“Jingle bells, jingle bells”! Hurray! It’s Christmas time again. And, the time to fill your house with the aroma of some fabulously rich, freshly baked cookies.


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The cookie collection outlined below has been handpicked from various sources, to simplify your arduous task for searching and dedicate more time to fill those cookie jars. Make it for yourself, wrap them as Christmas gifts, or pack them into little packs for your kids’ Christmas party treats – they are delicious!

Christmas Cookies

Zoomm….. Delve deep into this blog packed with just lip smacking goodness of Christmas cookies…

The Best 20 Cookies For Christmas

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies – lolfoodie.com

This, unarguably, tops the list. Easy to make, simple, yet rich and versatile, it is the best bet for any holiday season. And, Christmas is nothing but pure celebration. Cut it and shape it the way you want. Sprinkle some sugar and serve or make it richer with a delicious, generous spread of chocolate spread. Irrespective of the way you are relishing, these little devils taste fabulous.

Gingerbread Man Cookies

Gingerbread Man Cookies – food.com

It is worth every moment you spend in the kitchen. Make sure you make them well ahead of time so that you won’t lose time baking them instead of enjoying your Christmas party. Ideal as a present for the kids and adults alike, these lip smacking goodies are sure to fill your house with the fervor and flavor of celebrations.

Christmas Peppermint Meltaways

Peppermint Meltaways – tasteofhome

As the name suggests, they melt in your mouth. No can stop by eating just one of these peppermint flavored Christmas cookies. Use a green or red wrapper to cover these cookies ensure that they are also quintessential elements of your celebrations. You can even use a simple whipped cream with green or red food color added to frost your cookies.

Buttery Christmas Cookies

Buttery Christmas Cookies – lovefeasttable.com

Loaded with butter, these melt in mouth in delights are sure to lure you away from your fitness regimen. So, just close your eyes and give away into these devilish little goodness this festive season, without any guilt. Just enjoy them and do not forget to share them with your friends and family too! And, why not! It is the time to rejoice and celebrate!

Candy Bar Cookies

Candy Bar Cookies – 52mantels

Make use of the candies your kids’ collected during the Halloween to bake some decadent delights. These are quite simple to put together, but they are unarguably luxurious. Each bite of these cookies would tempt you to try another bite. So beware! You can swap in whole wheat flour and oats flour in the place of all purpose flour for a healthy touch, but at the cost of the gooey goodness the latter offers. You can add green and red M&Ms to render that Christmas appeal to the cookies.

Chocolate Thumbprints Cookies

Chocolate Thumbprints Cookies – browneyedbaker

Chocolate is adored by everyone, irrespective of the age. And, that is why chocolate are always a vital ingredient in any celebration! These chocolate laden delights are no exception. There are numerous versions of this cookies. This is quite simple to prepare and needs just half an hour, including the preparation time which means you can even put this together even the day before Christmas.

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies – sallysbakingaddiction

The gooey luxuriousness of chocolate gets a perfect boost with the infusion of the subtly tangy, yet sweet cranberries. They just look mouthwatering…And, with plentiful cranberries available in the season, these white chocolate delights, delightfully, becomes an inevitable element of the Christmas celebration.

White Chocolate Funfetti Christmas Cookies

White Chocolate Funfetti Christmas Cookies – averiecooks

A chewy, soft delight perfect for Christmas and the celebrations… While the corn flour renders the softness, butter gives it the creamy, yet chewy nature. Make sure you are including vanilla in the mixture for that rich aroma and elegant taste. Do not restrict to just one batch as you are sure to find yourself amidst a whole sea of request for these funfetti luxury…

Christmas Tree Cookies

Christmas Tree Cookies – cakecreationsforyou.blogspot.i

You can use any cookie recipe for this, but sugar cookies make the perfect base. Cut it using a cookie cutter and allow the baked cookies to cool down completely before you go ahead with your frosting and glaze. There are numerous way you can come up with a Christmas tree cookie. This is the simplest way of decorating one.

Santa Hat Cookies

Santa Hat Cookies – stonewallkitchen.blogspot.in

The red and white Santa cap is one of the most target cookie shapes for Christmas. They not only add the hue to the celebrations, but also make you feel an invisible presence of the cute Christmas father. They do look cute; they taste equally delicious… The recipe from this particular blog calls for the use of an instant cookie mix, but you can opt for a basic butter cookie or sugar cookie recipe.

