Amongst all the crafts, I feel string art is the easiest way to express your creativity. Cost-effective and beautiful, it feels like you are doing an embroidery work, but it’s actually much easier to do. As for the designs, there are no limitations. Below are few of the most beautiful string art designs for you.

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  1. String Art Christmas Tree:

string art designs 1

This is the cutest string art ever. We’d suggest making the border with the nails and let your child fill in. Trust me; they’ll thoroughly enjoy it. They can show off their artworks and holiday drawings as well.


Skull String Art For Halloween:

string art designs 2

This one’s ideal for the Halloween, which most of you must have guessed seeing the pumpkin beside it. We love the finesse with which it’s made.


A Delightful String Art:

string art designs 3

This one looks so summery and pleasant. It’s not a really huge string art. It’s small, yet makes a huge impact.


Bird String Art:

string art designs 4

The color combination is really pleasing to the eyes.


Adorable Yellow Flowers:

string art designs 5

If you want to give your house a modern, go for this floral string at. If you don’t want to follow the same color combination, you can opt for a red design on a black base.


Contemporary String Art:

string art designs 6JPG

This one’s also done along the similar lines. Cut the wooden pieces in square shapes, color them and begin your art.



string art designs 7-min

We absolutely love this abstract idea. It’s simple, yet looks so amazing. For this art, you need to cut the strings of different colors and put on your wall.


Owl String Art:

string art designs 8

This one’s for the wildlife lovers. You can even download the pattern online. Minimalistic, yet outstanding.


Love String Art:

string art designs 9

To beautify your living room, hang a LOVE sign string art on the wall. The blogger has chosen a neutral color, but something colorful will also look beautiful.


String Art For Your Child’s Nursery:

string art designs 10

A cute string art for your baby’s nursery. The technique listed in the blog can be used for a variety of other string arts. Just pick it according to your theme.


Woodland Animal String Art:

string art designs 11

This is the most adorable of all. Just look at these cute baby animals. Fox one is our favorite.


Anchor String Art:

string art designs 12

Ladies, you can purchase or make this string art if you have a mariner in your house. Surprise him by hanging on the living room wall. He’ll be delighted.


Ombre String Art:

string art designs 13-minThis stunning string art is made according to the color scheme of the living room. One of the most elegant string arts we’ve seen in a long time.


Mason Jar String Art:

string art designs 14JPG

I think this is the most innovative of all the ideas here. It looks difficult, but requires just a few steps to create.


Green Owl:

string art designs 15

This one’s too cute for words. We must applaud the color combination used by the blogger. It’s really striking.


Frame String Art:

string art designs 16

This is simply gorgeous! The blogger has made a complete scenery with string art.


Whale Tail String Art:

string art designs 17

The blogger encourages you all to do this project on natural wood. It will enhance the beauty of this string art.


String Art On Paper:

string art designs 18

If you want to create a valentine’s day card for your beloved, you can opt for this idea.


Geometric Heart:

string art designs 19

Another string art idea for Valentine’s Day. Neat, crisp and clean!


Colorful Owl String:

string art designs 20

It seems that owl is a favorite string art design amongst crafters. This colorful owl would look amazing on the white wall.


Initial String Art:

string art designs 21-min

This is probably the most popular of all the string arts. After all, what’s better than seeing the initial of your name every day on waking up.


String Art For The Wedding:

string art designs 22-min

This is the cutest thing you can do for your beloved. We loved the different colors used in this string art.


Fall Tree String Art:

string art designs 23

A lovely project for your Thanksgiving or Halloween. The color can be changed as per your liking.


Sunburst String Art:

string art designs 24

A lovely sunburst string art, which can work as a frame for your mirror.


State String Art:

string art designs 25

The map of Indiana is made with string art. This one looks intimidating, but is quite easy to do.


Reindeer String Art:

string art designs 26

A perfect string art for Christmas. It would make an excellent addition to modern décor.


Christmas Ornament String Art:

string art designs 27

An impeccable, string art ornament for your Christmas tree. You can even hang it on the mantelpiece or place on the dinner table.


Sunflower String Art:

string art designs 28

One of a kind string art. It’s detailed, sunny and will make a great display in both house and office.


Cute Christmas Tree:

string art designs 29

Your mantelpiece won’t look the same after you’ve this adorable tree.


Joy String Art:

string art designs 30

Another Christmas special string art. This one’s done using rustic wood plaque, copper nails, and purple strings.