islam_wallpaperHi Ramadan is on the way. Time to decorate the house with latest Islamic decorations. What about your computer?? Change the wallpaper to Islamic wallpaper. Let us spread the message of Allah to our friends and relatives. let us observe the pasting on this holy month as a god fearing person.

Yes Ramadan is the greatest festival for Islam. It teaches us how to show kindnesses to fellow people who is not fortunate like you. The Zakat is the only thing which religiously instructed kindness. Every Muslim has to share some of his earning as Zakkat to poor people, so that they also can observe the pasting in holy Ramadan month

Islamic Wallpapers.

I am here by producing some great Islamic wallpaper for you. If you like visit their site to make it as  your computer wallpaper


islamic-wallpaperI found the above wallpaper at You may find the image here


The Belowe image is realy beautiful and attractive. You can visit them if you like this



Another beautiful islamic wallpaer. I am not sure the source. However I am not sure it belongs to them


#4 islamic hd wallpapers

Please Find some good Islamic wallpapers here. You can visit their site to download the wallpapers for your desk top


#5 islamic wallpapers hd

Another Islamic wallpapers HD is also from same web site. Visit them now


#6 beautiful islamic wallpapers

You can find some beautiful islamic wallpapers here.

beautiful-islamic-wallpapersImage 6 and 7 is from

#7 Beautiful Islamic Wallpaper -2




#8 best islamic wallpapers

best-islamic-wallpapersimage Credit Image 8,9. Visit them to download these wallpapers in High defention

#9 Best Islamic wallpaper 2



#10 Best Islamic wallpaper 3



#11 Islamic Wallpaper



#12 Islamic Wallpapers



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