Children love to play games and appreciate what it means to be creative. There is always a way out to give you everything you need where these games are concerned. There are so many games available for kids all over the world to play and also to learn a whole lot from. If you are a guardian, there is so much that you need to consider when considering the exact games your children play. Some games are very diabolical and do not offer the creativity and intelligence they need to offer their children. If you love video games, you will love and appreciate what it means to have your kids involved in playing the right games. There are more than 1000 video games all over the world for kids that help to develop their minds and also making them very sound in mind.

Some of these games are very puzzling and make kids think but in an exciting way. Also, your kids are able to think faster and are able to be very adventurous and creative. Due to the many games, it can be very difficult for you to know what you are looking for. This is why you need to know and understand the best games for kids in order to prevent your children having any bad influences. Kids are influenced by the things they see. This is why it is important for every child to understand best what it means to away from trouble and how to be a good child and hero by learning from the good game he or she plays. Although it can be very difficult to know the exact games for kids to look for especially if you are not used to searching or playing these games, it is necessary to find games for kids that you can enjoy with your children. The list below has some of the best 10 games for kids ever that you will love to play and love your kids to play too. These games are PC games and as you teach your kids how to be intuitive, smart and very intelligent, you are able to achieve perfect in every means possible by teaching your kid how to use the computer too. Below is the list of the top 10 games for kids today;

  1. Minecraft. If you want your children to be smart and also be able to improve their creativity, minecraft is the first game for kids you should consider. Minecraft has more to do with building and breaking blocks. In this game, there are no limits apart from your kid’s imagination. So you see this can be one of the best ways to make your kids build on their imaginations and creativity. If you want to find out how other kids have gone crazy with their creations with some kids creating unique creations, the internet is the best place to check. You can check the Minecraft website to check out exactly what they have to say and to make sure you do not take for granted what this game gives your kids. In the beginning of this game, people built structures in order to safeguard themselves from nocturnal monsters however, as the game grows into higher stages, players are able to create wonderful imaginative stuff. You can visit the Minecraft website to find out more the game has to offer you and how beneficial it can be to you in every way.
  2. The Sims. Well, this is the second game on my list and this is a perfect game too. Who does not like to feel in complete control? Well, in the Sims game every player is able to take charge of the various numbers of user created characters that live or are present in a home of their very own design. You can decide to make whole families or be a loner. In the Sims, you can also give every character characters, attitudes, hobbies and also careers then, order them to do what you want. However, do not forget to tell them to visit the bathroom too. With this game, you can find out exactly what your kids think about the family they have and how they envisage every member of the family. Some kids choose to be loners in this game because they feel alone and when parents realize this, much is done to make kids in the home happier and feel more like they are loved than they are just there.
  3. Lego Lord of the Rings. If you want a game that does not only give kids a positive way of seeing life but a game that the entire family can involve themselves in to bring the family together, you can do so by making very good use of the Lego Lord of the Rings game series. This Lego Game series is simply amazing. All games are very easy to pick up and play. Also, there is so much to laugh about for your kids to keep them very happy and also peaceful. Also, the game has a lot of pop culture references that mummy and daddy can also enjoy. Based on the cartoon characters your kids love, the Lego Lord of the Rings comes with Lego titles for Harry Potter, Batman, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. There is also the Lego City Undercover which is very creative and teaches kids a lot.
  4. I Spy Treasure Hunt. For children it will be exciting to go on treasure hunts with their games. Your kids will be very happy playing this game and also will have fun exploring one exact and unique location after the other in search of treasure. There is a treasure map that kids will have to follow. This is what makes it a great game. With this game, kids are able to improve their vocabulary and reading skills as they solve all the riddles that provide them with clues as to where the treasure is. Kids also learn to follow a map and also how to read maps at a tender age. This game is simply one of the best and you will surely love it as your kids will also have the best mindset and brain development from playing this game.
  5. Back to the Future: The Game. There are times when we feel like getting back into time to undo some mistakes we made and fix some very bad decisions. This game is a very amazing point and click adventure game that brings the spirit of true humor that the movie comes with maybe more. This game teaches children the importance of the time they have today to be better by making the right decisions and also making the right moves towards prosperity. Kids are able to understand what time travel is and what it brings to us in a whole. This game features an amazing cast of voice talents of Christopher Lloyd reprising his role, Doc Brown himself, as well as voice actor AJ LoCascio. This game will make your children understand that, life gives us one chance to do our best in every way possible. So, they should make the most of the time they have so that they do not regret some decisions they made in the past.
  6. World of Goo. In the World of Goo game, there is so much that your kids will learn. This game is mostly about building bridges and towers out of Goo. Yes, this is a very funny and inventive game that gives the builder so much to think about as well as invent. So you see, this game helps to build the brains of children and helps to make them think faster and carefully. It also improves or enhances their creativity in so many ways. This way, they are able to become better thinkers and are able to solve problems on a spot as they grow up.
  7. Tales of Monkey Island. Some years ago, the “Monkey Island” brought so many memories to people from all walks of life. It was a movie that has now been transformed into a game to bring back the memories of those times. The game comes with so much humor, slapstick and a lot of weird features that it is known for. The tales of Monkey Island is a game you need to delve into and also to find out more about.
  8. Civilization 5. If you did not find the controlling of people lives in the Sims to be the best game for your kid or your kid is already tired with playing the Sims, the Civilization 5 game is a must to play. This takes the level from creating a home like that in the Sims into creating societies. This is a very innovative way of getting to know what your kid sees the world to be and can help you to know what talent or gifts your child has been born with. Just watch your kid as he or she creates his or her own unique world. There are children who create their world driven by the industrial society while others are driven by science. Through this game, most parents have realized weirdness in the thinking of their kids and have sort the right help which has helped to save the lives of so many children and has brought them back to the right track.
  9. RollerCoaster Tycoon. In this game, your kids can build their very own theme parks. This is filled with various twists and turns which makes it very important for them to achieve perfection. Your kids can even ride roller coasters designed by them and sell popcorns to make money. This game helps to build the creativity of kids and also gives them a business view of life and how important it is to be hard working. This way, they are able to stay focused as they grow and become the best in all they do. There is nothing exciting about life if kids cannot be given the opportunity to live their imaginations and wildest wishes and what better way to give children the freedom of their imagination through a game as intuitive as this game.
  10. Peggie. There are so many parents who love Peggie. However, describing this game can be the issue here. Peggie is partly pinball, Plinko and also many unicorns, rainbows and Ode To Joy. This game is very calculated but needs your kids to think very well when playing. When your kids are able to understand and play this game very well, it gives them a better view of life and makes them very intelligent.

All games above are games that are not only funny and exciting but games that both kids and adults can play. These games do not give your kids bad influences but rather, your kids are able to learn and be better as they play these PC games for kids. There are so many other adventurous and exciting games available in the market today. This is what makes life worth it for us all. There is nothing really that can determine or make your kid grow in the mind apart from games and books. This is why they need to be advised to play the educative and also very challenging games this list has.

When they do this, they gain added intelligence and also grow very well. This way, they see life in a whole new level which makes them feel better. However, it is important that you control your kids and make sure they do not become game addicts. This is because that can be the worst thing every for you. Make sure you have a time table that has the specific time period for your kids to play their games. This way, you will have their game playing zeal under control and prevent it from becoming an addiction. Also, make sure you use these games to make them do better with their studies and also in their characters and behaviors.