Do you find your bare wall lonely and sad? Are you looking for some creative projects to do this summer? How about combining them both for a striking wall art?

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Wall arts are inexpensive, and most of them do not require you to be an artist. You can make these with just some paint, tissue paper or tapes lying in your house. Below, we’ve gathered tons of easy wall decoration ideas for you.  Have a look!

Metallic Gold Wall:

easy wall art designs 1

Classy is the word for this wall art. It looks so expensive that your guests won’t even be able to guess that it’s made at home.


Hang Garland:

easy wall art designs 2

Cutting out the circles and triangles would be time-consuming. But the rest of the steps are super easy.


Temporary Washi Wallpaper:

easy wall art designs 3

One of the trendiest ideas ever. And all you require for it are some washi tapes and patience.


Frame Some Fabrics:

easy wall art designs 4

Frame some fabric in antique frames and put them on the wall. A simple, yet beautiful idea.


Make Use Of Wash Tapes:

easy wall art designs 5

It cannot get any simpler.  We feel it’s ideal for people living in dormitories or hostels. At least, this way, they’ll find the college interesting.


Hang Wall Arts:

easy wall art designs 6

One of the most fun ideas for you to try out. It’s fun, rocking and unique.


Hang An Abstract Painting:

easy wall art designs 7

Have you ever seen an abstract painting this beautiful? We love how it’s complementing the room.


Hang Clipboards On The Wall:

easy wall art designs 8

Print out the cool templates from this website and hang the on your wall using clipboards. One of the coolest ideas ever!


Song Lyric Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 9

Place large cardboard letters on the poster board and spray paint. You’ll get this beautiful work of art.


Wall Art For Your Teen’s Room:

easy wall art designs 10

You cannot find a wall art more appropriate than this one. It’s cool, trendy and uncommon.



Decorate The Walls With Book Pages:

easy wall art designs 11

Literature lovers are going to love this idea.


Instagram Polaroid Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 12

Instagram photos with illustrator would also make an excellent wall art. All you need to do is download and print out the photos and paste on the wall.


Thumbtacks Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 13

Everything looks better with bling, right? So here’s an easy way of making wall art, using thumbtacks.


Polka Dotted Wall:

easy wall art designs 14

With washi tapes, you can practically do anything you like, even make polka dots. Just check out the cool tutorial below.


Gold Leaf Map Art:

easy wall art designs 15


Make a beautiful wall art in your kitchen with gold leaf sheets.


Tissue Paper Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 16

Here’s an excellent way to bring your tissue paper to use. You just need to ensure that you use bright colored tissue paper to create a vibrant effect.


Cross Stitch Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 17

Pegboard is what you need to create this masterpiece. A bit of needlework is required too!


Yarn Banner:

easy wall art designs 18

Here’s another lovely way to make use of yarns lying in your house. It’ll make a bold statement.


Black And White Photos:

easy wall art designs 19

What a beautiful way to create some beautiful memories of your child. Ensure that the tapes you use are colored.



easy wall art designs 20

We’re sure the beauty of your bedroom will increase manifold with this wall art.


Paper Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 21

You need to be well versed in craft for making this design. First, cut the leaf pattern on the top layer of the paper, and then place another layer on top to create a 3D effect.


Basket Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 22

For this wall art, you will need some painter’s tape, spray paint and some baskets. It will yield you beautiful results.


Yarn Wall Hanging:

easy wall art designs 23

You’ll enjoy making this wall art. You just need to cut and stitch string the yarn from a wooden log. It will add a huge impact to your wall.


Cinco De Mayo Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 24

A wall art ideal for Cinco De Mayo. The color combination is fantastic. And it doesn’t look over the top even a wee bit.


A Colorful Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 25

Here’s a colorful wall art for your child’s room. You’ll need colorful tapes to create a geometric wall pattern.


Decoupage Tray:

easy wall art designs 26

You need to purchase DIY trays for this idea. The rest of the methods are pretty simple.


DIY Wood Slice:

easy wall art designs 27

This one looks really chic.


3D Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 28

Not the easiest of all wall arts, but definitely one of the most beautiful. The wooden circles can be purchased from Amazon.


Watercolor Phrase Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 29

“I’m so fancy.” Indeed, anybody with such a cool wall art would be. It’s unbelievable how easy it is making it.


Pompom Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 30

This project will be easier if you purchase the tissue paper pompoms instead of making them.


Gold Dipped Feather Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 31

Either stick the feathers directly on the wall or hang them from a string, like a mobile. It will look beautiful either way.


Chevron Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 32

Click on the link below to watch the video on how to make this wall art.


Birch Tree Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 33

This one requires a bit of work, but the result would be worth it.


Paint Drip Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 34

Create a modern art within just a few minutes. You’ll get a masterpiece.


Pixel Wall Art:

easy wall art designs 35

This one’s so beautiful that we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing it with you all.