Art is one of the most beautiful ways to live life. This is why for painters and artistic painters and designers, life is always seen from a very vibrant point which improves a lot on their life. There is so much that many people take for granted especially when they say that art and painting is useless. Well, if you have a calm and relaxed mind, you will understand and see art especially abstract art in a whole new dimension. Although standing from afar abstract painting might seem to be very easy and not hard at all, it is not. Also, from afar most people who have no idea about this type of painting mostly think the artist did not have any skills or talent and does not even know what they are doing. However, abstract art is simply lovely and emotional if you have the eyesight of an abstract artist and also have a sense of art and how the weirdest of arts can speak to us in so many ways.

Abstract Art Painting

There is nothing simple or easy about being an abstract artist. This is why many people should stop seeing abstract artists as funny and unreasonable people. This is very wrong and should not be encouraged. Also, abstract can be extremely difficult than scenery or even landscape art. This is because with abstract art, the artist has nothing to copy from and also nothing like what the artist is drawing has already been painted ahead to the time that the artist decided to pick up his or her brush and start painting. The fact that abstract art is difficult does not mean no one can learn how to be an abstract artist. Yes, anyone and everyone can be an abstract artist as long as they learn to find the inspiration within them and also find the feel of inner peace to concentrate on the art and also learn all the tips made available to them by experts. There are different ways different abstract artists use to draw. However, based on what is going to be drawn there is always a procedure to take. Below are some 10 steps to do an abstract art painting;

  1. Make sure you always begin or start by having all the stuff you will use to paint or need to paint available. You will need to have your set of brushes, your drawing board, your canvas, your paint set near you, your palette knife, and your clean bowl of water, duster or foam, apron, hair covered, and so on. All these need to be available to prevent anything from going wrong. Abstract art painting like all other types of painting needs 100% concentration by the painter. This is the only way the right outcome or results can be achieved. While painting, the artist does not need to go downstairs or even to the next room to take a different brush or the next box that is far from him or her in order to continue with the process. Yes, everything needs to be in one place at one time so that; the abstract art artist will be able to have easy access to it without having any disturbances entering the process.
  2. Make sure you have the right tutorials available to learn from. Yes, you need to also find the best tutorials in form of videos and audios in order to learn very well and also master the art as time goes by.
  3. Buy a ready-made canvas from a craft shop or store. If you do not have a canvas, there will be the need to by one that is ready made since you cannot make it in few hours or minutes. When buying a canvas, there is the need to buy any size that you consider to be perfect. You are the only one who can tell which canvas will be best for you and no one else. So, make sure you buy one of the right size that you will never have troubles working on. If you decide to buy a small canvas, you will be better off buying a 10 x 10 inch or 12 x 12 inch. The small canvas will be perfect for learners and those who are just experimenting abstract art. The canvas you buy from the craft store will be in the best position or state for you to work on but if you do not want a plain but instead a colored background, you can buy a jar of Gesso. This will help to prime the canvas and give it a true feel and touch of color. The reason why Gesso is advisable is because your canvas will dry very quickly when you use it for Acrylics. Another alternative is making use of a canvas board because this option is cheaper compared to the first option or you can use Gesso to prime Masonite or any flat board as long as you want to on a budget that is bigger.
  4. Make a decision to use oil plant or acrylic. Many abstract art artist learners or experimentalists do not know which one to use or go in for. The difference between acrylic and oil paint is quite vast in many areas. Acrylics for instance do not have odor and is very easy to work with. Also, it dries very fast and can be painted more than once if you make mistakes. On the other hand, oil paints are the complete opposite of acrylic paints. Oil paints are not preferred or recommended because they take very long time periods to dry and have a very strong scent. With oil paints, you will unable to complete over paint because you will need to start all over again from scratch.
  5. Buy a color chart, an easel, brushes and paints. Since the first way to begin the whole process has to do with getting all the needed stuff to make the painting process easy, there is so much importance that comes with buying all the supplies you will need before you begin your abstract art painting experimentation or tutorials. Make sure you purchase all the basic or fundamental colors first before you add any other colors that are not mostly used for painting generally. Also, make sure you use color charts to find out which colors belong or match together. This will help to make your color selection process very easy. Make sure you buy quality acrylic paints to prevent your painting process to be stressful.
  6. Begin your painting with the start of thinking of a scene or an object. You need to always have an object or scene in mind of what you want to paint. This is the only way to make the process easy. With abstract art, you do not need to think more about the actual drawing of the object but rather, consider or base your painting on a thought or idea. For instance, you can look at a vase and not consider how it would be drawn or sketched but rather how you would think it looks. Your thoughts and your feelings will create exactly what you end up painting on the canvas you use. Do not forget, you are explaining or interpreting but not just drawing. Always start with simple objects that are very special then you can move to complex objects.
  7. Study the principles of composition and determine if you can do an abstract painting depending on the thought of one of the many principles instead on an exact topic. Doing this is one of the good things or decisions to make where abstract painting is concerned. When you put most of the principles of abstract painting to use, you are able to achieve a lot more than you expected in your course of learning this art. Make sure you study all principles very well no matter what. Also, make use of various tutorials to give you all you need where the right ideas and steps are concerned.
  8. Permit your brush to take over abstract painting with a single shade. Since abstract painting mostly is based on thoughts, you will be amazed at how much uniqueness of art you can offer with just your thoughts. The very second your thought or thinking process stops, you need to stop painting. Add another shade and color it but always try to make it lighter at any part or very heavy at another. Try your possible best to make better what you see being drawn by you on the canvas and also add all that there needs to be added. Make sure you are always certain of your final results. This way, you will have everything perfectly drawn in the long run.
  9. Also, include some yellow to a part of the red to blend it in order to ensure a variety of shades of the orange color. When you do this, some areas will be lighter while others will be darker based on the strokes of brushes. Try as much as possible to use various strokes and also to design perfectly well the figure you are envisaging. Using different shades and making sure they are very well designed always helps to give you variety and also uniqueness.
  10. Do not forget that once you have a feeling that the painting is finished, STOP. There is so much that you can achieve with abstract painting when your thoughts are still going on as they should. However, there are times when your thoughts actually stop. Do not think of going back to enhance or make better the drawing you have painted down or try to change anything especially when your thoughts have stopped. When you overwork your painting but always learn to finish it as soon as you have a feel that it is finished, you have a better painting experience.

So, the above 10 ways are the ways to do abstract art. If you are new to this world there will be the need for you to be very careful and also serious about making use of the tutorials you get. You can find tutorials from the internet on different websites and also in different ways to make your life of abstract painting very unique. There are so many people who have turned out to be the very best abstract art artists because they understood what it means to be patient and also how to love and appreciate this creative and artistic side of life. There is so much that you will understand when you check the various tutorials. You can decide to go through with abstract painting on a daily basis especially at dawn which is mostly the perfect time to have the peace of mind and quiet you need to move your life to the next level.

There are so many different ways to go about painting different abstract art objects. You however need to be very relaxed and also understanding when you go about abstract art. Life is so much fun and also very peaceful when you are able to think like an abstract artist every single day. This is because you enter a place of peace where you are able to give or obtain all the clearness of head and peacefulness necessary. Abstract painting is not as easy as ABC but very possible to go through with. Do not feel too confident and start thinking about extravagant objects or scenes to draw.

Make sure what you are drawing is deeply connected with you and makes you feel happy. If you are not happy with what you are drawing then, there is no way you can be relaxed. Abstract painting brings a happy feeling into the body and makes you feel better as the day goes by. Now you will walk with so much happiness and so much confidence that you have an artistic flair. Abstract art is always unique and speaks more than one language to the world.