birthday-gift-for-friendbirthday is a day when a person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth. Everyone looks forward to their birthdays. People send lot of birthday cards and Birthday messages to each other. We celebrate birthdays as a thank-giving for having another chapter of our life. Typically, birthday celebrations are prepared a month before. I usually think of cakes, parties, lots of food, visitors, the reception and most of all are gifts. I am not so into asking gifts. If someone asks me what I want for as a present, I can’t answer directly. I am okay with simple things like cards as long as it is heartily given.

Why do we need to give gifts for birthdays? Giving gifts means a lot. If you give gifts that mean you remember that special moment of your friend. Gifts one of the way how to say much we value him or her and it can consider as our birthday wishes to them. It can be another way of saying thank you or I love you. But take note, we should also give effort of thinking what to give. Best persons deserve our best gifts.

Some friends have this common thought of not giving any present whenever their friend is celebrating a birthday because their friend would basically understand that they don’t get anything for a present. But for the sensible and thoughtful friends, giving present to their friend is mandatory.

To help you think what to give, here are some gift ideas:

Birthday Gifts for Best Friend

gift-for-bestfriendPortrait of the birthday celebrant. If you’re a natural artist and you can make human portraits, take advantage of it and sketch your friend. Not only he/she will appreciate the thought and effort but his/her heart will also get filled with joy knowing that you have spent so much time making a portrait for a present.

Image: TheFind

Throw a little BFF party. You can gather all your same circle of friends and organize a little party. It doesn’t have to be something expensive; you can always have a little party in your favorite cafe or restaurant. Order your favorite dessert and give your present.

Sleeping Buddy Present. You can get your friend a set of soft pillow for a present. We all sleep, we’re humans. He/She will surely have a nice slumber sleeping on the pillow you gave him/her. It’s also very practical because pillows usually last for a long time. You may also add something creative for a pillow case present, where your BFF photos are printed on it or it could be a simple text with a friendship quote.

Make something funny. Make something funny means you have to make a recording or video for your friend. Include some jokes that you both shared of laughing from a very long time. It’ll make his/her birthday more fun.

Friendship Bond. There are a lot of friendship bonds available nowadays. You can give necklace, bracelets or rings. There are also shirts with personalized prints for you, too.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Female Friend


Sentimental presents. You can order a personalized BFF necklace or ring to symbolize your friendship. Not only it will look cute but it will also signify your love for each other.

Image: Etsy

A Spa Gift Certificate. Your friend will surely enjoy a nice spa after his/her birthday party. Get the initiative of making him/her relax after it and treat him/her to his/her favorite spa center. You can also join to make it more fun, you get to make your friend happy and you also get the time to relax. It sure sounds cool.

Vanity products. If you have a girl friend, give her something she would surely enjoy. Girls are naturally vain; give her some vanity products like lotion, perfume, spa mask, nail polish, or bath salts. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness buying these things for her. You can also choose one product if you’re only thinking of one present. Your BFF won’t mind that.

Amusement Park Treat. If you want fun and adventure, you can treat him into an amusement park. You can have some rides. Be sure to let the other friends know so they can tag along.

Collection Items. If your friend is fond of collecting things, then he will be happy if you can add some. Like one of my friends, she really loved collecting figurines of angels. I can really see the happiness in her if she sees figures of angels added to her collection.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Male Friend


Movie ticket. Friends often spend time watching movies in the cinema. Use it as a present and take him/her out in cinema birthday celebration. Make sure the movie is something you both love and enjoy watching. Include popcorn and soda to make him/her more entertained while watching the movie.

Plan for something adventurous. You can always plan for a sport to do on your friend’s birthday. May it be mountain climbing or biking. Or fishing at your favorite lake! These activities will also make you both enjoy and spend some quality time together.

Sport gear. If your friend is into sport and other adventurous activity, give him/her a sport equipment he/she can use. A pair of tennis ball or if you’re generous enough, buy him/her a new bike if he/she is into biking.

Guy’s Night Party. If you have a lot of budget, you can also prepare a small party for him. Like what I did for a special friend. I called up all of his friends and my friends to help me cook food and prepare for the party. I planned for a beach party. He was really surprised and thankful of course for the party we have set.

