize some of them, but most of them is unknown to me also.


Kolam Designs With Dots

Kolam with Dots are a kolam design made with closly placed rice powder dots. This is one of the easiest way of making Kolam. First the dots has been laid out like the frame for kolam. Later the kolam will be done by connecting the dots and points.


Simple Kolam Designs

As a beginner it is always good to start with simple kolam designs. You can get lot of simple kolam designs in internet. The best way to make a simple kolam is to start with dots and rice powder. when you start with dots it is easy to maintain the kolam symmetric


Simple kolam designs with dots

Ranglo is a everyday affair in Tamil nadu, Andrapradhesh and Karnataka. You can see women making rangoli infornt of their house in everyday morning. They are so expert in this art, that after cleanting the front of the house and they will come with rice powder to do rangoli in fron of their house. Please see one simple Kolam designs which is made by dots


Pulli Kolam Designs

Pulli kolam desings are attractive and color ful


Traditional Tamil Kolam

See another traditional Kolam below. This is some what intricate and they make this on festivals like Pongal and Diwali.


Pongal Kolam Designs

pongal-2Pongal is the major festival in tamil nadu. Pongal is conducted to say thank you to God Sun, other gods, for the good harverst and to seek blessings for good harverst for next year also. They also thank their cattles, for working along with them in the field, during farming. Pongal is one and only harvest festival in the world, which also thanks the cattles and other animals for helping us in farming. On the mattu pongal (cattle pongal) day all the cattles will be fed with normal lunch with rice and payasam

Tamil people are religious and they make kolam for pongal. Kolam is generally considered as a welcome sign for gods. So all hindu in tamilnadu will make kolam and doing prayers for Pongal.




Small kolam designs

As the people has changed their life styles from houses to flats, the need of small kolam desgins has arrived. You can find lot of small kolam designs in internet. Not only that people are selling small kolam designs with all the materials in amazon as a kit

Thenkachi Rangoli Design


Tamil Woman making Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Pongal Rangoli Designs