If you love to make paper flowers or have seen some people do it and you want to learn how to make them on your own, you can always learn. There are so many people who started learning how to make paper flowers by starting to ask their friends who knew how to make them while others used the internet which as well helped them a lot. Making paper flowers has a lot to do with how creative and also very fast you are. This does not mean you cannot make paper flowers if you are not smart or creative.

Today, there are so many people who have made this paper flower creativity a big time business for them especially where giving out gift and presents are concerned. Yes, you can get your own papers and design a very beautiful flower as a present for your best friend on her birthday or your loved ones on their days of celebration. Learning how to make paper flowers is very easy but you need to be committed and willing to take this art seriously because, doing that is the only way you can appreciate its uniqueness. Below is a simple process on how to make paper flowers that you can use to your benefit;

Tissue Paper Flowers

  1. All you will need to get going is a clean space with no books or other unimportant stuff. Also, you will need your preferred colors of tissue papers or sheets as well as a scissors and a dustbin. Other things you will need is a ruler and a roll. Make sure you have all of this available before you start the process. Also, make sure these stuffs are in very close so that you do not have to stop your project only to go look for one item or the other. This can clean your memory and take excitement out of this project.
  2. Start by picking some beautiful tissue papers. Based on what you want or the design you need achieved, there are different types of tissue paper colors you can decide to choose from. For training, you can get just 2 yellow sheets for the middle or centre and 4 to 6 tissue sheets for the petals of the flowers. This should however be dependent on how complete or full you will want your flower to come in. Make sure the tissues you use are beautiful even if you are only learning so that, you will know how to prevent petty mistakes which is always best.
  3. You will then need to lay all the paper sheets of these tissues down in a pile. Make sure everything is done perfectly well and in order as well as very neatly. This will help to make your work very beautiful and look professional.
  4. Now, make sure you fold all the tissue sheets over at the same time. This will help you to have a unique design. Do you know that, you can decide to experiment with sizes of the folding process? This way, you can get the very best and different results or effects. However, make sure you stay on the safer side by learning or starting with 5cm to 6cm. this will help you to understand and get the basics of this paper flower making process very easily.
  5. Go on to fold the tissue sheets back the other way. This should be done perfectly well and with the same measurements.
  6. Go on to fold tissues back and folding over in this style until you are able to fold all the tissue sheets. When you are done with everything, make sure you make your work simple by using a ruler to press and outline the folds that have been made. This way, they will be able to stay perfectly in their lines without shifting. This helps to make work very easy.
  7. After that, it is time to now unfold the tissue papers. After you have done that, make sure you separate the yellow sheets from the others.
  8. Fold the yellow sheets back to their previous folded up state. Make sure the folding back process is smooth and the same as before – it should fall in its line perfectly.
  9. When you done, fold in half of it and trim to almost half of the size it was.
  10. Now, you will need to take your scissors and make many long cuts in the yellow tissue papers. This is part of the designing process and helps to give you the very best value for your end result. The long cuts that you make will be the center of the paper flower you are going to be making.
  11. Now, it is time to take the colored tissue sheets and also fold them in half.
  12. After that, cut or trim the ends into whatever shape you would love your flower petals to be in. this is where the creativity of the learner or individual comes in. in doing this, there is the need for you to make sure, you cut quite a long way down into the sides. This will help to make your flower formation very easy and less stressful.
  13. So now since you have all petals and centre of your flower ready, you can proceed. However, you realize that there are some petals that are too attached together make sure you fix them. This mostly happens because of how the paper is folded so, fixing them is very important before you move on.
  14. Now, you will need to unfold all tissue papers all over again and put the yellow tissue back in its rightful place which is the centre. This should be done very well to prevent the flower from looking crooked after it has been done.
  15. Fold again all the tissue sheets. This is the process where there is mostly some trouble for people. However, make sure you do not rush. Try as much as you can to fold or get it back together the very best way possible. As you try your best to do so, do not really bother if it ends up being a little messy and not as neat as when you started.
  16. Fold all the tissue in half again
  17. You will then need to wrap up a pipe cleaner through the middle of the tissue that has been folded then, make sure you twist it to secure it.
  18. After that, begin with one part or side and pull the tissue up as you fluff it up which will also separate every layer to create the centre of the flower. This needs to be done carefully not to ruin the whole project. One simple or single mistake can ruin everything for you and will mean you will have to start again that is, if you have the motivation to which is also very important.
  19. After you have done that with the tissues, you will now need to go through the same process with all petal layers. You know tissue sheets are very soft and fragile. This is why you need to be very gentle so as not to rip the tissue sheets apart.
  20. As soon as you have finished or you are done with one side, you need to do the other side. When you do it for both sides, you will then have your pretty paper flower beautifully made by you.
  21. Now, you can present it to your friends or decorate your home or office with these paper flowers.

Paper Flowers

There is so much that people go through just to get the right gifts for the people they love. This is why these simple methods of using tissue sheets or papers to make paper flowers is an innovative idea to me. There are so many online videos and websites plus articles, which help to give and make known to the world what it means to be able to perform magic with such fragile things like tissue paper. The process of making this paper flower can be very exciting especially if you are able to blend in as many different color combinations and also designs of petals. Also, you can decide to try to make or create two different petal sizes. This way, the petals inside the flowers will be a little shorter that the outer petals which gives a very unique and more layered effect.

If you are a teacher at school or love to play with children, you can have them over at your home to teach them how they can start to be creative even at the tender age of 5, 6, 7, 8 and other years above. There is so much that helps to develop children and one of them has to do with the fact that they are able to create unique stuff and are also able to understand how to use their minds at an early stage. You can always appreciate the uniqueness such designs bring and how they have helped to set the careers of people in motion. Today, there are quite harder papers that are used to make these paper flowers because these innovators want the flowers they make out of paper to last long and also be able to stay for some months or even years.

There are some people who are even able to use these same papers not only to make paper flowers but also to design a vase that they put these flowers in and present them as gifts to their loved ones and friends. The creativity and knowledge out there is so much that, being ignorant is never an excuse. This is why you can always be on top of your game if you research and make sure you always have the very best where the right color combinations, designs and accessories are concerned. Some people try to make different types of flowers with the same papers. This is possible but, you will need to be perfect in making one paper flower before you push through to another. The different types of paper flowers if not learnt very well will be very difficult to master. This is why you need to make sure the process you use to learn is simple. Also, do not rush into being a perfectionist. You will be doing yourself a lot of good if you make the design and entire process come to you.

When you are able to understand better what it means to design one flower perfectly without being too careful and also being scared if you have made the right move, you can then move to other types of flowers. You can also consider adding or infusing more colors into your paper flower making process to make you very fulfilled as well as happy. When you have been able to create a beautiful piece of art, you will realize how it feels to have creativity running through your blood. There is always a unique way to blend up different paper flower tissues to make sure the flowers that you make are unique and not like the rest in the market. Yes, this is what gives you value and makes your life worth it. There is so much that you will end up understanding when you sit down and use your creative thoughts to analyze or determine how you can effectively deal with perfect color blends and petal shapes when making paper flowers. Uniquely designed and shaped petals always make your flowers stand out and also give your flower a different layer.

Try to create a different or unique design every time you make paper flowers. This way, you can even put them in glasses and start selling them or presenting them as gifts which can be an amazing and most unique gift ever. Any individual who receives such a gift from you will be very happy especially when they know making paper flowers is not easy but look at your paper flower and wonder how you designed and made yours so elegantly. Just make sure you take the process easy and be motivation to try many times even if you fail from the beginning to get it right.