Anniversary-304Marriage is really a tough thing to commit with. Once a couple got married, their relationship will be subjected into a lot of struggles that may either make or break it. Couples who made it through the every thick and thin of their relationship should go on and celebrate the love they have shared in sickness and in health.

Anniversary is a probably the most significant date in a couple’s life. It is the day when they had exchanged their vows and promise to be there for each other, ‘till death do they part. It is the last they of their hearts being two and the first day of their hearts merged as one. In every year that is passing in the couple’s togetherness, their anniversary represents the milestone of their relationship. It is the time when they can look back on the memories they have made for the past years, remember how hard it was for them to get through the difficulties and reminisce how they have made it. So it is a great thing to celebrate a wedding anniversary party to convey the happiness and wedding anniversary wishes to warm up the relationship and love.

It could be your grandparents or parents who’s celebrating their wedding anniversary. Or maybe it’s your own wedding that you want to plan perfectly. There are many ideas you can use to celebrate it. Romantic or not, celebrating wedding anniversary is a different occasion. It is more idealistic to make a preparation.

To help you on this, here are a couple of ideas you can use in a wedding anniversary.

It could be your grandparents or parents who’s celebrating their wedding anniversary. Or maybe it’s your own wedding that you want to plan perfectly. There are many ideas you can use to celebrate it. Romantic or not, celebrating wedding anniversary is a different occasion. It is more idealistic to make a preparation.

To help you on this, here are a couple of ideas you can use in a wedding anniversary.

1st Wedding Anniversary Ideas


Do something new.

You’ve already made a wedding activity and did some cooking which you keep on doing every year, why not try something new and focus on other things you haven’t tried before. It could be anything. Think of the things you wanted to do so badly but you didn’t have any time to do it.

Decorate your love nest together.

You can spend your wedding anniversary by making it more practical and productive. Why not experiment some art and make a whole new decoration for your room or house.

Give inexpensive but thoughtful gifts.

As what they always say, it’s the thought that counts. Make it real by thinking of something creative as a gift to your husband or wife. It could be a personalized stationary, scrapbook or photo album. It will make more impact than buying something at shopping malls.

Reminisce your dating period.

It will also add spice if you both make each other feel seventeen or eighteen again by talking about how you dated way back the past. Relive the memories on how you courted your wife or how you said ‘yes’ to your husband. It will make an impact on how you spend your wedding anniversary.

Share your happiness to others.

You can make your day more special by making a charity event or going to a charity where you can donate something. It will be a wonderful time to be spending it with the children or grandmothers and grandfathers. You can both go home with a smile on your faces because of it.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Him

anniversary-wishes-messagesGet your own photo shoot.

Make it more fun and happier by taking each other wacky and romantic pictures. After that you can make a compilation and scan the pictures while having a good laugh together.

Be extra-sweet and romantic.

Especially for the husbands. Women like to be treated more special during wedding anniversary, they want to feel your love and affection. Be sweet and thoughtful and talk to her how you treasure your wedding day. Say something that you mean.

Make an Anniversary CD song.

You can list all your favorite songs together and convert it into a CD. It will become one of your memorabilia. You can always listen to it and make each other feel loved by just listening to the lyrics and melody.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her

Buy roses.

As for the husbands, you can give your wife a bouquet of roses. Pair it on how many years you guys have been together. If you’re on your tenth wedding anniversary, get her ten roses. Women love roses, it’s one of the flowers they cannot get enough.


Be creative slash programmer.

You can compile all your pictures and videos throughout the years. Since you were college or since you were dating. It will feel good looking at your old photos together. All the memories and emotions from before, it will only make your day more memorable.

Playful activity.

You can plan something funny and something adventurous for your partner. You can list all the activities for the day. You can plan for a camping outside your house if that’s one thing you and your partner loves to do, you can include your children (if you have) on the activity to make it more merrier, cook some delicious dinner/lunch together. You can gather all the activities you’ve always wanted to do for this occasion.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Riding hot air is one of the most romantic things a guy could ever do for his girl. After a delightful picnic, you can get your girl and take her to this wonderful activity. It will take her breath away, not literally, but that will be so romantic to spend your wedding anniversary where you can just see everything above.


Spend it to see some event.

Whether it’s a premiere event or a fireworks display event, you can go and watch it together. Maybe your partner wants to see that. It’ll put a wonderful smile on her face.

Do your hobbies together.

