Pull out your craft supplies and gather up some inspiration, Easter is right around the corner and it’s time to whip up some “egg-stra” special Easter displays this season. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Maybe you want to bring smiles to the faces of your little ones with a character theme or maybe your goal is to wow your guests over an Easter meal; whatever path you choose to follow for your spring time inspiration, rest assured there are tips and ideas to “egg” you on with your Easter egg decorating plans.

Minion Easter Eggs


Gather the kids around for what is sure to be one of their all time favorite Easter egg decorating ideas.  Accessorize two toned dyed eggs to create a minion theme on your spring table. Your little ones won’t be able to keep their fingers off these favorites.

Via: A Pumpkin and A Princess

DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs


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Easter Bunny Eggs


Here’s an adorable creation you and your kids can make on Easter. Have fun with these cute bunny Easter eggs.

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Geometric Eggs


No messy fingers required to create these spectacular works of art.  Using Japanese-style washi tape, create eggs in all sorts of beautiful colors and designs.  The clean lines and geometric feel make these designs particularly pleasing to the eye.

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Egg Totems


Using hollowed out eggs, wooden eggs or Styrofoam eggs create a 3-d sculpture by connecting the pieces together with a skewer or magnets. Add your artistic touch with paint and craft accessories.  Why not create an egg sculpture for each member of the family?!

Via: Mr. Printables

Mr. Mustache Eggs


It’s all about the details.  Give an eye catching and humorous flair to your egg basket with these adorable pastel dyed eggs sporting just a little facial hair.

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Spring Blossoms


Like the early blooming crocus, this egg design appears to push its way up through the spring grass.  Subtle pastel hues add a whisper of spring.  Display in vintage dishes to deepen the classic appeal.

Via: BHG

Cross-Stitch Creations


Like a blanket on grandma’s lap, the “stitch” patterns of this design create an intricate old fashioned quality to this egg design.  The country palette adds a wholesome and primitive touch.

Via: Design Sponge

Photo Print Easter Eggs


Bring your family photo album to life with a display of some old favorites.  Your family will be giddy seeing their images artfully displayed this Easter season.  Make extra and giggle your way through an egg hunt with family and friends.

Via: A Subtle Revelry

Watercolor Easter Eggs


Watercolor paints and pencils join together to create these works of art.  Using the egg as a canvas, these intricate patterns are hand drawn in an artfully displayed in manner.  These eggs give the traditional feel of vintage wallpaper.

Via: Alisa Burke

White on Black


Nothing makes a statement quite like the combination of black and white.  Catch the eye of all who pass by with these stunning creations.  Your friends and family won’t be able to keep their hands of these little beauties.  Tuck them in all sorts of dishes and vases to make a bold statement.

Via: Only But a Glimpse

Subway Art Easter Eggs


Showcase your trendy side with some chic subway inspired eggs in your Easter basket.  Create Easter messages or use common Easter words to make a style statement.

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Banded Beauties


These eggs look like they are ready to join in the Easter parade.  Wrapped with just a little bit of lace or a fabric band and topped with a small flower, the sweet innocence of spring is awakened.

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DIY Floral Eggs


Reminiscent of beautifully adorned pomander balls, this design uses the same technique.  Pearl push pins and tiny florals of either paper or cloth nestle together to create this work of art.  Add a ribbon and you are all set.

Via: Pizzazzerie 

Overlap Dot Eggs


Create a spectrum of color on your holiday eggs with a simple yet complex design.  The overlapping effect produces a spectrum of color against the black background.  This modern, geometric effect is certainly an eye-catcher!

Via: Martha Stewart

Twine Eggs


So simple and so pretty!  You will want to make a whole collection of these eggs in various colors.  Using baker’s twine, you can wrap up a real winner of a display this Easter season.

Via: Consumer Crafts

Cosmic Eggs


Kids will love the celestial marbleized look created by these glowing eggs.  Using glow in the dark or fluorescent paint and vinegar, dip and twirl your way to a magical result.

Via: Growing a Jeweled Rose

Glitzy Eggs


Fragile and delicate, these little glittery beauties are both graceful and enchanting.  The subtle hues and the touch of glitter partner in an elegant fashion.

Via: Martha Stewart

Dinosaur Eggs


Your kids will “crack up” when they see these “dinosaur” eggs on the table.  Nestle them in a basket or an old bird’s nest in the yard and your kids will think they had a prehistoric visitor stop by.

