The Best Yoga Christmas Gifts And Presents For Your Yogi Friend Suggestions

Christmas Yoga Gifts
Christmas Yoga Gift Ideas

Christmas is a special occasion where everyone looks forward to giving and receiving gifts. This year make your guests for your near and dear one specials. Give them a chance to rediscover the joy of gifting, that has now lost its charms. And, if you have someone who eat, breathes, and sleeps yoga, the Christmas presents can be made more special. Here are a variety of yoga Christmas gifts that you can present to your yoga adoring friend…

The 15 Best Yoga Gift Ideas For Christmas 

Yoga Mat

You all would have read about Aladdin and the magic lamp. Have you ever noticed that he had a magic carpet that would be his companion in all his journeys? Akin to that yogis also have a magic carpet – the yoga mat. It is best pal of a practicing yogi. Along with being a bare essential, it always tops the list of his travel accessories. Available in countless colors and fabrics, there make wonderful Christmas time gifts. Pick the one that offers added cushioning while she practices her favorite fitness routine. Personalize it by inscribing your initials or writing a soothing message.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are now in vogue. They come in countless colors and fabrics, making them the most comfortable casual wear. It is even used a party wear also. Choose one that fits snugly and comfortably, at the same time makes her look chic and gorgeous. Opt for pastel shades with subtle prints so that she can pair it with an awesome tee for a casual dining wear. If she is a bold woman, opt for bright  hues with bold prints that highlight her personality.

Yoga Tops

Tees – these are the most popular among yoga tops, while there is an increasing demand for tank tops, long, and short tops. If you friend is an inversion yoga lover, pick one that fits perfectly without making her queasy while indulging in her favorite headstand. If your Christmas gift is meant for a casual purpose, you opt for floral print ones or ones that have been embellished with sequins and beads for a trendy, chic look.

Yoga Water Bottle

Water is any yogi’s friend, as it helps in keeping her hydrated amidst her practice. Choose for something special as a water bottle is a simple Christmas  yoga present. Choose for bottles that have been designed akin to twists. Bold colors with slightly narrower openings would make this gift more appealing. You known what your friend needs’ so you can never get it wrong.

Yoga Meditation CDs

Mediation in the presence of chants is a empowering experience. And, yogis love to carry these CDs with them everywhere they go as it helps to relax and unwind. From prayers to hymns and lullabies to mantras, there are countless CDs available in the market. You could pick the one that satiates your friends’ musical needs, from a subtle instrumental one to the sounds from nature.

Yoga Bag

Do all the yogis use yoga bags? While the answer is a definite no, there are multiple benefits of using this yoga accessory. Your friend can use this yoga Christmas gift of yours to stack in all her yoga associated stuffs into a single place. From foldable ones to backpacks and handbags to travelers’ bags, there are countless patterns available. While pastel shades would be the right picks for a woman, you can choose dark shades for a man.

Yoga Retreat Treats

Give your friend a surprise by gifting her a voucher of her favorite yoga retreat . There are countless yoga studios that will be offering holiday package vouchers. There will be mediation, relaxation, Kundalini, Power yoga, and many such workshops that are being offered during this Christmas. So, pick the one and surprise your friend.

Gift An Ayurvedic Massage

The relaxing sweet scents of oil that spreads aroma from the corners soothes the nerves, leaving you fresh and relaxed. Yogis, especially, love this sensation. While there are no words to explain the rich, divine experience a soul soothing massage renders, it definitely is an added bonus that will leave your friend relaxed and rejuvenated. So, gift her an Ayurvedic massage! It is good option!

Meditation Cushions

Yoga cushions are beneficial in a multitude of ways. From helping your yogi friend to indulge in a longer meditation to support her knees while doing a asana, these cushions can help her. Opt for the ones that are firm, yet soft enough so that it supports here while preventing injuries. The best bet for meditation cushions as Christmas gifts would be ones that have stuffing made from organic buckwheat.

Yoga Christmas Presents Sculptures

An empty mind yoga statue, Om engraved frames, lotus shaped candle holders, etc are few of the yoga sculptures you can try buying. These simple, yet beautifully elegant statues and sculptures add to the beauty of your friend’s home, irrespective of its décor and theme.

Yoga Jewellery Christmas Presents

Mudra Necklaces

There are countless mudras in yoga, but when it comes to jewelery, the Gyan mudra is the prime choice. The tips of index finger and thumb in connection is a gentle reminder of our origin, at the same time is an invitation for peace, acknowledgement, and calmness to fill in. No wonder it is one of the most sought after Christmas presents for a yogi.

Om Engraved Earrings/ Bracelet/Pendant

World, according the yogis, pulsates constantly, enabling the creation of a specific rhythm that they acknowledge as Om. Om, or Aum, is believed to help us in re-establishing the connection we once had with the universe. You can pick a bracelet, pendant, earrings, or rings as Christmas gifts for your yogi friend.

Lotus Pendant/Bracelet/Earrings

Lotus grows tall in the deep murky water. The blooms are simple, but look astonishingly gorgeous. And, this flower, according to yogis, is the symbol of health, good luck, honor, and long life. No wonder lotus has a special place in yoga. Most of the meditation and breathing techniques of yoga are practiced by sitting in Padmasana, the powerful Lotus Pose. Gift this charm to your friend and wish her good luck!

Yoga Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can even gift your yoga loving friend some ornaments to adorn the Christmas tree with yoga as the theme. There are yoga poses inscribed stars, collage rounds that are filled with spiritual mantras for growth, Santa shaped yoga inscriptions, and many more that you can pick online. Choose for the ones that are filled in red, green, and/or gold colors, keeping in mind the colors of the occasion.

Yoga Books

Last, but not the least – yoga books. There are numerous sources of information available on the Internet; I do agree. However, the book lovers still love to cling on the hardcopies. And, if the person is a yoga aficionado, then there are countless books available in the market. From Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to Ashtanga Yoga, from Bikram Yoga to Pre-natal yoga, from meditation to Kundalini Awakening, you can pick a yoga Christmas gift that will perfectly meet your yogi friend’s level.

These were just a handful of suggestions for yoga Christmas gifts and presents. What would be your choice when it comes to yoga based gifts for your friends? Share with us!

Merry Christmas and Happy Yogaing!

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