Spend the day doing activities you both love like biking, swimming, mountain climbing or gardening. Spending time doing these will be valuable more than spending it in an expensive date. Pamper your partner and talk about anything mushy. Not just being mushy per se but be attentive and show her/him that you love her/him.

Cook your wedding menu together.

Speaking of reminiscing, you can recall your wedding menu and cook it together for dinner. Add something new to it and you maybe you can actually make your own recipe out of it. Eat the dish together while smiling and talking about anything you want to say to your partner. It will also be a great time to say how much you love each other.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Take time to shop for yourself.

Whether you’re the husband or the wife, take time to go to the nearest shopping mall and buy something special for yourself. Some women would opt for sexy lingerie but it doesn’t always have to be that way. You can just buy anything special, anything wonderful, any dress that looks good on you and surprise your husband or wife. You can then go out and maybe get a movie ticket to watch a film together.


Visit someone special.

It could be your family or certain friends that you haven’t seen in awhile. If you are both family-oriented then you can spend your wedding anniversary for this. You can eat together with your family or friends; you can both enjoy their presence on your special day. Simple but meaningful.

Pick a place you both want to visit.

You have been planning to visit that one place for a long time, now is the time to make it happen. Spend your wedding anniversary out of town or out of the country. You can explore and visit the place you both have been dreaming of visiting someday. It will be a great bonding moment.


Make a special dinner date.

Maximize all your creativity you can think of. You can prepare a candle light dinner for your wife and make it more romantic by putting balloons and flowers. You can also use some romantic music to make it more idealistic and magical. Your wife will appreciate the efforts you made.

50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Stay-at-home Celebration.

Wedding anniversary doesn’t have to be extravagant or it should be spent in a cozy restaurant. Taking a day off from work and spending your day at home will be more than enough to celebrate your wedding anniversary. To avoid distractions, turn off your phone and spend some quality time with your partner.

Make a restaurant reservation.

Include food trip in your wedding anniversary. You may choose your favorite restaurant where you spent a lot of times before or during your courtship stage. It is good to reminisce the past and remind each other how you ended up together… marrying each other. It is nice to be romantic and cheesy at some point, it brings the passion more feisty and fiery.

Watch your wedding video together.

You may say, that’s boring but to a couple who adore each other truly… watching their wedding videos can be more fun than going outside. Watch how you said your vows to each other.

You can use these activities on your wedding anniversary and make it more special. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Being there for each other and spending time will always make your wedding anniversary complete. But if you wish to throw a wedding anniversary party, here are some more ideas.

Organizing a Wedding Anniversary Party

In organizing an anniversary party, the couple should first settle on the location of the party before they could proceed with other parts of the plan. So here we are giving you tips on how to select the ideal venue for your anniversary celebration:

Wedding Anniversary Party Venue

Consider the distance of the place—as much as possible, pick a location which is accessible not only to you, but to most of your loved ones as well; you don’t want them to miss one of the most important occasions of your life. Of course, it will be a hard one especially if your loved ones are scattered living in different places. To those living in distant places, make sure that you’ll give them the instructions for them on how to get there, maybe include a map on their invitation.

Go on somewhere romantic— you don’t want to celebrate on a place where you can hear the honking of the cars or the screams of playing children. Select a place where you are at peace and you can feel the romance down to the bones. You can choose a place that holds memories of your loving. A nature-inspired place might be perfect; or any place that is romantically embellished.

Wedding Anniversary Theme


Of course it’s an important consideration. If you want a floral party, then it is advised for you to get a flower garden. Want an island-themed party? The beach it is.

Image: Berberevents


If you can’t afford someplace that is being described on the previous tips, well there is nothing creativity can’t fix. If you only can purchase a rent for a simple venue, you can always seek help from your artistic friends to transform it into a place of romance and affection. Customizing the place is really the best idea if you’ve got a small budget.

Check the symbol of your anniversary

Well, every year anniversary has a symbol. This tip is to check the extravagance of your party. For the most fabulous venues that you could imagine, save them for the silver, gold and diamond anniversary. Moderately lavish places may do for year anniversaries in the multiples of 10. Settling on something luxurious on a very random time, say your 23rd anniversary is very impractical, unless it is a highly significant number for you. For those type of anniversaries, you could just hold a simple party at home, or you just go out on a lavish date.

We hope this helped you in selecting the perfect location for your anniversary! We wish you all the best in your relationship!

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