rangoli-designs-for-diwali-2Festivals in India is color full and vibrant.  Diwali is the the biggest festival and it has to be  more colorful. Without a Rangoli, your Diwali will not be a true Diwali. So let us find some simple Rangoli designs for you 🙂 so that you can  celebrate your Diwali in style. Rangoli means the welcome board for God. So make a rangoli on Diwali o welcome the gods to your house.

Diwali is the celebration of Lord Rama over demon king Ravana of Sri Lanka. Lankan king Ravana kidnapped Lord Ramas wife and lord Rama waged a war against lankan King with the help of monkey army. Lord Rama defeated and killed Ravana and saved his wife from Ravana. People of Ayodya decorated the houses and streets with lamps to welcome their victorious king back. The exchanged sweets and victory chant each other. From that day onward people started celebrating the Diwali.

Ganesha Rangoli Designs

In celebrating any kind of festival, Lord Ganesha is always included. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacle. For example, in Diwali puja, people worship ganesha together with Goddess Lakshmi. So it’s not surprising that artists would love to use the image or outline of Ganesha in their rangoli. So let us Start our rangoli journey after praying to Lord Ganesha


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1.Simple Rangoli Designs

The Below one is a simple Rangoli design and it is easy to do. In this Rangoli Design the colored powder is used to make it colorful and vibrant. This design is good for Diwali and Holi as North Indian festivals are more colorful


Image Courtesy:vsonlinediary.blogspot.com.au

2. Rangoli Designs and Patterns

This is another rangoli designs made with colorful powders. Not only that the flowers are used to give an added attraction for Rangoli. This design is normally adopted for religious function and festival.


3. Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Diwali festival is coming and some of you are probably looking for beautiful and captivating Diwali rangoli designs to use in competitions or home and office decorations. I can totally feel you as there are really a lot of beautiful rangoli patterns that are made just for the celebration of Diwali.


 4. Diwali Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Looking for more rangoli patterns for the celebration of Diwali festival? Then let me give some more samples and ideas for rangoli designs on Diwali. Basically, since the Diwali is known as the festival of light, more and more people are using diyas on decorating their rangoli. You may notice that in below image.


5. Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Not all of us are crafty. Not all of us are professional designer. But most of the time, even those who are not expert in designing also want to create an artwork called Rangoli. If you are one of those not-so-expert in designing rangoli, these easy patterns are for you.



You can see that these women use just the basic theme and decoration in making their rangoli. Diwali decorating items such as thoran and diyas are used in making the rangoli more beautiful

Image: sareedreams.com

6. Diwali Rangoli Decorated with Diyas

Like I said earlier, one of the important elements of Diwali is Diyas. That’s why this festival is also referred to as the festival of light. So it is not surprising that in many rangoli designs, designers use diyas and other lighting items like candles and lamps in making the rangoli stand out.



In most cases, designers can use the diyas inside the rangoli. But in these rangoli design images, the designer use the the diya to surround the rangoli art and illuminate the outline of it.



In this one, the artist use the platter and arrange its items beautifully together with small oil lamps. This is pretty nice and are usually used in puja or centerpiece.

7. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs

Sanskar Bharati Rangoli is very popular in Maharashtra. The main attraction for this type of rangoli is the intricate designs and thin pattern lines


In the below Rangoli the colors are selected in such way that it will attract the viewers near to it. This type of rangolis is done for festivals and religious functions.


8. Rangoli with Dots

Best and easy way to make a free hand rangoli is with dots. you have to add dots before starting the rangoli. Since the dots are easy to control you can maintain symetricity and uniformity in designs. In the below design you can see how the patterned dots has changed to birds and flowers


In Tamil nadu people call Rangoli as kolam. Womenfolks are very expert in rangoli designs. They also adopt rangoli with dots. First they do dots so that the symetricity of kolam is maintaned. In the Below Design you can see that dots are covered by the designs. The rangoli is made with the help of dots.


9. More Diwali Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Diwali is the festival of India. India is the mixture of different culture and traditions. As normal almost all states and localities got its own festivals and customes.In Kerala people celebrate Onam and Vishu, where as in tamil nadu they celebrate tamil new year and Pongal. Like that way almost all states got their own local festival. However Diwali is celecrated all over india, and considered as universal festival of india. Diwali started as welcome festival for lord Rama who has defeated Ravana in Ram Ravan war. Diwali is deepam or lamps pattern. So when people do Rangoli for Diwali they add deepam in and around it to declare the victory of god on the dark forces


Image Courtesy : celebrity-days.blogspot.in

10. Rangoli Designs for Competition

There are lot of Rangoli competitions are conducted for Diwali. You can consider some designs from here for your entry


11. Freehand Rangoli Designs

Some people are expert in making free hand Rangoli. You can see one free hand Rangoli here


12. Easy Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Just like what I said earlier, no need to be an expert just to create your own rangoli. Why would you if there are patterns that can be suitable for your skill. Here are some easy to make designs for rangoli.


