nail-art-designsDecorating hand nails and foot nails with nail polish is known as Nail art and it is popular all over the world. In western countries women spend hours and hours in nail design parlors to beautify their nails. It is must do make up for marriages and hi fi parties. There are lot of intricate Nail designs that are tailored to festivals and wedding. You can decorate your nails for Christmas, or for birthday with a theme that suits the occasion. In developed countries there are nail design parlous where as in other countries like in India it is more of an affair between the friends

With these cute yet easy nail art designs, you can express your personality and style while working out your creativity. There are so many simple and easy to do nail designs that you can apply to your nails. No need to go to a private salon just to have one. Why would you if you can apply your own nail arts? So take a look at these samples of nail art simple designs.

1. Simple Nail Designs for Beginners

The below design is easy and simple and suitable for Beginners. It is basically double color. For beginners it is hard to maintain nail designs and an a poor or worn out nail designs will take away beauty from women instead of adding.


2. Easy Nail Designs

Below you can see a nail design which very easy to do. These type of designs are suitable for beginners. This nail designs can be adopted if you do not have much time to do or you want to do it yourself.

simple-nail-artimage Courtesy:

3. Cool Nail Designs

Cool nail designs will show that you are a cool girl. The below design is really simple and easy to do. Just add black color first and then do the designs with white


 4. Simple Nail Designs

Simple designs are best for family get together and for informal or casual occasions. These designs are easy to do.The below nail design is really cool and attractive.  You can come up your own designs.

easy-simple-nail-artimage Courtesy :

5. Simple Nail Designs for Short Nails

If the nail is short it is better to go for a design suitable for that nail. Below you can find some designs people have used for short nails. You can get an idea about the designs suitable for short nails


6.Simple Nail Art Designs

Simple nail art designs are really great if you understand the logic. In the below image the nail designs is only half and it gives an attractive look to the person

nail-art-for-short-nailsimage :

7. Pretty Nail Designs

Pretty nail designs are great for party and wedding. Here you can find one good design which is really simple and pretty


8. Cute Simple Nail Designs

When you skin tone is fair and you have a good body shape, you must go for cute nail designs that will compliment your beauty


9. Easy Nail Art Designs

You want more of easy nail art design that every beginner can try? Take a look at these samples of easy nail art for beginners.


10. Toe Nail Art Designs

Nail art is suitable for leg also. See one of the greatest nail art design for toes below. In the below design red color is the base and it will show up in the crowd. The white dots gives the beauty for that.


11. Toe Nail  Designs

Below you can find beautiful, elegant and simple design. The beauty of this design is that only in one nail they did designs. Others are just supporter and that saves lot of time. Yet all together this design is marvelous


12. Christmas Nail Designs

But if you feel like spreading the holiday cheer using your own body, you can start with you nail. How nice it can be having a snowflake, snowman or Santa feel on your itsy bitsy fingers? Take a look at these cute and pretty nail art with Christmas designs.


12. Christmas Nail Art Designs

Let your little fingers be the Santa of its own by having these Santa hat nail art designs. The red cone-shaped is accentuated by the small white dot that made it appear like Santa hat. Isn’t it lovely? Oh, I want one for my fingers!


13. Nail Art Designs

If you have time and concentration to protect your nail arts, then you can try this. It is best to wear on special gathering, events or parties. How pretty it can be to show them to your circle of friend and flaunt how beautiful your nail art is. They will surely envy you and rush to the nearest beauty shop to have a pretty and cute nail design in the next party you’ll come to.


15. Polka Dots Nail Art Designs

Now, you may want to be a little different, yet still in fashion. How about some nice and cute polka dots nail designs? Actually, this is one of the most popular nail art designs. They only differ depends on the size of the polka dots.

Take a look at this one. This polka dot nail art look classy and stylish by having a white clear background, designed with small black dots.


16. Polka Dots Nail Art Designs

But if you want vivid and more obvious polka dots, you may try this one. See how clear the polka dots are against the luminous bright yellow base nail polish. It’s beautiful!


17. Flower Nail Art Designs

Create a flower on your nails. Yes these type of nail art designs will give you some thing special look. There are so many different kinds of flowers to choose. It will differ on sizes and colors to use.

In this one, the artist used tri-color nail polish: black, white and blue. See how she artistically painted the flowers against the black base polish. Simple yet pretty.


Image: Akibrocoli.devianart

18. Flower Nail Art Designs

Long nails means more space to work on. This applies to nail art designs. If you have long nails, then you may try more intricate nail arts. Instead of simple tiny flowers, you can add other details like dots and beads just like the sample shown.


19. Do It Yourself Nail Designs

Some of you may find it daunting to try doing the nail art designs on your own nails. There are techniques to follow. And of course, with practice and patience, you will be able to excel and achieve more difficult patterns.

In DIY nail arts, one must have the proper instruments and tools. Also, don’t be afraid to make mistake and waste nail polish at first. Mistakes and errors cannot be avoided especially when you have just started. Just try and try until your wrist and hands are used to painting nail polish and design your tiny little nails.


