ideas-for-a-romantic-picnicA picnic or date for two is such a good idea for partners that seldom have their time together, with all the paper works or children for instance. What can be more exciting other than having a picnic with your lover? Have some quite talk while watching the skies. A moment of silence, whispers and giggles, just being passionate with the one you love. Pick up the phone, asks someone to watch over the kids for a day and file a leave. Get ready to have a great time together.

Here are some picnic ideas to choose from that best suits your free time or desired time of the day. Think through of the weather you are having in a particular month if u decide to have it outdoor.

romantic picnic lunch ideas

Lunch Surprise


Planning for a lunch full of surprises may sound easy but if you are that serious to give so much pleasure to your partner, strategize to make it the best picnic he ever had. How about making first a note and hide it from one of his bags’ small pocket. Otherwise, slip it on his dress unnoticeably and wrote something appetizing, an invitation to a picnic for two at your own veranda, garden or someplace near a creek. But if it bothers you to have it in your own house, have it somewhere else, an exclusive garden paradise or in a safe hill. If not, try a fruit plantation where you can have a tasty picnic lunch with the cool air breeze that refreshes your affection to each other. Bring his special food to have a good start. Now,
do not forget a celery or banana, but then, if you want extra sweeter, have a chocolate for dessert. Chocolate and banana isn’t for kids alone, it helps steaming up the day. Plus some good wine will make it perfect! Have a good conversation remembering some good old memories you spend together while cuddling and laughing.

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

Picnic Food Items:

While planning a picnic with your partner you may have to note the following points. It is really essential since at some spots if you miss something, it may lead to total confusion and yours and your partners romantic feeling may vanish in air. So please read the points before you jum into picnic food.Look at the following items that may be essential for your picnic

  1. A nice and hygenic back pack or basket to carry your picnic food
  2. Table towels and tissue paper or napkins to clean up.
  3. Cutlery items, cutting boards, knifes to cut and prepare vegitables and other food items
  4. Bag to take back your garbage. Let us keep the picnic spot clean and hygiene
  5. Glasses to drink water, water bottles or water jar
  6. Sugar, salt pepper, match box, fire starters etc if you need it.


Romantic beach picnic ideas


This usually happens when you have something to celebrate, an anniversary, birthday or he is being promoted. Take advantage of him bringing a wine so you will only have to prepare for foods to pack and you are ready to go. Nothing beats a picnic at the beach before the sunsets. Wear your sexiest clothing for a clue of what’s going to happen next. Pack some beer or wine with nuts and chips and if you want, have also some kebab which has meat because you will be starving later that day I’m sure! Conversations can be in the water while feeling some small waves or at the sands where you can hold hands and simply sitting beside each other. Feeling the love fronting the wide sea.

Sweet Picnic Coming Up, Italian Style.


Cook up your partners much loved pasta recipe, make a lovely twist and make it hot instead of that sweet taste. Spicy food will make fire in your picnic date. Drive somewhere else peaceful and safe. Bring some more Italian dishes that are as tasty same as your relationship, you can have fettuccini, lasagna or the all-time favorite spaghetti. Prepare the pasta in a nice container since you are going out. Please do not forget the wine, glass wine and some garlic bread. To make it more exciting, turn your picnic for two into a candle light dinner, make sure that you are spotting the sunset. Make use of the front car as your table and chair as well. Talk something silly things to share some amusement. Keep your eyes in his while having conversations, a way of letting him know that you’re into him. Give some touchy feeling like wiping his lips when some sauce is over it. And of course make sure that back seat the car is also comfy when needed.

Ideas for a romantic picnic

Picnic at Midnight.


If this is the best time for you both to be together peacefully, make the most of it. Since you already have your dinner that day. Have some wine and nuts at your own veranda while watching the beauty of the skies at night time. Make the moon and stars light your wonderful picnic. Say something nice to your partner, or pass card with love messages, you can start by saying how his eyes still captivates your heart. Show a smile that makes your lips look pouting and tempting to have more great conversations. After which, let the cold night witness your endless love for each other.

picnic ideas romantic

Catch a fish picnic escapade.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

If you have a boat or yachts then go sailing! Carry some delightful goodies to full your stomach after some fishing picnic with your partner. Talks take place while waiting for a fish to bait. You can have some beer while chatting. Suggestive clothes are much of help. Embrace the air as it hugs to your skin. Feel sexy, do some sexy giggles while staring at him during conversations. Gave him a hug with some love quotes in his ear whenever he catches a fish, to feel some connection. To wherever your hug leads you, make your partner feel he is the most ideal person in the world.

Through Photos

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Romantic Picnic Idea #4


Picnic for two on the trails

Riding on a fancy train, enjoys the journey together. Put some nice melodies that will make you remember how you fought for love. You can hum along while sipping your wine with some sumptuous food servings in front of you. Do not let any dull moment waste your time together since of course it seldom happens for partners that are quite busy with work and family. Wear your best attire to have some effect and make him look good also. If it’s a surprise, get reasons that will convince him wear a nice suite. If he doesn’t buy you flowers ask him to give you a bunch after your next activity after the train. That will keep him guessing then, it’s time to start sexy talks. Make sure you will not go too far before he asks you to get from the train and go somewhere else relaxing.

A quality time of partners for each other like husbands and wives is really not that frequently. Especially when you have kids to take care of. That is why a picnic is a way of bonding and intimacy that is important to a relationship. It’s a feeling coming back the first time you laid eyes on each other. Keep it fresh, happy and achievable. Stay happy loving couples!