Decorating your home might become a tough job if you are short in time and funds. The boring old wallpapers and textured walls are not at all pretty and if you want your House to become the talk of the town then take a look at these wall decorating ideas to get some room ideas,livingroom and bedroom decorating ideas, decoration ideas for walls and more. Take a look at the designs and ideas we loved :

Wall Decorating Ideas:


wall decorating ideas 1

This wall decor idea is quite quirky. With a park bench used as a seating arrangement. The meeting point of the two wall is decorated using brown paint to form a tree. The tree boughs are further decorated with mini photo frame.



Make your walls Beautiful with this Floral wall Decoration Ideas. The wall is striped with hin lines on which artificial flowers(paper flowers)  are stuck . the design looks perfect for spaces like the Drawing /Living room .


wall decorating ideas 3

If you’re looking for wys to keep books organised in your baby’s room then this corner bookshelf will help a lot. The four rows of shelves help store the books and stuffed toys of your little one. A small mat before the bookshelf maybe the best place to have a Story-time.

Wall Decor Ideas:

wall decorating ideas 4

You can make the walls the perfect place to play Scrabble. Make words with huge letters on teh wall and give your walls a modern look. Use this Wall Decorating Ideas for a Modern look for your apartment.


wall decorating ideas 5

if you’re looking for quirky yet modern wall decoration ideas then this might come in handy. The Different sized and styles picture frames along with colorful plates and letters adorn this wall and make the place coloful .


wall decorating ideas 6

In your home people will spend their everyday lives with many emotions like Love, Anxious, Happy , sad and more. .. So this wall decoration ideas uses those feelings and emotins engraved on different sized, colored wooden planks and fixed on a wall.


wall decorating ideas 7

You may be confused about what to use on your Living room walls , but we have this unique wall decoration ideas for you. In this living room decor ideas we see the use of circular decorating objects. This wall decor ideas uses different colored and sized round decorating elements to fill in the space while keeing it sobre.

 Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas :

wall decorating ideas 8

Here’s a modern wall decor that will surely be appreciated by everyone. How about you invite your guests to an evening of relaxation and chitcat in the middle of the street ? Confused? This wall decoration ideas uses a huge wall painting on one side to provide the feel of sitting in the middle of the street.Quite a unique living room decor idea, isn’t it?


wall decorating ideas 9

Wall decorations include wall shelves like this where you can keep books as well as small pictures, quirky objects like the World Globes kept on the top shelves. A large round mirror is seen hanging over the sofa. A great living room decoration ideas like this will make the space look more attractive.

 Kids Room Wall Decoration Ideas :

wall decorating ideas 10

If you’re expecting a new member in your family soon then it’s time you though about their Nursery. Your baby is going to spend his/her important years there so it’s essential that you get some baby room ideas. try something like the one above for a Girl (You may change it for a Boy)  with decorative wall picture frames, chandelier, and a cute butterfly mirror.


wall decorating ideas 11

Animal wall decor stickers and wall decor frames make it easy to decorate a toddlers room. Use these to make the dull walls come to life in your Baby’s room. Use different designs and different animal patterns to make it look attaractive yet help the little one learn from them.

Bedroom Wall Decoration :

wall decorating ideas 12

If you’re looking for bedroom wall decor ideas to setup your Bedroom then this wall decoration ideas will surely come in handy. The wall behind the bed is decorated with quirky leaf patterned wall hangings. The golden sade over the dark chocolate makes it really beautiful.


wall decorating ideas 13

Your bedroom is your favorite place in the house so the walls there should be a reflection of yourself. The Bedroom ideas for wall decor must be romatic yet fun. This wall decor whows two candleholders placed on each side of a beautiful romantic picture of the couple.

 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas :

wall decorating ideas 14

Wall decoration ideas for your kitchen will differ from the rest of the house. Here’s one kitchen wall decor idea to try. You may be confused about what to cook each day of the week and your family may want your to cook something special , so keep a chalkboard like this one so that they can share what they are craving and you may also leave a note telling them what to expect for dinner.


wall decorating ideas 15

If you’re looking for some unique wall decoration ideas for your Kitchen then try this indoor herb garden on the wall. Plant these and water them to get your fresh herbs all the way into your kitchen.


wall decorating ideas 16

You cannot ignore the bathroom in a house and it’s a space that will be used on a regular basis so making it look quirky will help keep it looking suitable. The wall above the toilet seat can be utilised with shelves . Place small items like a clock, soaps, towl and some pictures to make it look better.


wall decorating ideas 17


make every bathspecial with these cute wall decor boards with lovely quotes. This one here looks rustic and worn and will look great in any bathroom wall decoration ideas.


So these were the few Wall decoration ideas we loved and wanted to share with the readers. Keep visiting to get more such ideas and unique posts.


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