Rivaling the bedroom, bathrooms are often regarded as an ultimate sanctuary for the most desired “me time.” This is true even if one is living solo. It is that small confinement for personal hygiene, comfort, or pretty much anything which has to do with individualism. From flossing and taking those daily cocktails of vitamins, to reading one’s daily mail, it is a place to find peace and quiet within one’s self.

Having a good bathroom does not necessarily require building a huge one. It should always be the design, the contents, and the maximizing of space for impeccable functionality, depending on the essentials of one’s taste and preference. One should never have limited ideas on how to decorate a beautiful bathroom – simple and small can be elegant and efficient.

Depending on how it is styled and arranged, bathrooms set the mood and reflect the personality of one keeping it.


To achieve a well-organized and maintained small bathroom worth the frequent visits, here are some handy tips worth noting and considering:

Do not waste space. Your bathroom maybe small, but you will be surprised to know that there are actually spaces in danger of getting wasted if not utilized. Making use of these spaces does not actually leave a cluttered-looking bathroom.

For smaller bathrooms, consider attaching a higher-mounted towel rack that supports a towel shelf on top. This can be with a towel bar on the underside for hanging towels. The shelf on top will serve as a convenient location to store nicely folded extra towels for possible guests. These racks are particularly handy when mounted high above a toilet where there is usually wasted space.

Stylish should be functional. If you do not have the luxury of an enclosed glass shower door or system, then consider replacing the older-styled shower curtain rod with a more progressively designed curved rod. This is often found in newer high end hotels where the rod actually curves out away from the shower or tub area. This allows a little more room for the shower curtain to hang, providing another 8 inches outside the area of the shower where you most need the room for arm movement.

Care for convenience. For the more mature in age, or those who have family members in their golden years, or simply if you are a prepper for possible sad contingencies, then you might consider replacing an aging toilet with one that sits a little higher. Most toilet rims are 14 ½ inches off the floor. You can replace that with a comfortable 16 ½ -inch high toilet. You may not think that 2 inches would make much difference but if you are growing on in years, or a family member is, and there are back and knee problems, these extra 2 inches will make a big impact on comfort.

Determine constant necessity. Placing a magazine rack inside the bathroom is a good idea if you are a reader, be it on the toilet or spending leisurely hours soaking in the tub. It also gives guests a homey feel. For the rather trendy, try adding an electrical outlet that incorporates a built-in USB port for charging your smart phone or other gadgets, not wanting to miss important calls. This may also come in handy in times of emergencies inside the bathroom.

Posh knobs. It always starts at the door. Another popular item in upgrading your bathroom is replacing the door knob from the traditionally round one into a lever-styled door handle. It does not only make it much easier to open the door, it also adds an attractive, more modern look to your small bathroom.

Lights and mirrors. You may have a small bathroom but you can make it appear twice its size by placing mirrors around. This is a no-secret trick. Adding to the sophistication you may want to achieve is to make use of lights that would shine on the right places with the right brightness and temperature to set the mood depending on the level of coziness you plan to experience.

Leave a personal touch. Now that you have installed the bidet, the lights, and the right tiles, it is time to decorate your bathroom with your most favorite things. Paint your bathroom using colors that define the feel you want to make an impression of. White never goes out of style and would help enlarging a small space. Hang a favorite painting or portrait. Place scented candles. Consider setting pots of plants and flowers that require minimum sunlight. Your bathroom is complete.

Image source: homeexteriorinterior.com

This small bathroom is painted all white which gives it a very fresh, clean, and light feel. It has frosted sliding windows that help let natural light illuminate the room therefore making energy consumption more economical. With a minimalist approach, this bathroom is nothing short of the elegance of simplicity.

Image source: giesendesign.com

The yellow-painted walls and the complementary curtains hanging in the window and the shower area leave a sophisticated and hotel-like feel to this bathroom. Accentuating the mirror as a centerpiece are the twin lampshades on each side of it. Natural light also contributes to the warmth this bathroom brings.

Image source: homeet.net

A bathroom can be small but sweet as this bathroom which hangs framed statements and reassuring remarks instead of paintings and portraits. Its wooden panels, matched by an intricately patterned floor, are beautifully contrasted by the red and pink themed decorations. Surely, one can spend some time in this bathroom.

Image source: blenture.com

The gray-and-steel themed palette of this bathroom is both very architectural and futuristic. Every piece is carefully laid and adheres to each other thus giving coherence to the overall design. It definitely looks well thought of, cosmopolitan, and editorial.

Image source: larcade.net

White never goes out of fashion and helps transform a small place into a spacious-looking one as this bathroom suggests. Adorned by hues of violet and red, with a dark-colored floor, it certainly introduces a very romantic air. The flower by the window hugely contributes to that feel.

Image source: fanelis.com

Black and white with touches of silver make this small bathroom look very expensive. It has tiles of small black streaks as minimal patterns and flooring which makes use of pointillism. There is a marriage of what is classic and modern in this bathroom design.

Image source: telaveo.com

Shiny granite tiles for walls illuminated further by warm yellow lights are the main features of this bathroom. It is designed with a contrast of wooden details by the sink. Topping the overall elegant feel is the glass-enclosed shower area which pairs with the sparkly mirror really well.

Image source: norahouse.com

The details of how this bathroom is designed makes one feel it is a part of a dollhouse. The shades of turquoise, baby blue, and white make it sweet but genderless just the same. A small but definitely dainty bathroom worth considering.

Image source: desigfx.com

This small bathroom can be tricky with optical illusion. The ceiling and side walls have the same color and material, except that sidewall facing entrance. The flooring, painted a notch paler than that deviant sidewall adds to the overall effect. An interesting twist for a bathroom design.

Image source: tigerligan.com

Sometimes, it is all about tiling as this bathroom design suggests. It cuts uneven platform outlines in the walls giving us both concrete and tiled walls – the latter patterned with colors matching the tiled floors. The round, perpendicularly-crossed window caps the stylishness of this bathroom.

Image source: livbar.com

One can have a small but very tasteful bathroom as this design suggests. Consider installing a tub, painting the walls sky blue or placing sky wall papers, and placing a frosted sliding window to let sunlight in. You will then have a Caribbean or Mediterranean beach feel in your bathroom. It is forever summer in an instant.

Image source: pinterest.com

The tub and the windows in this bathroom along with the patterned wallpapers of the sky for the walls give one a feel of summer. Fresh flowers and hints of pink for other decorative details will give a sweet dreamy touch to it. It is an overall all indoor resort at the comforts of your own home.

Image source: colororigin.com

This dimly-lit bathroom may be small but certainly comes with a statement. The walls in the tub area differ from those in the toilet area which is separated by a flowery-patched shower curtain. The fountain-in-a-garden painting just above the toilet gives this bathroom a romantic old Europe feel to it.

tiny modern bathroom, bathroom, modern design
Image source: davinong.com

Green is in with this small bathroom design. Avocado walls, blackboard green floor, and fresh plants make this design organic and one with nature. The toilet, attached to a mirror cabinet and sink is an innovative idea. The glass-enclosed shower area is a wonderful piece on its own, with a differently colored darker wall.

Image source: buildingscheme.com

Periwinkle-painted walls veined with white make this small bathroom design a standout. The framed mirror and the small French window with additional inner horizontal wooden blinds for privacy are both flattering and functional. The hanging ballerina portraits and the identically-embroidered white towels are the icing on the cake which is this charming bathroom.

Classic Small Bathroom Design Tiny Tub White Curtain Washstand
Image source: cupersia.com

White tiles, white curtains, and black frames are the very components of this small but posh bathroom setting. What better stylish flowers to adorn it with but the equally grand white tulips? Light a white candle and open a bottle of white wine and your stay on the tub can be most rewarding.

Image source: jsyk.org

Purple is regarded as the color of royalty. This is specifically true with this bathroom designed with a purple theme. From the solid-then-tiled varied walls to the window sills and hanging towels, everything is a sweet piece of violet – all superior and commanding.

Image source: bitque.com

A small bathroom for an attic is a very unique concept as this plan suggests. You can welcome all the natural light and its warmth without getting wary of peeping toms, considering the upper location of attics. The short plaid curtains and red accented decors against the all-white painting is an attractive dash in this innovative design.

Image source: buildingscheme.com

You can double the size of your small bathroom with this all-mirrored wall technique. The arch window in this bathroom elaborates a faint medieval feel to it, welcoming outside lights at the same time. The white walls and lights contribute to the overall grace this bathroom gives.

Image source: plapoon.com

A very well-lit bathroom with chocolate brown wooden details sets this design concept apart from the rest. Arrays of shiny rectangles of pale mahogany tiles for walls accent the general feel inside. The bright lights are outshone by the circular window with a square inset where sunlight enters.

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