Image: Flickr

Unique Birthday Gift for Friend


Give something extra-ordinary. Friendship is one of the many special relationships. Some are weird and unexplainable, so match it with something extra-ordinary. Anything you can come up to that will symbolize your special bond and friendship. May it be a rock or a piece of paper that has something written on it.

Plan a girls/boys’ night out. After your friend spend a day for his/her birthday with his family, get some time from it and plan for a night out bonding. You can go have dinner at your favorite restaurant and feast over your favorite dishes. You can also end the night at a local pub where you can enjoy the freedom of being single (if you and your friends are). It could be a solemn place where you can talk and laugh about each other.

Singing concert galore. Give a singing time present for your friend. Sing with your friend, regardless if you’re a professional singer or just a frustrated singer, you can always enjoy the melody in a music lounge. Sing each other some songs that have a special sentimental value to your friendship. It will also be your chance singing him/her the happy birthday song personally.

Watch a theater/musical play together. There are a lot of theater plays nowadays, why not get a ticket for it as a present for your friend who’s celebrating a birthday. Make it happier by including your other friends or his/her family. It will only make the occasion more classy and fun that includes everyone who is close to the birthday celebrant’s heart.

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Special Birthday Gift for Friend


Be attentive. Be attentive to what he/she is saying, something he/she wants so bad. You’re dilemma over a present will be over. The idea will come through your friend’s own mouth. Now you’re all set on buying him/her a present.

Spend time together. Ask your friend to make time for you so you can bond together. Maybe you can take him/her out in a pizza house where you can talk and share some laughter together. You can go anywhere where you both like to eat and spend time.

Be a detective to ask anyone close to him/her. It’s always nice to ask someone who’s more close to your friend, maybe his/her parents or cousins. You can ask them what is that something the birthday celebrant wants for his/her birthday.

Stuffed toy. Girls usually give something like this. A big teddy bear that your friend can hug every night. You can also make it more special by looking for a stuffed toy who talks. Who says ‘I Love You, BFF’, ‘Happy Birthday’ or any touching messages.

Favorite Stuff. Know your friends hobbies and what he likes most. If he is into music you can get her a favorite CD or his favorite movies too. You can buy him tickets for a new movie he wants to watch. For girls, you can give her perfume, lotions, or make-ups. She’ll surely appreciate it. You can also bring your friend with you as you shop. Just observe and know what she likes to buy. You can buy it secretly for her.

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Homemade Birthday Gifts for Best Friend

Cook his/her favorite dish. Who says only love birds can get mushy and corny? BFF’s can also do something romantic, too. Show your cooking skills by cooking your friend’s favorite dish or dessert. If you don’t know how, take time to learn the recipe ahead of time.

Letter Present. Compose a letter of friendship for your friend. It will be a unique and valuable present that he/she will treasure always. You can include all the memories in your letter and how you feel so happy having him/her as a friend. Include your wishes and prayers for your friend. You can make it more special by adding glitters and funny caricature in your letter. Choose a special envelope with a nice scent to make it more fantastic.

Make a personalized frame. Be creative and spend zero-money to give your friend a present. You can always tickle that creativity of yours and start making a nice frame for your friend. You can get your photo together and put it there.

photo-collageFriendship Picture Collage. I also go for personalized gifts. You can be so creative in making your gift. It so nice to know that a friend puts a lot of effort of creating an original gift for you. An example for this is a collage of how your friendship started. I will give you some steps how to make it.

  • Gather your favorite pictures with your friend.
  • Make sure to have the following materials cardboard, old pictures, paint, paint brush, glue, ribbons and beads.
  • Paint the entire cardboard, front and back. You can use your friend’s favorite color.
  • Glue the pictures in place. You may arrange the pictures accordingly. It could be by event or by year.
  • Then, cut some letters from the old magazine and use them to form a message for your friend. Put some accessories to make it more creative.
  • Cover it with plastic and put the ribbon at the back part so it will serve as a handle and your friend can hung the collage.

Image: Meijer

The most important thing above all is YOU. Nothing is greater than your presence in your friend’s day.

Listing all the birthday gift ideas will probably cover a lot of pages because thinking of what you can give to your friend as a gift is basically easy. Easy because they are your friend and they will appreciate whatever you can give to them, as long as it is heartfelt and very thoughtful. You need not to be stressed by thinking what to give. As they say, “It’s the thought that counts”.