easter-craft-ideasBring out the pastel palette! Easter. A very meaningful merriment. As one of the oldest celebrations cherished by tradition, it is here once again. And it does come in colors!

Rejoicing in this favorite occasion does not go deviant from how equally significant holidays are observed – good food, laughter, games, family, presents, friends, and thanksgiving. However, this time, the valued fête should be a cross of what is rustic and introductory. Bunnies, painted eggs, baskets, to name a few, are some of the customary icons Easter brings thru. Step it up, be more imaginative. This season is a happy opportunity to showcase craftsmanship and your own stamp on these goodies – everything else goes more exciting, more memorable, more personal.

One with you in celebrating Easter, here are some easy Easter crafts for kids and preschooler to consider. These easter crafts are easy to make and perfect for kids and a fun activities for Easter Sunday. Lavender, mint green, yellow, pale pink and blue. Play a little and give something new.

Easter Crafts for Kids


Easter Cone Goodies from The Crafting Chicks
There is more to eat than the eggs.  This project teaches you how to make nests edible too!  Just add chocolate eggs, chicks, and personal tags.  You will be keeping a couple for yourself for sure.

easter-kids-crafts Yarn Baby Carrots from Dollar Store Crafts
Do not entice Easter bunnies with this tempting art work. Cardstock, orange and green yarn, and glue are all. You have baby carrots! Keep out of reach of persons in charge of the kitchen… and children


Easter Egg Frames from Fashion Diva Design

Pretty frames are not just for portraits, paintings, jigsaw puzzles, or something else flat.  Embossed in this framed beauty are Easter eggs in different colors!  With their tips open, one can even insert flowers on them.

Easy Easter Crafts, Easy Craft Ideas for Easter


Easter Bunny Wreaths from Etsy
Wreaths do not only happen during Christmas.  And do not only come in circles during Easter.  Gather twigs, cut a dainty ribbon, and you’ll have a Bunny Wreath hanging by the door.


Pet Easter Bunny Printables from I Heart Nap Time

Some people love candies.  Others love giving them.  This sweet idea caters the latter.  Why not add personally designed bunny faces on those cellophanes of goodies?  You may want to print tags along with them too.

Easter Crafts for Preschoolers


Baby Chick Easter Craft from Joyzz

Kids will love doing this Easter craft of their own!  A yellow dessert plate can turn into a chick.  Just cut long strips of orange paper, fold them to have a zigzag texture for legs, a cutout for the feet, and beak, and eye stickers.  Kids may add yellow feathers for wings.


Crafty Easter Cards from Fiona Carter

Why not send greetings this Easter?  And send it through your personally made cards!  This artistic and creative project teaches you how to make your own push-and-pull cards, the shape of a hatched Easter egg.  Ideas for the design are limitless and yours.  And so is the message.

Edible Easter Craft Ideas


Jellybean Topiary Craft from Craft Sisters

A burst of flavors and colors – this topiary project involves no less than jelly beans!  Make sure to select the pastel colored ones for the occasion.  Sticks, little clay pots, and styrofoam balls are the supporting characters in this unique art.  Sweet sweet Easter topiary.


Marshmallow Peeps Wreath from Mommy Savers

Easter wreaths can be multifunctional – artistic, decorative, edible.  Minus the glue.  This art tip is also a dessert plating advice!  Again, minus the glue.  This is literally an eye candy – wreath of treat!


Gumball Spring Wreaths from Fit, Crafty, Stylish and Happy
This project gives as a cool idea of how to make an Easter wreath using an unconventional material – gum balls! Glue will do the trick. And if you are not a fan of rainbows, spray paint them with a solid color of your choice. Hang them using a fabric painted with patters for a more original feel.

Creative Easter Crafts


Easter Egg Tree from Crafty Sisters

There can be such a thing as an Easter tree!  This project gives us that creative twist.  Just look for a pot, artificial decoration plants, and start putting your colorful eggs on the tips of the branches.  And do not limit your creativity in gluing up add-ons for a more personal touch.


Flower Balls Craft from Color Me Domestic

Even the bees will swarm in this sweet flowery project.  Who will not smile upon seeing balls studded with little flowers?  Pick a pastel colored paper, styrofoam balls, glue, and a flower-holed puncher and it is a bouncing garden.  Punch the paper into millions of tiny flowers.  It is therapeutic.  Sweet and Spike and everything nice.

Easter Egg Crafts for Kids


Easter Eggs with Googly Eyes from Scrappin Danielle

Looking for eggs?  Don’t let them find you first!  With these wide-eyed egg decorations, you might see yourself squeezing your finds because they are just too cute.


Egg Cozies from CountryLiving
Eggs need warmth to hatch.  Easter eggs need these easy-to-make cute little pocket-warmers for a more unique Easter souvenirs!  It may be spring, but blankets are always handy all year-round.


Egg Shell Craft from Chezlarsson

Egg shells can be the star in executing many creative ideas!  This series of decorating tips will surprise you that egg shells can be a boat, an umbrella, a baby stroller, and egg-mobile, and a bathtub.  Just make sure to have steady hands, and you will surely make the cutest souvenirs to give this Easter.

Easter Basket Crafts


DIY Terra Cotta Basket from Hostess with the Mostess

Terra cotta Easter baskets, anyone?  This bright idea suggested by this project is both very unique and economic.  Just look for terra cotta or clay pots, patterned paper to wrap their rims with and act as handles, and all you need are the green shredded papers for grass and the Easter eggs.


Edible Easter Basket from iVillage

This is an Easter treat kids of all ages surely won’t forget!  Colorful, timely, edible.  Mini cupcake holders with licorice for handles, chocolate eggs on top of no-bake cheesecake, this will surely be in demand Easter after Easter.

Cute Easter Crafts


Daffodil Candy Cups from Martha Stewart

Daffodil is the trusty deal!  Without picking all of them extinct, you can use your printer at home.  And as cut-outs, sprinkle them along candies.  Scoop the mixture into small baking cups for giveaways.  Good times.

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids


DIY Paint Chip Easter Garland from Modern Parents Messy Kids

Paint color samples are the hardware store charmers.  They are rainbow on paper.  With this project, you can use those old stacks of paint samples into making a rainbow Easter garland.  Different colors of eggs look good next to each other.

Easter Bunny Crafts


Creative Socks from A Creative Cookie

Socks are not only for Santa.  You can buy new colorful socks and turn them into an Easter bunny.  Buttons are not just for Snowman.  Need I say more?  Just do not forget that you are making bunnies – carrots for noses are just a no no.


Easter Bunny Garland from The Country Chic Cottage

Why not go country this Easter?  Get some rustic-patterned fabric, cut them out into silhouettes of bunnies, hang them with wooden clothespins on a twine with handpicked flowers.  What a homey banner!  Now don’t make faces (on the bunnies).

Religious Easter Crafts for Kids, Christian Easter Crafts


Message in an Egg from Fashion Diva Design

Message in a bottle is so yesteryears with this great concept of an Easter egg.  When was the last time you sent a great letter for the first time?  Received?  A messaged carefully written, literally, that it becomes a design.  Detailed egg or egg detailed?



JESUS Easter Eggs

Decorating and coloring eggs is one of the oldest traditions observe during Easter Sunday. This year, make it a little bit religiously by adding the letter of JESUS on them. It can make a beautiful centerpiece.

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