wedding-giftsWedding gift ideas are not as easy to come up with as most people might think. Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks any wedding guest has to tackle is the obligation of buying the perfect wedding gift. In the old days, people didn’t have to scratch their heads to come up with the perfect gift to give. Traditional gifts were more than enough. A plate set, pots and pans, bed clothes – back then those were enough to satisfy both the bride and the groom.

But as years pass by and wedding gift ideas become more complicated, fulfilling the obligation as a wedding guest has become more and more difficult. Not only does one have to think of the needs of the newlyweds, one also has to consider their wants as well. And in our modern age where technology seems to hold no bounds and imagination no limits, a person’s (much more a couple’s) wants are simply inexhaustible and, more often than not, unpredictable.

So what’s a well-intentioned but inexperienced wedding guest to do?

Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride

  • Sexy Lingerie

Let the loving feeling spark as the groom sees his bride on sexy lingerie. There are many options to choose. Some can be daring. Lacey and see-through lingerie are best options.

  • Fashionable Tote Bag

As newlyweds, they might spend more of their time on travelling and seeing lots of beautiful places. With fashionable tote bags, the bride will always be ready to go.

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  • Jewelry

You can’t go wrong there. For the blooming bride, a hint of gold or a touch of silver will definitely make her glow even more. Color isn’t a bad idea either. Careful consideration of what jewel will look best on her or what kind she prefers is essential.

  • Spices

Brides who love to cook will be ecstatic to receive a collection of different spices – sweet, spicy, salty, tangy, and more! These will be great for those adventurous souls who love to experiment with their spices.

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  • Bath Oils and Soaps

After a long day, nothing is more relaxing than a warm bubble bath. Give the bride a basket of fragrant oils and soaps to help her unwind after a tiring day. She deserves it.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom

  • Barbecue Kit

The newlywed may spend their life together at home. Have their first barbecue treat by giving the groom a nice, yet inexpensive barbecue and grill kit.

  • Duffle bag

This is a perfect wedding gift for the sporty groom. Duffle bags are perfect for hitting the gym, camping outdoors, or simply going away for the weekend. A must-have for active grooms.

  • Gadget

Boys do love their toys. Our generation lives for the latest technology. Ipads, laptops, smart phones, you name it. Useful at home and at work.

  • Pocket Watch

Ideal for grooms with a refined taste in fashion. Elegant but also practical, pocket watches will give the groom an air of sophistication and class.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride and Groom

  • Non-stick Cookware

Have them a fresh start by giving them the basic utensils for the kitchen. A set of non-stick cooking ware can one of the best wedding gifts for the newlyweds.

  • Convertible Sofa

A comfortable and flexible gift option, a convertible sofa. This sofa can be used in different forms and folds. It can be folded, laid down, etc.

  • Gift certificate

No one knows the couple more than the couple themselves. Gift certificates aren’t just an easy ticket out of personally selecting and buying a gift. It will give the couple a chance to pick out what they really want or need. This way you know they won’t ever return your gift to the store.

  • Wine

To commemorate special events or to simply share a romantic moment. Choose a bottle that the couple will enjoy. Something light and sweet will be perfect.

  • Cash

If all else fails, there’s nothing wrong in giving cold hard cash. It’ll help pay for the fortune that the wedding cost or help the couple build their new lives together.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Rather than mindlessly buying a safely ordinary gift – which will be more than likely stowed away to collect dust – one could consider purchasing a unique gift that the newlyweds would be delighted to have in their home. The gift should wish the happy couple the best of luck in the new life they’re about to share together. Consider these ideas.

  • Customized Silverware

A traditional wedding gift with a personal twist. Make your gift even more special by personalizing it! Silver is elegant and refined, you can’t go wrong with giving the happy couple silverware. Give them something they’ll be proud to use at dinner parties and other special occasions.

  • Artwork

Bare walls are depressing and lonely. Give life to the newlyweds’ home by giving them an art print (better yet, a photograph) of something that you’re certain they’ll adore. Some might argue that a simple photograph or print is too bland and simple (and lazy). But on rainy days and cold nights, the mere sight of color and energy on the drab walls will lift anyone’s spirits.

  • Antiques

Be they aged but classy furniture or old-fashioned jewelry boxes, antiques are perfect for couples with a taste for vintage artifacts. Antiques have stood against the test of time, staying strong even as the years go by. What better way to wish the happy couple to do the same?

Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

Want to make your gift even more special? Give the newlyweds something they’ll always remember. Commemorate their day of union with something valuable and creative. Here are a few ideas that you can use.

  • Experience

A boxed gift is one thing, a thing that can be broken, lost, or forgotten. An experience is another thing completely. You can’t break it, lose it, or ever forget it. A romantic dinner, a weekend at a spa, or even their honeymoon! Give them something that they can never throw away or lose. Why not give them their first adventure as a married couple?

  • Scented candles

Fragrant and distinguished, scented candles will give the new couple’s home an optimistic feel to it. These candles will be great in setting a romantic mood.

  • Modern Home Décor

How about giving the couple something sleek and stylish for their home? Those with a penchant for avant-garde furnishings will surely love crystal-cut bowls, or stainless pitchers too beautiful to hide inside a box, or classy glass wine decanters, or anything that will give their new home a stylish modern edge.

Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas

Enchant newlyweds with homespun gifts that will always remind them of you. Homemade gifts are a delight and will make your gift more personal than others. A gift is more heartfelt if it’s homemade, they say; too true for wedding gifts. You need not be completely artistic or a whiz at carpentry to give the best homemade gift. Here are some quick and easy ideas to consider if you choose to give something homemade.

  • Mix tape

CD mix for boyfriend
Bring back good memories by giving the lovebirds a mix tape (or CD, for convenience) of their all-time favorite songs. You can add their love song, the song that brought them together, the song that made them fall in love with each other, the song that tells their love story. Music will never go out of style so a mix tape/CD is great for everyone.

  • Homemade furniture

It doesn’t have to be too complicated. A simple book shelf, a book end, a stool, or a coffee table will definitely please the happy couple especially if you add a whimsical touch like a stencil of the couple’s initials or the date of their wedding.

  • Video

Handy with the camera? A shutterbug at heart? Make use of your talent by giving a video tape of you and your friends congratulating the happy couple. You can even include clips or pictures of the couple before their wedding. Be as creative as you want! You can even try recreating the first time the couple met. This is a great gift because the couple can cherish it forever and play it back whenever they please.

Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas

On a tight budget? Afraid you can’t afford the perfect gift? Worry not. There are tons of great wedding gift ideas that will go easy on your budget. Widen your creativity by trying out these frugal ideas that you can get for less but won’t have to sacrifice on quality.

  • Books

Yes, books. Inexpensive but incredibly life-changing. Perfect for couples with a shared love for books. Of course the couple’s tastes in books has to be considered. And if they’re not so keen on the written word, consider their hobbies. Do they like to cook? How about a fun and interesting cookbook to keep them busy? Do they like to travel? Then they’ll adore travel guide books. Or you could give them books that could help them adjust to married life.

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  • Plants/trees

For the green thumbed bride and groom, a pot of their favorite flower or tree will be just the thing! Give them a plant that will serve as a reminder of their wedding day. Better yet, give them a flowering plant that best symbolizes their love. For instance, sunflowers symbolize loyalty and happiness. Marigolds symbolize passion and creativity. Choose the flower that will perfectly describe the couple’s love.

  • Pillowcases

Low-cost but very practical. The couple will sleep more soundly with the perfect pillowcase.

  • Picture Frames

Have something that hold the captured moments. Picture frames and even photo albums might be cheap wedding gift option, but it provides the sentimental and practical essence of the gift.

  • Personalized Aprons

Get the bride ready for her responsibility as wife. Get her a personalized aprons, with scripture of “I love my husband” or “The Master Chef”. The name of the bride and the groom can also be included.

Wedding Gift Ideas For Friends

Close friends of the bride or groom often have a hard time choosing the right gift. You want to give them a special and personal gift that they’ll always keep. You have to give them something that they’ll love, after all, you know them best. But if you’re in doubt, how about trying these ideas out?

  • Gift basket

Easy to prepare and a pleasure to receive. Personally pick out individual items that you know the couple will enjoy. Set a theme for your gift basket like a “love is sweet” basket filled with the couple’s favorite sweets, or a “movie marathon” basket with the couple’s favorite movies, a big bag of pop corn, and wine. This gift will show how you truly know the couple and how much you want them to be happy in their marriage.

  • Scrapbook

Chronicle the couple’s love story creatively with a scrapbook. Collect pictures from their early years, trinkets from their dates and special events, gather as much information as you can to add to the scrapbook. The lovebirds will enjoy flipping through the pages of their story. Don’t forget to leave the last pages blank though. Their story is far from over.

  • Couple’s coffee mugs

Coffee-lovers (and tea-lovers) will be delighted to receive couple coffee mugs. Not only will they be able to start out their day sipping through their very own complementary coffee mugs, they’ll be reminded of their special day and the special friend that gave them that gift.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents

  • Personalized Mugs

Nothing beats sentimental presents for the wedding. There are so many keepsake sellers that allow customers to personalize their items. One of the most common choices is the mugs.

  • Personalized Keepsakes

Have something that will remind of you to the newlywed parents. You have tons of options to choose from as keepsake. Just include the name of the recipient to make it personalized.

  • Porcelain Flower Vase

It’s time to change the usual flower vase that your mom use in arranging the flowers she received or both. But this time, make it even more special by choosing porcelain types.

  • Key Ring

A safest choice of wedding gift for dad. A key ring with scripture or short thank you notes and parents / newlyweds names on it can make a sentimental and special wedding gift.

Wedding Gift Basket ideas

  • Breakfast Gift Basket

Fill your basket with breakfast stuff with cereals, gourmet coffee, maple syrup, creamy honey, pancake mix, mugs, bowls, etc. Depending on the newlyweds lifestyle, you may also include some tea bags and tea cups.

  • Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Just like the name suggest, this gift basket must include wine and cheese. Not just ordinary cheese, I suggest that you go for gourmet ones. You may also include some wine flutes.

  • Spa Gift Basket

Have the couples a day of relaxation, but not in a commercial spa center. Let them do it to themselves. Gift them a basket filled with relaxing and spa treatment kit.

  • Deluxe Gift Basket

This gift basket include deluxe and gourmet items.

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