The annual hit is back! It is the season of Super Bowl again – and everyone is loving it. It may be the highest level of professional American football, but one is not required to be a footballer to be festive in the championship game of the National Football League (NFL). It is more than enough to root and cheer for a favorite team. And what better way to do it than with friends, family and food?

Super Bowl is both a national and worldwide event. That being said, parties are being thrown everywhere in its celebration. With the television being the center altar of these gatherings, staying home will suffice in having a grand viewing party. And what is a party without good food?

Sliders, sandwiches, finger foods, pica-picas of all colors, one can come up with many easy-to-prepare Super Bowl party dishes. To help you have various ideas, here are some recipes worth considering. These will surely add excitement to any kick off moment this season. If being a footballer is not a requirement to participate in the merriments of Super Bowl, being a chef is certainly not a pre-requisite in throwing a touchdown-good party.

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Sliders are everybody’s favorite. Simple to make and outright delicious, they are almost never absent in any gathering. And just when you think they can never get better, this recipe actually makes use of oysters as patties to double the greatness of sliders. Pile it up with Old Bay mayonnaise and lettuce, it is heaven in between mini buns.

Egg Salad Sandwich
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Now you may not be playing for the Super Bowl, but this egg salad sliders will give you the energy you need to cheer a sentimental favorite at the top of your lungs. Protein-rich and flavorful, this creamy delight is actually healthy, making use of light mayonnaise and non-fat yogurt. A hint of celery in the end definitely gives these sliders a kick.

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The puffiness of pastry and the tenderness of beef give this inside-out treats the edge among others. Easy to make and magazine-page presentable, their are very delicious. Its versatility considerably makes it both an appetizer or a finger food. Either, one will always get another extra bite. An another.

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Quinoa may be rather foreign-sounding for an ingredient, but the delicious taste it offers leaves us with the all-familiar good feel. It makes use of black beans for burger patties topped with jalapeño, corn, tomato, and cilantro. That spicy mayo to dress it with gives us a happy fiesta.

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This recipe makes use of two of the finest ingredients there is. Bacon and scallops. And the scallops actually sandwiches the bacon along with spinach and onions. As if not enough to make them little pieces of heaven, they have been showered with shallot sauce. This recipe is an instant favorite.

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These bite-sized burgers may be miniature but the flavors they give are colossal. Especially that they use criss-cut fries for buns! There really are no rules in this recipe. Just add anything appetizing like pickles and onions, and experiment on the combination of dressings – the possibilities are endless!

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Beans and veggies come refreshingly good and healthy in piling up these sliders. This recipe is a good twist of something new on a party. Adding up carrots, broccoli, mango and cilantro does not only add flavor to this treat. It gives the eye appeal.

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These good sliders do not only have juicy and delicious burger patties. There is twist on the cheese. Instead of only making use of plain cheddar cheese, pimientos are added. This colorful inclusion gives this white-bread sliders a distinct kick.

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Using pretzel rolls for slider buns is a great idea in coming up with a good and unique sanwich. The flavors of pretzels give a distinct bite to it. Using corned beef or pastrami, cheese, and thousand island dressings will do nothing but add to the greatness of these sliders.

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These no ordinary sliders are even muscle builders. Using pulled meat as the star ingredient, it gives layers of texture and flavor. This fact is doubled by avocados, cilantro, and chili. Nobody will leave hungry and unsatisfied on your Super Bowl party with this blissful treat.

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Sausage sliders have never been this exciting. This recipe makes use of beer braised caramelized onions. It is also dressed with a soda sauce. It is screaming Super Bowl in every bite. For presentation, it makes use of an edible football in lieu of a pickle slice on top of the top bun.

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There is no need for rolls in this hot slider recipe. What holds the cheesy bacon filling are jalapeño peppers. Halved lengthwise and seeded, these “buns” are themselves the flavor. Sharp cheddar and cream cheese neutralize the kick it brings.

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A very traditional recipe of sliders using classic ingredients. Aged gouda, aged cheddar, and applewood smoked bacon set the mood. Arugula and other choice veggies produce crunch and texture. Caramelized onions supply sweetness. This slider recipe should not be missed on a Super Bowl party.

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Prepare a unique, fun sliders using this idea. Create your own patties, fillings, and dressings – this slider recipe is all about the bun. And it is bright to make use of pizza dough as buns for a cool change. If miniature pizzas can be made, so are pizza dough sliders.

