Your child’s first birthday marks the milestone for parents, so it is a worthy cause of celebration! However, writing invitations to guests can be a difficult task because it is hard to think up of an appropriate message. Have no fear, as we’ve compiled a list of wording samples that you can use for the big day! Just don’t leave out the important details such as location, time, and your baby’s name, and you’re all set to go.

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There are so many types of birthday invitations. And depending on the type you use, be it funny, cartoon, or traditional invitation, your wording should complement to it. Read more to see our samples of invitation wordings for your birthday invitations.

First Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

The best language to use in birthday invitations is informal and simple language. You can make it sound like fun. You can add humor on it. Some may even use children’s rhyme to make it even more fun. Take a look at these samples of birthday invitation wordings.

first-birthday-invitations-sampleWording #1
Come and have fun, let’s celebrate a bit.
See my first celebration, I’ll be having it!
We’re inviting you to our son’s/daughter’s
first birthday celebration!
Which will be held at (place)
on (day)
from (time).

Wording #2

After 12 months in the world
The time is now here,
We’re telling you to join us for
my fantastic first year!
We hope to see you on our daughter’s
first birthday!!
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (place).

Wording #3

I learned how to sit, stand, laugh, and squeal
Now I can walk, and it’s been a year.
The fun has only begun,
who would’ve guessed I’m turning one!
Please come to my birthday party
on (date)
from (time)
at (place).

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Wording #4

This celebrant is someone you can’t resist
It’s time for some fun that you can’t miss!
Cake, balloons, and lollipops
We are telling you

The fun won’t stop!
Marie’s 1st birthday will be great
So we invite you to celebrate!
On (date)
from (time)
at (place).

Wording #5

Splash! Splash! It’s a birthday bash!
Come soak in fun, let’s swim and play
for we’re celebrating ______’s first birthday.
Pack your swimsuit and a towel,
we’ll handle the rest.
_____’s birthday party will be the best!
See you on (date)
from (time)
at (location).

Wording #6

A picnic at the parc
is what we’ve got in store
We have balloons, cake,
fun and more!
We invite you to our son’s/daughter’s
first year on Earth!
On (date)
from (time)
at (place).

Wording #7

Your favorite stuffed bear
is also our guest.
So we invite you to make
Ben’s 1st Birthday
the beary, beary best!
on (date)
from (time)
at (place).

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More 1st Birthday Invitation Wordings

1st-birthday1. Our little angel is now one.
We want to make it real fun!
We are going to celebrate.
So please come on this date.

2. Sweet treats filled with joy.
We’re throwing a party for my little boy.
A few days from now he’ll be turning one,
We’ll make this day full of fun.

3. It’s ________ 1st birthday,
Please come to see;
It’s just few weeks away,
Join us in this party.

4. Time flies by swiftly.
Come to my party.
It’ll be filled with fun
Hurray! I’m turning one!

5. On the __stof June,
I’ll be turning one soon.
The first of many parties,
Made just for me.

6. Our dear ______ is turning one,
Please come to join the fun.
His friends will come to partake
And see his first birthday candle and cake.

7. You are invited on this blissful day.
It’s _______’s first birthday.
Time surely runs so fast,
We’re making this party a blast.

8. It has surely been a year already,
This world is as beautiful as it can be.
I’ve grown so big, come and see.
And celebrate with me on my first party.

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9. It’s fun to wiggle.
I can’t help but giggle.
Mom and dad, I can’t wait to see,
The cakes and gifts you’ll buy for me.
Join me in my first birthday party.

10. Jumping and wiggling galore,
So much fun is in store.
Hey! I’m turning one!
See you in my party at the end of the month!

11. We celebrate the first birthday of our boy.
He has given us a year of smiles and joy.
Don’t miss to join us in this merry making,
It’s a blissful time worth celebrating.

12. Four brown eyes and two lovely grins,
It’s the first birthday of our twins!
Come and join us in this event
To celebrate the lives of these heavens sent.

13. We are excited for the days ahead,
We’ll be painting the town red!
It’s ______ first birthday party,
We’ll be celebrating this fondly.

14. One week to go _____ will be turning one.
We’ll be throwing a party for our only son.
Join us in this special day,
We’ll laugh, eat and play!

15. Mark your calendar this coming Sunday,
For this will be my first birthday.
Gliding and dancing with so much fun,
We’ll have lunch together as I turn one.

1st Birthday Invitation Samples

These are great samples on what you could put on your baby’s first birthday invitations. Feel free to make any changes or add a little creativity to your words! Remember, aside from using informal and casual language for birthday invitations, adding a little fun and humor to it will have guests happy that you invited them over!







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