new-years-eve-partyNew Year is here once again. Time for celebration, time to rekindle the old tradition. There are so many observations and beliefs in a holiday like New Year ’s Day. People celebrate this day with so much pleasure and joy. There are so many festivities you can see everywhere. Main streets and plazas have grand firework structures that will be lighted as the clock strikes 12:00 midnight and will display a very beautiful sky lights.

New Year is also a time for parties and festivities. Almost every company and household organizes parties for employees and family members. It’s also a time for reunions and gathering. One of the easiest New Year party ideas to plan and to prepare is cocktail party. It’s a very common kind of party since everyone seems to be in the mood the drink – that includes ME. Yes, I admit. So, how to prepare or plan for a New Year’s Eve cocktail party?


party venue

The place must be easy to reach and with a nice setting. The venue must be properly decorated as well. You can choose the venue of the party according to the theme you chose. Since it’s cocktail party, it can be in a bar, in a restaurant or at home, for as long as they have proper decoration suitable for cocktail event. You can use white clothe for tables and chairs, lighted with subtle lighting and with decorative lights and glittering confetti. It would be more fun if you will have a silver clock on each table that will signal you that it’s New Year!


Table Setting

Set your tables where there is proper, subtle glow of light. Minimize the colors to enhance the light effects. You can use glass bowls with silver glittery ornaments as centerpieces. You can also use candles for each table.

Party Wares and Plates

No need to use your crystal and expensive, fragile wares, plates and glasses. Decorated cocktail glasses will do. You can decorate it with silver ornaments and shiny motifs that you can find in shopping malls. Also, make sure that there will be an extra glass for each guest so when the ones are abandoned or left out, there will be extra as replacement. As for the plates and other wares, silvers are good motif to make the night even more grandeur.

Drinks and Beverages

It will not be cocktail party without drinks so be sure to prepare different types of drinks and beverages. You can start with specialty drinks like margarita, wines and light alcoholic drinks. As the midnight comes, pop the bottle of champagnes and have a toast. Make sure that you have all types of drinks for the guests, from soda to soft drinks. You should also come up with other stuff like limes, lemons, tonics and others.

New Year Party Games

Cocktail party may seem classy and elegant but you can make it festive by planning party games. You should think of games that are suitable for the party theme. You can host party games like drinking game, dancing, trivia, charades and others.

The Menu

Keep the menu light yet delish. You can have finger foods, pastas, light snacks and others. It would be better if you will prepare some gourmet foods like beef steak, lobsters, salads and caviar.


This may sound cliché’ and even corny for some but let’s face it, what is New Year party without noise? So make sure to provide some noise makers like horns and shakers. You can also set an area where you can burst firecrackers.

Party Favors

Want to make something caring and thoughtful New Year party favors? How about having a small bag filled with vitamin C, aspirin and some cool stuff like personalized DVDs. You can even add some sweet treats like chocolates and homemade candies.

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