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These buffalo chicken sliders are great in any party. The sweetness of the barbecue is balanced by the sharp and tangy flavors of the creamy blue cheese spread. A sesame bun would be a good choice to sandwich them with. This will surely a good addition to a Super Bowl feast.

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What better way to throw a Super Bowl party than to serve edible footballs. Literally sweet for making use of vanilla ice cream and peanut butter. This will be a good balancer of the heated actions in the sport. Mixing, molding, and freezing and they are good to go.

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Won ton or egg roll wrappers to bed a sausage filling are both crunchy and light. Cooked sausages mixed in dressing and cheese are good as they are. However, this delight brings in the x factor on the baked wrappers. Try not to bake them too football-brown and they are a sure win.

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Biscuit doughs can make good, trusty blankets. And edible too. This healthy recipe is not just very delicious but is also very healthy. It uses green beans as a main ingredient. Kids of all ages will be thrilled to have them as they are actually very cheesy too.

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This party food has all the goodness of a Mexican fiesta. Colorful, flavorful, textured. Using chicken breast for the meat is actually very healthy too. It is lean and fine. Pico de gallo, sour cream, and cilantro will work their magic seating on top of the chicken and tortilla chips. Add a dash of tabasco for the extra heat.

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Dates sweeten your party with this finger food with a dash of originality. Halved and filled with cream cheese, these dates are then wrapped in bacon. The rolls are then painted with honey. Baked to perfection, leave it to caramelization. A guaranteed party in every chew.

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Pizza is Italian. Or is it? This recipe gives one a Mexican pizza dough. Cornmeal (polenta) mainly, it gives a twist. Bake and you shall find. The perfect crust. Topped with veggies, after the pizza sauce, your guests will surely ask for more.

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Potatoes are universal. A common favorite. This dish makes use of them as a sturdy, complimentary starch. Pulled seasoned chicken partying with blue cheese, carrots and celeries are plus ones. Potatoes as a bowl of goodness. The super bowl of this Super Bowl.

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A sweet addition to Super Bowl. There are no ties in these pies. Perfectly shaped like the most priced football, you can bite them unlike the football. And with a smile. A new breed of cupcakes, these goodies will go a long way. And so is your party.

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No Super Bowl player will go around in circles with these golden rings that explode in the mouth. They may sweat, but these onion rings do not leave grease. Baking has always been a healthier alternative to frying. And more tasteful. These onion rings get “fried” in the oven using their own, natural oil. Heat fuels greatness.

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Super Bowl maybe American, but the love for it is worldwide. Introduce a twist to your party with these Asian-infused bacon wraps. Housing a slice of good old chicken within, these bacon wraps are nothing but mouth-watering. And cultural. Soy sauce, ginger, and sesame. The football rounds the equator with your recipe.

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Tubed celeries are a good cocktail-finger food idea. Especially when they are topped with pulled chicken breast. And cheese. And cheese. This recipe is a layer of cheeses. And it can grace the table as a dip. Highlighted by buffalo wings sauce, every chew is worthy of a pep cheer Super-bowl-loud.

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Fritters. No one can go wrong with them. Especially when they are of healthy ingredients like zucchini. They may be a party staple but one can be experimental cooking them. Not just in flavors, but in shapes. Why not prepare them as footballs this Super Bowl? Design the golden oblongs with football stitches using greek yogurt and you are revered on your party.

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What resembles the brown, oblong football? This dish. Potatoes. Bake them fine and your only problem is what to top them with. There is a wide array of favorites – sour cream and bacon, bacon and melted cheese, melted cheese and paprika, paprika and beans. It is a field of goodness.

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Super Bowl is about scoring. So are other sports. And with a ball too, like most sports. This dish are symbolic of that side of sports. Meatballs. Using chicken and feta, it is earth-round with flavorful comfort. Popping the in one’s mouth is a circulating explosion of good times. Do not forget to sauce them up!

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Win or lose is not an assuring remark with this dish. This is a sure-win treat. Chicken marinated with a parade of spices, wrapped in flour tortillas, and it is a feast. With lime and cheese balancing each other, there is also a teamwork of the big C’s: cumin, chili, and cilantro.

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Pastries are perfect as they are. But tunneling and caving good fillings? Heaven is a fluffy place to eat. The flesh of avocado and a heaping of cream cheese are not opposing teams. Naturally delicious, they cater distinct texture in every bite. Super Bowl banners may be up, but what is green and white without red? Salsa fixes this recipe. Pastries and parties are identical.

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