wedding-anniversary-partyWedding anniversary is one of the momentous occasion meant to celebrate the day when two hearts and souls have been united and bound. It’s the chance for the couples to rekindle and cherish the memories of their lives being together – being wedded to each other. It also serves as the to share the happiness to those people who are close to the couple’s heart and receive the warm and sincere anniversary wishes from them.

One of the best ways to celebrate the day of a wedding anniversary is by throwing a party. This doesn’t have to be grand though. A simple celebration, together with friends and family will be enough. For those who are planning to conduct a wedding anniversary party, here are some ideas and tips for you. There are some points to consider.

The Venue

This plays the very important role in your party success. When choosing the right party venue, you should keep in mind that it is a wedding anniversary party and not something else – i.e. birthday, reunion, etc. I suggest that you make your guest list to be able to come up with the best choice of party location. You may consider different venue options such as restaurants, community halls, hotel, bar, etc. If you want to keep the party as private as possible, garden and private function halls will be better. Another thing is that you have to make sure that your guests can easily find and go to the venue.


Wedding anniversary invitations

Want to create a good impression for your party? Then use your party invitations. You can choose different styles of invitations according to the theme you use for the party. You can also decide whether to use pre-made invitations or create one from the scratch. There are also printable invitations that you can print from home. Designs can be floral, personalized, with photos, romantic, vintage, with glitters, etc. Like I said, this will all depend on the theme you used. As for the wording, you may use sweet wedding anniversary wishes or wedding quotes.


The Food

You may consider a buffet style menu. You may also have a small “wedding cake” that can also be used as centerpiece. The couples may have the first bite of the cake as if they are reenacting their wedding reception celebration. Finger foods and light meals is also suggested. Other gourmet foods are also good.

Party Entertainment

Of course, as a host, you surely need to keep your guests entertained. You can make them sing and dance by providing the right music and equipment. You can create a mixed CD of the couple’s favorite music and play it during the party. You can also conduct party games for the guests. Pick some lively games that will wake your guests up and make them enjoy the party. Some of the popular games are pop the balloons, musical chairs, etc.


The Decorations

Depending on the theme you choose, the decoration to be used must complement with it. To create a romantic atmosphere, you may use printed photos of the couple and attach to different parts of the venue. A tarp with huge photos of the couple can also be used. Flowers and other ornaments as centerpiece are also suggested.


The Anniversary Gifts


If you can afford it and want to make it enjoyable, why don’t you gift the couple a family or double romantic cruise? But for budget savers, a family cruise is more ideal as there are many cruise lines give discounts to travelers with at least 10 to 12 members.


But for more sentimental anniversary gift ideas, you may give them something handcrafted or homemade. This can be a handmade anniversary card, scrapbook, personalized items, etc.