Are you living with the little ones? Are you looking for bedroom designs and cool ideas in order to decorate and beautify the bedroom of your sweet little notorious kids? If you answer is Yes, then post is surely going to help you out.

There are few things that one should keep in mind while designing and decorating kids’ bedroom. First thing is the color of the bedroom. The color of kids’ bedroom should be a combination of bright and light color. Bright color will keep them energetic while light color will help them in falling asleep with ease. Second important thing is the décor items. Kids love to play in their bedrooms. Make sure you don’t keep any expensive and delicate decorative item that might broke when you little when is having fun. These two points will surely help you in designing a perfect and interesting bedroom for kids.

Now let me show you some amazing kids’ bedroom designs and ideas. You can get inspired from these and give a new look to your little one’s bedroom.

Simple Kids Bedroom Designs:

1- Simple white kids bedroom-

1 simple white kids bedroom

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White is the best color choice for kids. It keeps them calm and cool. White color also helps in keeping the room bright and cheerful. Have a look at this simple bedroom for kids. Here the bed has been mounted in the wall like other shelves. The idea of placing a ladder inside the room is unique. You can make a library above the bed so that your kids may climb up the ladder to pick their favorite book to read. The placement of bed is amazing. Window side beds always help kids to fall asleep while they watch the stars. This helps in providing them sound and peaceful sleep.

2- Simple Kids bedroom with bunk beds

simple kids bedroom with bunk beds

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As I have already discussed that white is the most preferred color for kids’ bedroom is white. Here is another simple yet stylish bedroom for kids. Kids love bunk beds. If you have two kids in your home, then you must try this idea of placing bunk beds in your kids’ bedroom. The covered wall mounted shelves will save place and help in keeping the room neat and clean.

3- Blue kids’ bedroom

blue kids bedroom

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You can always paint your kids’ bedroom with bright and dark colors in combination with light colors. This is a very simple kids’ bedroom which has one wall painted in dark blue. The furniture used in the room is in bright yellow and orange. This is making the room bright and cheerful.

4- Simple orange kids’ bedroom

simple orange kids bedroom

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Here is yet another simple yet amazing kid’s bedroom. There are two beds in this room. The stairs that are made to climb up to the second bed are actually shelves. Your kids can keep their belongings in these shelves. This is small kids’ bedroom that is bright and cheerful. The combination of orange and florescent green is perfectly making the room look modern and stylish.

5- Small kids’ bedroom

small kid's bedroom

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If your kid’s bedroom is small and you want to give a new stylish look to it but also want to keep it simple, then this design is surely going to impress you. This is small kid bedroom with single bed and a single shelf. This compact room has everything that a kid wants yet it looks stylish.

Kids’ Bedroom Design For Girls:

6- Pink bedroom for girls

pink bedroom

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Girls love pink. That little girl in your house is surely going to love this design. First thing that is going to impress is the color of this room. Its baby pink! Second thing is the curtains of the bed and third important thing is the idea of storage bed. I am sure you little princess will not be able to say no to this bedroom design.

7- Princess style bedroom

princess style bedroom

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If there are two little girls in your home, then room is going be a perfect choice for them. The light colors used to decorate the room are making this bedroom look lively and joyful. The best part of this room is that is has a pink element in it- the big pink dresser!! And the world knows that girls love pink. The vintage style frames and decorative items are making this room look like a princess’ room.

8- Purple bedroom for girls

purple bedroom for girls

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Want to try something new? Go for this amazing purple bedroom design. Purple is the second most loved color by girls after pink. The basic theme of this room is purple. The floral items used in the room are making the room look elegant, beautiful and girly.

9- Floral theme girls’ bedroom idea

floral theme girls bedroom

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Flowers, butterflies, dolls, teddy bears- all of these elements can brighten up the face of your little princess. This is one such girl bedroom design. Look at the flower shaped cushions, floral printed bedding, flower lights, butterfly wall décor pieces, shelf full of soft toys– all of these are making this room look bright, beautiful and cheerful.

10- Surfer girl bedroom design

surfer girl bedroom

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Your girl is little different from rest of the girls? She is cool and confident? And she loves surfing too? Then you must go for this unique and fresh bedroom design for girl. Whosoever said that girl’s bedroom can’t be in blue color, show them this stunning and refreshing design. The refreshing beach painting on the wall is the plus point of the room. The combination of blue and white used for decorative pieces and bedding is enhancing the beauty of the room.

Kids Bedroom Design For Boys:

11- Simple bedroom for boys

simple bedroom for boys

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Boys like to be rough and tough, especially the little ones. They don’t like girly stuff like butterfly and floral prints. So it is very important that you keep in mind the color and choice of furniture when designing a boy bedroom. If you want to design a simple yet boyish and stylish bedroom, then go for this design. It is small bedroom which has a single bed along with two shelves beside it. The color scheme of this bedroom is dark yet stylish and modern.

12- Neat white bedroom for boys

neat white bedroom for boys

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This is one of the best boy bedroom designs I have seen. I really love the idea of this simple bed and a side stool beside the bed. This stool has a place to store stuff inside it. The wall mounted shelf is also there in order to keep the toys and games well organized. The big window in the room is enough to brighten the room with natural sunlight during the day. This is no wonder, a very elegant and classy bedroom design for boys.

13- Bright boys’ bedroom

bright boys bedroom

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You can always play with colors in designing a boy bedroom. You can use bright colors like green and orange to combine with the base color i.e. blue. Look at this refreshing and bright bedroom design for boys. It has an open shelf beside the bed. This makes it easier for your little boy to keep things properly.

14- Classy boy bedroom

classy boy bedroom

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The color combination of blue and white always looks classy and soothing. Look at this boy bedroom design, though the size of the room is small yet it is looking very spacious. There are shelves on the wall which are enough to keep important stuff near the bed.

15- Surfer boy bedroom design

surfer boy bedroom

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Here comes last but the most stylish boy bedroom design. If your boy loves to be cool and his love for surfing is never-ending, go for this design. The design is really simple. What is making this bedroom look stylish is the surfer painting on the wall. The surf boards on the wall and the blue stripe bedding are perfectly matching up with theme of the bedroom.

These were the best bedroom designs and ideas for kids. You can get inspired from these ideas and designs and give a brand new look to your kid’s bedroom. I hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to share your views on this via comments section below.

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