Pakistani-Mehndi-DesignsMehndi is an integral part of Indian and Pakistani culture. Women do Mehndi to beautify them-self and to give a colorful look to their presence. The ground paste of henna leaves is used to create Mehndi in hands and leg. It is just like tattoo  but it is not not permanent like tattoo. Henna is having good medicinal values so using it on you body is not harmful.

In Pakistan mehndi is an unavoidable part in their marriages and functions. It has become a symbol of art and culture in Pakistan. Mehndi designs of Pakistan have the outer line is done by black mehndi and inside is done with other mehndi colors, some time with lighter tone. It is contains Indian and Arabian variations of mehndi and they took the mehndi to a new level with their cultural art. It contains the traditional Muslim art evolved from Arabia and traditional Indian art from India.

Pleae find some great Pakistani Mehndi designs here

#1 Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Hands


Most of the Pakistani mehandi designs for hands involve intricate patterns covering the back and the palm of the hands. It uses swirls and curls that make the design even more sophisticated and artistic.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #2


Some may even use other accessories that will add beauty to the designs. Some designs use jewels, crystals and beads to accentuate the curls and swirls used for the mehandi. Depending on the occasion or the likes of the client, the designer may only apply the mehandi on the fingers and some part of the hand.

#3 Pakistani Bridal Mehandi Designs


Mehndi is one of the most important elements of weddings in country like Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia. Small details yet intricate patterns suit every Pakistani bride’s hands. The design can even more beautiful with the jewelry that bride wears on the wedding.

#4 Pakistani Bridal Henna Designs


The color of Henna used for bridal mehndi designs is not limited to brown and black. Some may also use red colors just like the style above. The colors of the Mehandi henna patterns complement well to the accessories that bride wore.

#5 Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Eid


Here’s another beautiful mehndi designs used for the celebration of Eid. This one used simple patterns and colors. The jewels around it make it even more stand-out. This design covers the palm and fingers of the hand while the jewelry accentuate the back of the hand, making the overall design extravagant.

#6 Beautiful Pakistani Henna Designs


For those who are into more intricate patterns, this kind of pakistani Mehndi designs are for you. Look at how intricate and complicated those patterns are. This kind of designs are created by advanced designers. Practice is required to be able to achieve that kind of patterns.

#6 Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2014

Below you can see one beautiful design of Pakistani Mehndi.  It is simple and modern and suitable for a great design for 2014. This one is perfect for those who want to try to start designing their own mehndi.


#7. Pakistani Mehndi Designs Images

Below you can find a beautiful hand that is decorated with beautiful designs. The combination of her dress, nail designs and henna designs, will make you to love not only the hand, but also the owner of that owner of that beautiful hands


#8. Pakistani Bridal Mehandi Designs 2014

Bridal Mehndi Design For Hands

This one is such a classy and sohpisticated designs of Mehndi. The color of the henna, the colors of the stones on the jewelry and the type of bridal dress she wore blend together, creating this one-of-a-kind look for the bride. I love those floral patterns in each of her fingers.

#9. Pakistani Mehandi Designs

Simplicity is truly a beauty! See how beautiful that bride’s hand became with those simple and small patterns of mehandi. The colors and patterns surely complement well with the jewelries she wore, so as to the embellishment of her lehenga.

#10. Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2014



Surely, this is the design for 2014. So intricate and beautiful. It is also easy to make it as it used only one color. With those multiple swirls, this may look so complicated for beginners but this is actually easy to create. You just need the proper tools and proper choice of colors and patterns and you’re good to go.

#11. Pakistani Mehndi Designs Photos


Here’s another sample of simple pakistani mehndi designs for hands. If you’re a beginner and want to start creating your own mehandi design, this is one option for you. This one looks modern yet simple and easy.

#12. Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Designs

Pakistani brides will do Mehndi on their hands and leg for marriage. Bride, her relatives and friends will do this as a festival. In this almost all women folk of the house and surrounding will do the mehndi before marriage. Grooming of bride without mehndi is unthinkable for Pakistanis


Not all mehndi designs have to be intricate and involve complicated patterns. Some may also be as simple as combination of some simple geometric shapes and flower designs. Some styles may also just involve beads and jewels as main highlight of the design. One of the commonly used patterns for hands is flower.

#13. Dulhan Mehndi Designs


But if you still opt for intricacy, this style is for you. This design include patterns that almost overlap with each other. The combination of lines, swirls, geometric shapes, flowers and leaf patterns make this design looks so complicated. It is quite huge too covering all the skins in the hands to the arms.

#14. Pakistani Mehndi Designs Photos


This is one is probably one of the best and most beautiful Pakistani mehandi designs I have ever seen. This one looks so clean and sophisticated. The huge circular pattern in the palm and the small dots around it is simply wonderful as highlight. this one is truly one-of-a-kind and a must-have mehndi design for any occasion.

#15. Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs


Most of the modern and latest Mehndi designs for Pakistani brides consist of simple and clean patterns. Gone are those days that bridal mehndi designs cover all the skins in the hands, palms and arms. Today, mehndi can be applied only to fingers and some part of the hand. Designers only use accessories to make the design even more sparkling and beautiful.

#16. Easy Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Hands

Pakistani-mehndi-designsImage Courtesy:

This kind of style is simple perfect for any kind of occasion, be it for wedding, eid or other festivities. The hugh floral design in the center of the palm and patterns that surround it make this design stands out. This one is quite simple and easy to make as there’s no intricate patterns involve.

#17. Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Women Feet


Mehndi is not limited to just hands, in some occasions like wedding and Eid, girls are also wearing mehndi designs to their feet. In most cases, they make sure that their hands and feet have the same mehndi designs that complement and blend well to their outfit. Some mehndi designs for feet are sometimes created just to make their feet beautiful.

#18. Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Feet


For important events like engagement, wedding or Eid celebration, Pakistani women put some mehndi designs on their feet . The colors and designs must be carefully chosen to fit for their attire and footwear. In this design, it used the lighter shade of henna to fit for the gold-themed shoes and red nail color.

#19. Pakistani Henna Designs For Feet


If you want to make your feet more beautiful for any event you’re planning to attend, mehndi designs are perfect to put on it. some of the most commonly used patterns for feet are flowers, vines, swirls, geometric shapes, peacock and leaves. This one not just limit to the feet, but goes beyond. Other designs may even go up to the legs depending on the client desires.

Pakistani Mehndi Ceremony in youtube

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