Via: Our Best Bites

Pantone Eggs


Create your own pallet of the season with a pantone display of your all time favorite hues.  Simple, clean and fashionable is the feel of this egg designing technique.

Via: How about Orange

Ritzy Robin Eggs


Give a little sophistication and style to your Easter basket this spring with a metallic pen on a classic robin egg blue backdrop.  Let your imagination be your guide and you doodle your way to a winner.

Via: BHG

Volcano Eggs


Science and art join forces to hatch this decorating idea.  Gather the kids around and mix up some fun watching your eggs “erupt” into unique designs.

Via: Toddler Approved

Signs of Springs


Tattoo your holiday eggs with some treasured icons of spring.  Using botanical images, these eggs are adorned with the glory and hope of springtime visitors.

Via: Country Living

Sakura Eggs


East meets west on the face of this stunning replica of the cherry blossom tree.  As a symbol of spring, the japanese sakura bursts forth to announce the warmth of a new season.

Via: Craft Passion

Shades of Easter


Patience will pay off with a remarkable display of shaded color when you combine simple egg dye and water to create this graduated color theme.  Join together a rainbow of colors for an eye catching seasonal display.

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Egg Pinatas


You won’t want to wear a blindfold around these pretty little beauties.  Combine different colors of crepe paper to make festive patterns and designs.  Hang up a whole bunch for a springtime fiesta!

Via: Blogging Corner Blog

Floral Decoupage Eggs


With just a hint of the orient, these decoupage eggs could be fashioned from any attractive fabric or paper.  Make a collection and create a noteworthy springtime spectacle.  Clip and glue your way to a work of art.

Via: Dizzy Maiden

Super Mario Eggs


Using nintendo for inspiration, this super Mario bros theme will appeal to kids of all ages.  Replicate the simple images by hand using a pencil and fill them in with acrylic paint to bring smiles to faces of your little ones.  Invite these popular characters into your Easter decorating this season.

Via: Instructables 

Silk-Dyed Eggs


Pull out the old neck ties and silk fabric scraps for this extraordinary color transferring technique.  No two eggs will look alike as you meticulously wrap and soak the eggs to create amazing Easter treasures.  Your visitors will wonder how you created such impressive treasures.

Via: Blouder Locavore

Springtime Eggs


Pretty paper and origami inspired designs come together to form a little garden party of easter egg treasures.  You are only limited by your imagination as you cut and glue your way to a basketful of beauty.  Mix and match flower types to assemble your own garden bursting with color.

Via: Family Circle

Mosaic Easter Eggs


Patience and a steady hand result in this egg-citing technique.  Using the cracked shell from one egg, carefully glue to a second egg to create a mosaic effect.  Interchange colors for endless variations.

Via: Sweet Anne

Sprinkle Eggs


This sprinkled design will have you feeling like you made a trip to the bakery.  Covered in glue and rolled in a bowl of sprinkles….what could be easier!  Even little fingers can help with these delicate, show stoppers.  The vast array of baking sprinkles available make for endless possibilities.

Via: Studio DIY

Ninja Turtle Eggs


With a handful of supplies, you can bring these childhood characters to life.  Whether your favorite is Leonardo or Michelangelo, ninja turtles have survived the test of time and remain a childhood favorite.  Create them all and watch little eyes twinkle with excitement.

Via: A Pumpkin and A Princess

Mossy Eggs


After a long winter, nothing says springtime more than the joyful holiday of easter.  As the snow begins to melt and you long to see sprouts of fresh green grass, fill your table with these moss covered reminders of warmer days to come.

Via: Love Grows Wild

Metallic Confetti Eggs


Nothing says fun like confetti.  Using foil confetti found at your local party store, embellish your Easter eggs with a dash of shine.  The metallic foil against the subtle hues of Easter time colors makes a particularly glamorous effect.

Via: Studio DIY

Bookish Eggs


Via: A Room of Wonders

Tell a story or share an inspirational passage this Easter.  Carefully penned and artfully displayed, your holiday eggs can serve to as a reminder to family and friends about the blessings life has to offer.

Beaded Easter Eggs


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DIY Emoji Easter Eggs


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DIY Indigo Marbled Eggs


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Waxed Easter Eggs


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DIY Nail Polish Eggs


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Floral Wreath Crown Eggs


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Black and White Eggs


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Fashionable Easter Eggs


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Decoupage Eggs


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Melted Crayon Eggs


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Peek-A-Boo Easter Eggs


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Dotted Easter Eggs


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Space Easter Eggs


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Textured Eggs


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