Christmas Five Spice Gingersnap Cookies

Gingersnap cookies – epicurious

These ginger snap delights are an awesome addition to your Christmas cookie collection. This one includes the use of the Chinese five spice powder, that renders a slightly different, but interesting twist to the classical flavor of these cookies. Use in whole wheat flour in the place of refine flour to add a note of health to these festive cookies.

Christmas Snickerdoodles

Christmas Snickerdoodles – cravingcobbler

An undisputedly rich and deadly combo of cinnamon and sugar cookies, the popularity of these cookies are well known. These Christmas special delights are really rich. Use butter alone and not a mixture of butter and vegetable shortening as mentioned in the recipe to add to the luxury factor of these green and red holiday cookies.

Santa Cookies

Santa Cookies – thebearfootbaker

What about adding some edible Santa Claus to your cookie platter this festive season? Make sure you have adequate amount of buttercream frosting to top up your sugar cookies… or any icing of your choice for that matter! You can use a very simple cookie recipe as the base; opt for one that is very subtly sweetened! Opt for a bell shaped cookie cutter if you do not find your Santa cutter.

Peppermint Sandwich Christmas Cookies

Peppermint Sandwich Christmas Cookies – alldayidreamaboutfood

This one is a treat for the fitness freaks who are reluctant to try their hands at the festive delights piled up in front of them. Come on! It’s Christmas and you can try one! These are low in carbohydrates and free of gluten too! Hence, a bite or two will not harm you! Prepared using coconut and almond flours, these chocolate flavored cookies are real treats!

Almond Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Almond Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies – twopeasandtheirpod

Once again a healthy cookie recipe, this one from two peas and their pod is a great festive recipe. The almond milk and almond butter used in this recipe renders a delectable rich moistness to the cookies. Use dark chocolate chips to add to the nutrient value. Use honey in the place of sugar but adjust the quantity of milk used so that your dough will not be spoiled.

Lemon Coconut Christmas Cookies

Lemon Coconut Christmas Cookies – ahappygirl.com

These star shaped cookies with a subtle tangy flavor are fabulous incorporations in your Christmas cookie platters. You can even fill the cookie jar with these cookies to be wrapped into a present for your near and dear ones. You can use almond butter or peanut butter in the place of plain butter. Also. Opt for whole wheat flour in the place of refine all purpose flour for added healthiness.

Reindeer Peanut Butter Cookies

Reindeer Peanut Butter Cookies – buddingbaketress.blogspot.in

Welcome Santa this festive season by baking a few batches of these reindeer cookies. They are so cute and adorable! These peanut butter cookies are sure to be a super hit at your party! So, ensure that you have plentiful of them with you so that you won’t fail to impress your little guests!

Christmas Shortbread Cookies

Christmas Shortbread Cookies – bestofthislife

How can one forget not to include these devilishly rich goodness in the celebrations? While this requires a little time, it is worth the efforts you take as they are adored and enjoyed by one and all. This recipe from The Best Of This Life is a gluten free one which is definitely an alluring factor for those who are fitness freaks…

Ornament Cookies

Christmas Ornament Cookies – ohsugareventplanning.blogspot.in

Add some elegance to your Christmas decorations by including these edible ornaments. Frosted in a subtle white icing and decorated with red and green food colors, these look fascinating. Add it to your Christmas cookie tree and just see the enviable admiration visible in the eyes of your guests! Neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride! That is what these cookies precisely are!

Bell Shaped Christmas Cookies

Bell Shaped Christmas Cookies – vanillabeanbaker

Let these edible bells ring the jingle as you celebrate the birth of the Lord. These look so enticing… There are numerous ways of decorating these bell shaped cookies. This one is my favorite… How would you go about decorating your bell cookies this Christmas?

These 20 Christmas cookies are versatile on their own…. But the list is an infinite one. Almond crinkles, fudge cookies, dark chocolate almond cookies, whole wheat oats cookies… the list goes one. What is your choice when it comes to baking cookies for Christmas? A chocolate rich one or a simple sugar cookie?

Enjoy the cookies and do not forget to let go off your thoughts…

Merry Christmas!

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