Image Courtesy: ceipsantjordi-eivissa.blogspot.com.au/

If you can notice, easy designs include minimal colors and shapes. That is to make sure that the design would not require any intricate patterns.


In these easy and simple designs, even children can make their own rangoli and decorate their front doors with this auspicious artwork. These designs only require small number of colors and drawings.

13. Kundan Rangoli

Kundan Rangoli is made with ready made beads and materials. The advantage of kundan rangoli is that you can get material as a package. Once you buy a apackage with photo, you will have all  beeds and Materials in it.


Image Courtesy: http://www.picstopin.com/

14. Artificial Kundan Rangoli Designs

Today, you can find tons of beautiful kundan pieces in shoppings malls and establishments. There are pre-arranged kundan that you can buy and simply put in your table or floors. There are expert in kundan rangoli making that can also arrange these beautiful pieces for you.


15. Latest Rangoli Designs

Some of you have probably seen a lot of rangoli designs and are not yet satisfied with them. Maybe you want to see something new or recent. Well, why not. That’s what we offer to you. Here are some latest designs of rangoli that hopefully you will enjoy.


16. Rangoli Designs with Flowers

Rangoli with flowers are very famous in Kerala. Kerala People call it as Pookalam. They make flower Rangolis for 10 days during Onam. Below you can find a beautiful Flower Rangoli that shows different postures of Thiruvathira


17. Rangoli Designs Without Dots

If there are what we call “rangoli designs with dots”, there are also you can call “rangoli designs without dots”. Just as the name suggests, these designs don’t have dots when you create them. It may be a little more complicated than those of with dots, but the designs is pretty much beautiful.


18. Best Rangoli Designs

Competition in rangoli making is very popular especially in the celebration of Diwali. As artist, you want to make sure that you will be making only the best and most beautiful rangoli artwork. Well, you may consider below idea when you make the best design.


19. Pongal Rangoli Designs

Aside from Diwali, people also decorate their home with rangoli in festivals like pongal, ganesh chaturthi, onam, etc. We all know that rangoli is an artwork believed to be auspicious and are used to welcome the deities. So in pongal festival, here’s a design that you may consider.


20. New Rangoli Designs

As the time passes new new designs will emerge to satisfy the peoples need and taste. You can see one of the new design below.


21. Beautiful Rangoli Designs

Rangoli itself is beautiful. But you can find a champion in champions. And that is the real beautiful Rangoli designs. Please find below a beautiful Rangoli design which is colorful and atrrative


22. Flower Rangoli Designs

Folower rangoli is normally found in kerala. Kerala people call it as Pookalam. They do flower rangoli for Onam, the harvest festival of kerala


23. Small Rangoli Designs

Are you going to make the rangoli alone? It’s probably hard to make rangoli by yourself especially if the size is huge. So you may want to keep it small and simple. Here’s an idea to consider.


24. Rangoli Designs for Kids

Rangoli making is not limited to those who are experts and adults. Kids can also participate in making rangoli. Well, why not? It’s like contributing to the celebration of the festival. But for kids to make this artwork, designs with minimal colors and items maybe the most appropriate.


25. Peacock Rangoli Designs 

Peacock is one of the most popular designs and themes used in making Rangoli. Since peacock has beautiful colors and signifies grandeur and elegance, many designs choose to make rangoli with peacock designs.



However, making this kind of design doesn’t come easy. Different color combination and patterns are used. The dominant colors used are usually blue, green and red.



Some professional designers who are expert in making rangoli with themes may even draw a setting for the peacock. Just like in the above image, notice how the artist intricately draw those details with just the use of colored powder.

26. Rangoli Designs on Water

There are rangoli designs that are pretty flexible. In fact, you don’t have to settle making rangoli in floors alone. Today, artist may also create their very own artwork in water. Well, this maybe a little more difficult since water is not as stable as floor surface to begin with. So gentleness and preciseness is required.




27. Sankranti Rangoli



Image : chittara.ravisblognet.com

29. Rangoli Designs with Theme


30. Rangoli Designs for Beginners