20. Pink Nail Art Designs

Who loves pink! Who don’t anyway. Well, maybe some of you will disagree just to disagree but most of you have probably liked pink color at least once in your life. But that’s not the point, I mean most fashionistas love pink colors especially on their nails. Fuchsia pink is actually the most popular one if you want to be funky yet cute.

See this nail art picture. Notice how the plain fuchsia pink base color become funky and trendy with that intricate pattern near the edges of the nails. It’s pretty amazing.


21. Pink Nail Designs

But if you are someone who loves to experiment and want to try different shades of red, you may want to try this nail design. See how lovely those red gradients and nail art patterns are.


22. Zebra Nail Art Designs

Are you an animal lover? Oh well, you don’t need to be one just to have an animal print for your nail art. The patterns that these lovely animals like zebra are enough to like to have them on your hand, I mean, on your fingers.

You can use zebra prints nail art in different ways depending on the size of the space you will work with. If you have long fingernails, you can be as stylish as having the animal nail art in just the tip of the nails. You can use clear, transparent nail polish as the base coating.


23  Zebra Nail Designs

Another style using zebra nail design is the one whereas you can paint the whole nail area with zebra print. This works best on short nails. But of course, those who have long fingernails can also use this.


24. Halloween Nail Art Designs

Aside from Christmas, another holiday feel you may want to put on your nails is Halloween. Get a spooky yet cute nail designs for Halloween with these samples.

The colors of black and orange work best to create a perfect Halloween nail art.



But white colors may do the same effect as well by drawing a spooky web against black base coating.


25. DIY Halloween Nail Designs

 Halloween designs from Jen Giovannetti, (Regina, Saskatchewan,  Canada )


26. Acrylic Nail Art Designs

In working with you nail art acrylic nail polish works probably the best as they are quick try with ultra vibrancy.


27. Summer Nail Designs

Get your nails ready for the summer! Don a funky and cool looking nail art. You can choose different shades of vibrant colors like neon green, red, and yellow. The most common designs to use are the those with colors associated with summer.


 28. Summer Nail Art Designs

But you can always choose the safe choice. As safe as red and white combination of nail art.


29. Cool Easy Nail Designs

Want something cool yet easy to make nail art? Then you may use this strategy. In this sample, the artist just design one of her nails with beautiful and funky spider web. This is also perfect for Halloween.


Image: Uniquenaildesign

30. French Tip Nail Designs

Oh, so that what it is called – French Tip. I mentioned earlier about the nail art on the tips of the fingernails. So it is called French tip designs. And like I said, this is perfect for long nails art designs as it gives you more space to work on.

french nail tip art

31. Black and White Nail Designs

Have a color of checkered in your nails with this black and white design. I find this cool as it seems like a boyish design to me but I’m sure when I see it in my own nails, I would surely fall in love with this. In fact, i am now! I so want to have this!


32. Glitter Nail Art Designs

Want that sparkling and dazzling elements on your nail art? You may use glitters to achieve that. You don’t have to put the glitters manually on the wet nail polish. There are nail polish out there that are made with glitters on them. So, in every wipe of your nail art brush, you will see those glitters sparkling right before your eyes.


33. Gel Nail Designs

Yes, you read it right. Gel nail arts are also good nail designs but don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about those colored styling gel for the hair, LOL, silly me. Anyway, these nail polish come in gel form, so as the name suggest. There are different colors and textures to choose.


34. Beautiful Nail Designs

If you are going to ask me, all nail designs are beautiful. but of course, for most of you, there maybe particular nail designs that you will truly consider as beautiful. As for me, this one. The intricate patterns are simply amazing, breathtaking.


35. Animal Pattern Nail Arts

Have that little tiny animal print just right at your fingernails. Try these cute animal patterns. You must first start by consider what color of the base you want. As for this sample, the artist use pink (see? everyone loves pink) and white as the base coating.


36. Floral Nail Design

Some time you will wonder about nail designs. Here is some florel designs that will attract you.


37. Beautiful Nail Art Designs

Here’s another beautiful nail art that you will wish to have for your own nails.

Beautiful-Nail-Designs38. Lady Bug Nail Designs

Are you fond of ladybugs and want it so badly? You can have it right before your very own nails! The solution? The ladybug nail art design! This nail design is quite popular for its two-tone design. The combination of red, white and black are simply marvelous when drawn into this pretty and cute ladybug.


 39. Hello Kitty Nail Designs

At this era, who wouldn’t recognize Hello Kitty? And admit it, at some point of your life, you may have been fond of Hello Kitty. But for those who are truly fanatic, here’s another hip you want to try to show the world how crazy you are to Hello Kitty.


40. Purple Nail Designs

Aside from pink, another colors you may love is purple. I do love purple and I really want to try one for my nails. But as a beginner, I’d like to keep it simple and neat. As neat and clean as this sample: